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Very nice theme. Good luck :)

Thank you! :)

Yes, we’re sorry. (mt) servers are under maintenance. It should be up soon.

Demo is up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Very Nice! Good luck with sales! =D just browsed through the demo – really like it!

We’re very happy to hear that! :D Thank you!

Oooo, nice one.

Is there a chance to make wider slider? Or maybe have fullwidth slider for main page?

Maybe it is just me, but I’d like to have everaything “wider”. It looks boxed. Don’t get me wrong, it is still beautiful template ;)

Thank you for your comment. We’ll keep that in mind for our next update. I think we can pull it off :)

Great! Thanks for reply.

You’re welcome.

You did it again! Your new theme is simply stunning and beautiful!

Thank you so much! We’re glad you like it!

Wouah Guys !!!! You’re really the BESTS !

Slideshow Fullscreen like a video, and colors skins, all is perfect.

I like it, great job, great team.

Thanks !!!!!



- Some comments : when you load a page, footer drop-down panel seems to have a problem… may be it’s Firefox…

- Vimeo and Youtube Videos, or self-hosted videos, is it possible ?

- your skins are really wonderful, is it possible to change content page opacity like in Duotive 5 ?

- portfolio filter would be greater with ajax loading, but Ajax… I know

Good luck with sales !

Hi, can you please describe the problem with the Toolbar (I think that’s what you’re referring to)?

The theme supports Vimeo, YouTube and self-hosted videos. There are examples on the website for each of them.

Yes, you can add a background color for the header, content and footer. All can be adjusted with an opacity slider.

About the portfolio, yes, we know, but there were some problems with the plugin we used before and that turned us down from using it.

Thank you for your comment! :D

I try to describe Footer drop-down panel : When I load a page, with Firefox, panel load open and above left arrow, so there is a white band beside arrow, and panel open above, but all get right in a few seconds.

Ah, yes, that happens until the JavaScript loads. Personally I have a pretty fast internet connection and the load is almost instantly. We’ll keep that in mind for the next update, as I may be able to hide it until the required scripts are loaded. :) Thank you very much for your input!

Very nice theme! An i can really change the layout like typo, background, adding Logo / header, colors? Thanks for a short answer :)

Thank you! Yes, you can change the heading and body fonts, backgrounds, logos (custom logos of each skin), pretty much all the control we can offer. :)

Is it possible that someone (that would be you guys) have actually created a photography theme with galleries that work according to intuition?

I’m really impressed… and if your support is as good as your theme, I’m in!

Congrats on a beautiful design.

Warmest, Faith

As you can see we both answered :))


hard to explain what I mean by “intuitive” (hence the word).... but virtually every other WordPress theme handles galleries in a way that is not how most clients would interact with them. Yours seems to structure galleries exactly the way my clients would expect to view them—that clicking on a single image pulls up a whole gallery “behind” that image, rather than just advancing to the next visible thumbnail. This one single adjustment turns a theme from “okay, maybe I can work around it but won’t use the built in galleries” to “yes! that’s useful.”

About Portfolios: You can create projects (custom post types) that go into Portfolios (custom portfolio categories). Each project can have a featured image. When you click that thumbnail, it will open the project page where you can have pretty much anything you would need: one image, video, audio, multiple images in full-width (see the Image listing project content type), scrollable galleries or slideshow.

A portfolio page is comprised of multiple projects (each of them can have all the above when you click on its specific thumbnail).

About Blogs: Pretty much everything from above except they have another design that is suited better for blogs.

I trying to describe as much as I can so you can fill the gaps :)

WOW! GRT THEME, and looks great on mobile (nice responsive menus, New/different/Grt!) Luv all the Layout options and Style (NICE background image options too… cool unique Slideshow even) Just curious, how is all built (we use only shortcodes or…?) Maybe some back end screenshot I could see? CONGRATS! -Sterling


Here’s a page with some screenhots of our admin panel: http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-keep/duotive-admin-panelv3/

We hope you’ll find it useful!

Best regards.

Ahhhhh NICE! Thanks for the visual ‘Clarity’ Duotive and Wow Indeed SO many Design and Layout Options (looks like even Per Page can be totally customized).. THNKS for showing and Indeed will keep Bookmarked as a new Fav Theme to show any upcoming web clients #MuchRESPECT!

You’re welcome! Thank you for your kind words! If you have more questions, please, don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards.

Just got the new theme, awesome! Been patiently waiting for months and it seems you took all my requests, works flawlessly on ipad and iphone! Thanks so much!

Question. I’m upgrading from Duotive 5ive and most of the content transfers perfectly (colors, styling, front page, ect) However, my mainpage slideshow isn’t showing up. Am I going to have to recreate my slideshow using of the two new formats? Thanks guys!

Oh, and is there a way to eliminate all the extra space above and below my logo? I’m using a 200h by 100v pixel png file and there’s about 80 empty pixels above and another 80 below the image. Is there a way to remove that? I’m trying to not have so much screen real estate unused. Thanks!

www.resolutionseniors.com You can see all the extra space above the logo and between the logo and the main menu. Just let me know if I missed something in the documentation! Thanks a ton!

Thanks for waiting and for getting it right away :)

I really do not know why it did not port with the new theme. I do not understand why, but maybe because we changed the names for the slideshows, so yes you will have to recreate them, unfortunately.

Well i do not recommend removing the 50px space above and below the logo because it will not look spaced out if you do that. However if you want to do that, go to Dt.A.P – Advanced and in the Custom CSS textarea add the code below:
#header-logo { margin-top:0px !important; }
#mainmenu { margin-top:0px !important; }
I would say to change that 0 to 10 or 20 so it has a little space.

Also please for both of our comforts come to the forums for support, as we did before with 5ive :)

You’re welcome and thanks again.

Ah totally forgot about the forum, thanks guys!

You’re welcome! :)

Hi, Congrats on a beautiful design.!!!! I put a complex slideshow, but it is displayed on all pages of the site, I wanted to see just for the home page. how do I change?

and it is possible different slideshow for different page?

Also, you could join our support forums at http://support.duotive.org. :)

Hoo good!! Thanks for reply, support theme is fantastic!! Thanks friend :-)

:) You’re welcome and thanks for your kind words.

Hello! Congrats, it’s a beautiful theme! If I buy it, would I be able to implement an Etsy Mini widget to it?


Thank you for your comment! We really appreciate it! :)

We haven’t tested it yet, so I can’t tell. We’ll do some testing and see if there are any issues (mostly CSS, I assume).

does the blog have an option for full width? definitely interested on buying the Duotive5IVE as not happy with my current design


Thank you for your comment! Duotive Keep has a full-width blog design. Here’s a link to our demo:
And here’s a full-width post (no sidebar):

I’m not entirely sure on which theme you wanted to comment. Is it Keep or 5ive?

For the past 2 years I have been using Duotive Three and it really boosted my business presentation and growth. I have been waiting for a responsive version for that theme and today I just ran across this, WHOA! You guys have really knocked this one out the park! Much respect on your development and this will definitely be used for my new development company site! Keep up the great work and superior support! De’Vaughn, CEO Motifs By Design Studios, Inc.


Thank you so much for your comment! We really appreciate your support and kind words. We’ve worked hard to accomplish the desired components and visual style of our new theme. Hopefully it will help you a great deal, as well, on your road to success!

Best regards,
Duotive team.

When uploading a new background i get an error: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 26476544) (tried to allocate 4096 bytes) in /homepages/27/d290663678/htdocs/Wordpress/wp-includes/media.php on line 937

What happened?

Its from imaging software…i try to make it smaller

Now I compressed the file to 639 KB….but still it wont work…

In that case, please join us on the support forums (http://support.duotive.org) so we can take a closer look at the issue. We haven’t encountered this when we created the Demo website, so I’m sure it’s a local problem. Still, please create your free account on our support forums. When you register, make sure to fill the WordPress access information fields, it’ll save you a lot of time in the future.

Best regads,
Duotive team.

Hi duotive team I have been using duotive3 and have been waiting for a responsive theme from you guys, so well done a great looking theme. I am looking at purchasing this but wanted to ask beforehand, in the contact form you guys helped me with contact form 7, can the same be applied to this theme or are we restricted in using the one with it as its responsive. Also, might seem like dumb question but for a novice, can i build my new site while still have the old one up then swap over to the new one when finished? Cheers

Hi. Thanks for considering our work. Yes, you can use contact form 7, the fields should work just fine. The demo form here – http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-keep/forms-and-everything-related/ – is created with contact form 7. And you can setup your new website in a folder and than transfer it on the main domain.

Hello Duotive,

NEW Keep Theme is truly amazing. Very well done = really awesome to have Responsive & Mobile compatibility in your awesome work…

I have Duotive Fortune, Three, 5ive and would love to obtain Keep. I LOVE your themes and support. Have sent an email.

Hello. Thanks for your kind words. I will reply to that email as soon as possible.

Awesome. Thanks vlad. Yes, I will email you :)

You’re welcome.

Just thinking… if this theme would have Duotive FullWidth slider (from Duotive 4), would it still be responsive?

if it is possible to implement it into this theme, of course

No, because that slider is not responsive. The sliders you see are coded again to be responsive.

OK. No problem. I can see that complex slider is good enough.

Is there planned to add more different gallery options (not portfolio), not only classic WP gallery?

Also.. if I migrate site from Duotive 4, will gallery site jump into new clothes as it should? :)

Thanks for all replys. I checked Keep in mobile phone and it is amazingly responsive. Really like ti. ;)

Well there is the duotive gallery – http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-keep/duotive-gallery/ – if you did not see it in the demo. The galleries should port, but i cannot make promises on that, because i did not check.

Thanks for your kind words.

Quick question before I make the purchase. Do you offer the demo data xml or do I have to develop the site from scratch? Thanks guys again for a nice looking template.


We don’t include the demo content into our theme, but you can create everything you see there be following the in-depth theme documentation. It’s really easy; we worked hard to make sure everyone can use our themes.