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i purchased the theme but the required widgets file is not in the bundle. We have purchased the the but we wernt given the required file please we need the widgets email – starscriptlabs@gmail.com


I am sorry for the inconvenience. I will send out the email and fix the theme asap.

Is there a way to have the front page centered? The slider works great, but when using widgets on the front page they are all to the left, is there a way to make the page or content below the slider centered?

Sure. We can help you with that, just post the question on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – with a link to the actual website and we will give you the fix there.

woocommerce – is the theme working yet with it ?

No. The theme was not coded for woocommerce.

does this support latest WP update?

It should work fine with the latest wordpress update.

Is there a mobile responsive version of this theme? Thank you.

I am sorry, but there is no responsive version of the theme.

Hi, I set up a gallery slider, but it doesn’t work in chrome. (http://www.fotograafluc.be/) I checked online and saw your own demo faces the same problems: http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-three/ Can anything be done to fix the slider?


Hi. That options should be there. If it’s not, you can come to the support forums and i can take a closer look.

Thanks for the excellent support!

You’re welcome!

Hello, I’m a wordpress website designer. My customer puchased this theme almost one year ago, I love to work on it so much but the Visual Composer doesn’t works after the last theme update. Can you help me? Thank you so much. Nagehan

Hello. The theme was never designed with visual composer. I do not know what the problem is. Maybe join the support forums and i will take a look.

Oh ok I think my customer bought it seperately… I’ll ask them thank you so much.

You’re welcome.

Offering existing clients the ability to buy another theme from you in the future that is responsive instead of making this existing theme responsive is really not acceptable. Mobile has been here for years now and updating themes to be responsive are normal updates in today’s world.

The themes you are promising that will be responsive – what happens when something changes in the future. We can only assume you won’t update those themes either, instead incorporating new features into yet another theme that you will expect us to buy at that time.

Your themes are only “temporary”if you are not willing to update them as things change. And again, Mobile has been here for years and everyone knew it was going to become more and more necessary as time went on. This theme should have been updated years ago.

The theme was created in April 2011. At the moment of creation there where no such thing as responsive implemented in web browsers. There where mobile versions of the website, but no responsive trends.

Making any theme responsive takes time. Time usually costs money. If the theme does not sell enough to support such development, what can i do. With sells that sometimes equal to 0 for each month, how can i motivate the development for it.

I maintained the theme and still support customers who are using it and bought it a long time ago, even if their support is over. I have respect for them, but to try to revive a theme that is not selling enough to pay for it’s hosting is a really bad business.

Our theme is 5 years old. If you update your website once every 10 years than it’s a temporary theme indeed.

I just have to say I completely agree with ams007. How can you expect a theme to pay for its hosting when it’s completely obsolete?

This is such a lovely theme I think it’s a real shame that the author is failing to keep it up-to-date! I almost purchased the theme today but then I read the comments and I was so disappointed a theme with so many sales is just destined to doom. Many theme authors now update themes weekly now fix, and add new features, and all the top themes are updated at least as often as wordpress updates.

This is a real miss but I will save it and visit again soon perhaps the author will change a change of heart and start investing in these very successful & beautiful themes they have created.

P.S. A theme that is not in the top seller list, as that would make sense to update.

Well, that is exactly my point all the top list themes have been around a long time and are constantly being updated… the sad thing is this theme is so much better than any of those themes, and I’m sure would do as good as those themes or better.

However, if you can’t, you can’t… just a shame that’s all.

The top themes have a lot of features that this theme cannot do. Maybe the design of it is at your linking. I liked it a lot when i coded it too, but for today’s standards it does not match up to top themes. I had problems with the updates i made on it for bug fixing, not being accepted any more because of design.

Thanks for your kind words.

Friends, What is instagram plugin (feed widget) recommended? Thank you!

Try using this – https://wordpress.org/plugins/instagram-feed/ – and if you have issues, please come to the support forums and we will take a look at what those problems are. You’re welcome.

It does not work correctly as a widget/sidebar.

Please come to the forums and i will solve your issue.

Please make the Duotive 3 responsive! ;)

I would, but for the moment i’m only the developer, the designer is mia :(

I your theme is the most beautiful! Become responsive, and will be the best!

Thanks for your compliment!

My short codes are not working from the post page interface. I click on them and it takes me to the first screen but does not allow me to insert. Button is not working for any shortcodes

Please join the support forum and post your problem there. When you signup, please add your website credentials ( wp + ftp ) so i can see what is wrong. I presume this is caused by a file permissions issue, but cannot be sure until i see the problem myself.

I figured out the featured image issue. Short codes are still not working. Tried re uploading short code files under the duotive shortcode manager. Still nothing.

Maybe try to make the files 755 and see if that helps.

I’m trying to move a client that is using Duotive Three over to new hosting. I’ve tried various methods to migrate the site and I cannot get some of the theme settings to move, such as the slides.

Try using this – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-migrate-db/ – to move the database.

Nope, still says no slides. They don’t appear to be exporting.

I can help you with that if you join the support forum – http://support.duotive.org/

hello, any showcase here of site which use theme?

Hello. I cannot give away clients website’s URLs. The best theme showcase is the demo itself.

Dear Duotive, I purchased Duotive3 sometime back. Its a great theme. I’ve not visited my site in a while, but notice now that all my post images are not loading. I updated all the plugins and WP version too, but still the images are not showing on the site. Not sure what has happened. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Can you please share the URL of the website?

The URL of my website is easycooking4one.com

I think your hosting is disabling timthumb.php. Please come to the support forums, where when you signup, add your website details and i will take a look as i will need to login into your website – http://support.duotive.org/