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this is brilliant!

thanks:) we wanted something diffrent and fresh. i think we achived that.

WOW !! It’s themeforest bestseller

Thanks :)

Awesome!!! Good luck with sales duotive! :)

Thanks :) We are happy that you and everyone who commented enjoys the theme.

Amazing work!! Can the images in the image grid on the home page link to a post and not a lightbox popup?

Thanks. If you are refering to the gallery slider, yes it can. Hover over more images and you will see on the bottom right area some icons: video icon, photo icon and article icon, so you can insert any links you like. :)

Finally it’s launched :)

Waited to see this one, and I am impressed. Congrats !

Thanks you. Yes… finally :) We put a lot of work in this one to get it perfect and easy to use :D

Congrats! :D Duotive. You’re great ! Good luck with sales

Thanks :D

Great theme! Just noticed a bug though (probably a z-index issue): if you go to Shortcodes > Dedicated video player, when you hover over the Shortcodes again the menu goes under the video. This must be an easy fix. Good luck with sales (even though I think it will sell very well ;) )

I use google chrome (forgot to mention that)

Working now, right?

yep! it’s fixed ;)

Wonderful and amazing:) I want to buy it. I think in IE (7,8) have some problem: menu don’t good work on the home page

line:60 char:4 error: expected identifier, string or number http://demo.duotive.com/duotive-three/wp-content/themes/duotive-three/js/duotive-slideshows/duotive-slider-gallery.js


line:1 char:36 error: dtSliderGallery is undefined http://demo.duotive.com/duotive-three/wp-content/themes/duotive-three/js/get-slideshow-js.php?type=gallery&controls=1&description=1&duration=1000&interval


Galleria works fine and the other error is a IE7 problem. There is no null at that line.

If to clean from the main page area with slider, the menu will be good to work? What do you think? Or change z-index? Thanks for your work

If you disable the slider the main page will revert and look like the other pages, so the menu will work with ie7 too.

Is it optimized for SEO ?

Sure. But a plugin can make it better. We did not integrate a plugin to let you choose the one you like more.

Awesome Template! has to be Top Seller :)

Thanks :)

Thanks guys for the feedback and the eventual bugs we might have missed. We will make an update later today with the bugs you see, we just want the theme to be perfect :)

Very Nice! Congratulations :) How about translation/localisation?

Thanks :) It’s translation ready and it has po and mo files included for english, french, spanish and german.

This template is just amazing i love the hover effect in the gallery pages

Good luck

Thanks :)

Soon to be a bestseller.. i have NO DOUBT . Bookmarked and i WILL buy it in 2 days.

The best of luck and thank you for this!

Thanks for the wises and the future purchase :D

definitely bestseller. you are doing best :)

Thanks :D

Hi just a couple of comments: 1. First off – this is excellent – well done :) 2. Is there a dark version (i.e. can we set a black background?) 3. Can we change the fonts from a serif font (like you have) to something else? 4. The image ‘banner’ that appears on each page – i.e. under teh main navigation the page header appears in a faded out photographic box that is full width – can we remove this?

Brilliant effort – congrats again.


1. thank :D
2. dark dose not go well with the design. we tried but it dose not look good. trust us :D
3. we have more fonts available in the backend, and some are not serif so you can change them with ease.
4. you can disable the background image and have a custom color there, or a color with a pattern. it cannot all be removed unless you have the slideshow enabled on every page and the titles move down in the page’s content.

Hey, Thanks for coming back to me so quickly :) Just on my way to buying the lovely template now… good luck with the next one – this is great! Best, Simon

Thanks for the words and for the purchase :D

The portfolio hover paper strip is very tricky, unique and newest move ;)

Thank you! We thought people would like that :)

Cool theme very unique. I would check line height on Chrome though…

Thank you, we really appreciate it! About the line-height, could you be a little bit more specific ?


I´m on my way to buy this theme, but I have som questions first.

1. Is there a font uploader in the admin panel? The theme includes som fonts, but I´m in need of the special characters like å, ö, ä, é and so on.

2. Do I have to build the menues directly in the wordpress admin panel or is it possible to do it in your admin panel?

3. is it hard to change the meny layout?

4. Is there a tutorial avalible on the web?

Best regards

Christer Bjuhr

Thank you for your interest in our theme!

1. We have multiple fonts that come with the theme, if none of them have the special characters you need, we will help you add a new one

2. The menus are created within the Wordpress menu manager

3. The menu has two styles, with and without description, and that can be easily changed with 2 clicks :)

4. The theme comes with video tutorials, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/duotive#g/u Check out all 18 of them.

Kind regards, Ovidiu

Great! I belive this theme will fit my business perfect. Is it also possible to change the size of the fonts at the main menu in the admin panel?

I have another question. In the gallery slider there is a lot of links to videos and so on. I might be mistaken, but it seeams that the links to a specific page doesn´t work when I click on the read more button.

Is it possible to add another field with the alt tags for the pictures in the galleri when you update the theme in the future? There is a lot of pictures in the galleri and it would be nice in a seo point of view.

Does the theme adjust the pictures automaticly to fit the slider in the gallery slider?


1. The font sizes cannot be changed from the admin panel. They have to respect a correct typograhpy and that is why we did not do that.
2. Did you select the slide to open an url? You have 3 radio buttons that open: URL , VIDEO, IMAGE . You have to select URL for the slide to point to a desired URL .
3. Tell me what gallery are you talking about with the alt tags please.
4. The pictures are auto resized.