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I’m testing Duotive 3 as a sub site theme in a multi site installation. Everything seems to be fine with the single exception that the top menu does not seem to have the ability to have any drop down functionality.

Is this a multisite issue or is it me?

That is not a theme feature. Look at the demo please.

I am having difficulties creating a gallery. When I try to create this using the fullwidth slider, this is what happens…help please


You know that not logged in users cannot see previews? Nevertheless, please post your questions on the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and not here.


I was wondering if your Duotive 3 template has password protected galleries?


Hi. Yes, you can use the default galleries with the default page template and have the functionality that you are looking for. That is not a feature, this is something that wordpress can do.

Long term client. Love the site. Drop Down menu via the “header-wrapper” stopped functioning on the home page. Hidden behind the slideshow now all of a sudden. Never issue before. Any ideas? www.broekmancomm.com

Replied to the other post.

duo wordpress plug-in caused it. Any ideas on how to get Menus javascript to load first? That’s the issue right?

Thanks! Please post your problem on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and i will take a look at your issue. Also please tell me what plugin broke it so i can take a look if there is any way to fix it. Also when you sign up please add your WP/FTP details so i can login/edit.

Hi, How do you make the sub pages in portfolio?

Hi. We have written this in the FAQ – http://themeforest.net/item/duotive-three-complete-wordpress-template/232555/faqs – and also please for theme support join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

i was tryin to find purchasing code it is not there anymore under download…

As I have a bug OF THE TOGGLES ON firefox. it goes crazy when you add curser on it.

Click the download button and than from the drop down get the license, and than join the forums and post a question there.

1) Will this theme work with “Revolution Slider”?


2) Can we replace the home slider of this theme with “Revolution Slider” ?

We can discuss this on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Dear, please is possible to NIVO SLIDER ADD VIDEO ? And please from where you have this very nice picture – woman in nivo slider ? Thank you very much Jane

Nivo slider does not support videos in it, unfortunately. The images are all bought from dreamstime.com with the search fashion. My pleasure.

I have used this theme and Duotive 5 and the problem on both is that the sliders & sidebars disappear when you transfer or upload the theme (if you are working offline as we do) What do you suggest??

I do not know of such problems with the theme. Transfer them using the proper guidelines and it should be good – http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

Can not add the Image on slider after clicking o insert into post nothing adding on the textfield . I have also add the topic on forum as well. http://support.duotive.org/forums/topic/can-n-ot-add-the-image-on-slider/

Please can you help me on this

Thank you

You do not need to add them in two places. The forums are enough.

fixed it np

Good day.

Can I not have more than one gallery? Meaning, can I create a gallery link for one page and a completely different gallery link for another page? I am trying to create this same style (http://trinamariephotography.com/portfolio/beauty/) of of gallery but on a different page… except I want it landscape.

I am using this html coding [gallery link=”file” columns=”3” size=”onethirdlandscape”]; however, nothing is showing up on the page (http://trinamariephotography.com/portfolio/fashion/). The template is a default template for both.

Thanks so much, T

Good day. I need to see what you have in the second page, so please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and add your WP/FTP details and i will see what you did there. You’re welcome.

Hi!, where do I set the page title background image? Thanks in advance

Hi. Under the visual editor you have dt options, and there you have the background image setting. Also for more theme support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Many thanks:) How do I upload or insert into the page or post?

I think you posted on the forums. I will answer there.

Thanks… I uploaded the information as requested. Thanks

My account is already created. I was responded to your response which was to my original question. I am getting a little bothered now as time is just being waisted and I need to get this site up and running. Look up 2 user responses and I’ll post in the other place too. This is ridiculous . Thanks

If this support system does not please you i am sorry. Read the license you have for the theme and you will find out that you bought the theme, or any theme without support. So what we are doing is free of charge. Come to the forums and do what we asked you to, if you want support. If not, i am sorry.

And if you created and account on the forums and you posted a question here how do you expect me to help, as they are 2500 users on the forums and i have no idea what is your account and what was the question about, so posting a question on the forums will solve the issue.

Thank you for this beautiful, well-designed theme! I am using the News format on the frontpage, but it’s displaying the full posts, not the excerpts like in your demo version. I have selected “Summary” for my Reading Settings, what am I missing?

You’re welcome and thanks for your kind words. You just need to add read more tags, like explained here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_bsJhd7T3E – it’s a normal wordpress functionality. Also for more theme support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi, my client needs a shopping cart she does mandalas. so i wanted to ask if this theme is well with woocommerce or other plugin that you know that’s works great with this theme..

Thank’s, Amit.

Hi. Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately no, the theme was not tested/designed with any commerce plugins, so i recommend that you buy a dedicated commerce theme for the best experience/results.

First off, great theme.

I’m using it on one of my sites and on a few pages i’m using the gallery Duotive fullwidth – one third on a few pages which i use to show clients some picture on my ipad. My question is:

1) How can you completely remove the mini thumbnails which are on the bottom and in the pp_gallery class? 2) Is there a more ipad friendly lightbox modal that we can use?


Thanks. Please come to the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – add your WP/FTP details, post he questions here and i will see what i can do.

Hello, I purchased this site. Now that I’m almost done customizing my site, I decided I would like to add a store. From what I’ve researched WooCommerce looks the most promising as of date. Before I add this plugin, I’d like to know if it is compatible with this theme? If not, do you have any recommendations for other store plugins? Thank you very much for your time. (Theme is great! Love the video tutorials – so helpful) Vangogh

Hello. Thanks. The theme was not designed/built/tested with commerce plugins, so unfortunately i do not know. You can try, but if you have issues with it, you will have to hire a freelancer as i have no experience with them.

Great theme! Love the frontpage slider. I’m very interested in buying it. Does the frontpage slider can links to article? It’s doesnt seems to work on the demo page.


Thanks for your kind words. On the demo we linked to # so it does not go anywhere, but yes, you can link to any page you want :)

Great! Thanks for the fast answer!

You’re welcome.

Some images on the home page presentation slider does’nt works on chrome Version 26.0.1410.64 m

Is it a knowed issues?

You do not have a purchase badge with the account.

Before buying the item, i want to be sure that is compatible with Chrome.

Sorry. I misunderstood. Please make sure that you are not zoomed in/out in the browser, as it works fine for me.