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Is there a recommended way to update the theme? Tks

Sure. It’s included in the theme’s documentation videos.

The images I upload to my blog look underexposed. When I review the image source, the original image looks great, but there’s a separate path (wp-content/themes/duotive-three/includes/timthumb.php?src=/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/vickie-david1.jpg&h=400&w=960&zc=1&q=100), which seems to be putting a filter on the image. I read a little on timthumb and assume it might be putting a filter on the image, but I don’t know what to change. Is there a way of removing all adjustments/filters to images that are uploaded? All of my images are pre-formatted prior to uploading. Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

From the call for timthumb there are no filters attached to the resize request. The only thing that could help is to ask your host to remove any extra image processing settings that they have enabled by default with the GD Library. Also for theme support please join the forums – support.duotive.org

Hi Vlad, just a quick question. If I assigned a page using the default template instead of the rest such as frontpage,portfolio,blog,etc, how would the page look like and are there any settings for the default template? Reason being I notice that the page text do not appear in any of the four frontpage layout and I do not want the intro test to appear in every page that I assigned to the frontpage template as they are of different topics. Any other solutions?

Hi. We offer theme support on the forums as you already know. Please ask your questions there.

Hi, I purchased your theme, but for some reason ThemeForest does not have my order # and their support won’t get back to me. I’d like to log into the Duotive forums, but I can’t. Please help! Thanks

You did not buy using this user, because you do not have a purchase badge. If you bought from another place other than themeforest, it’s not a real purchase.

I did buy it from Themeforest. I think for some reason they don’t have record. Anyway, I would like support. It is a great theme and I paid money for it. If somehow I am mistaken on where i bought it… which I don’t think I am. It isn’t my problem if you/Themeforest have lost control of distribution. Right?

Replied to the other post.

I figured it out. I have two usernames :) Thx

You’re welcome.

And you are welcome to join the forums.

Hi duotive, Love the look of your themes here on themeforest. I’m building a website for an art gallery, where we showcase many artists and examples from each exhibition. Which of your themes do you think would be best for this do you think? This duotive three is looking quite mature now, is that the best option do you think? Thanks, Tim


Thanks for your kind words.

I would recommend you have a look at our latest theme “keep” because it’s way more advanced than three and can do a lot more. However if the demo for any of the themes suites your needs go for that theme.

Hi, in the niveau slider, a black block below is visible with a link ‘read more’. But i don’t want to display this, because i don’t have titles, text or target URLs. I have no links. They should just be a few non-clickable images without links and without tiles and text. How do i get rid of the title/caption/text area? I already removed all titles and text…

Thanks in advance!


We offer theme support over on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – please join and we will see about your issue.

Hi, I’m trying to find the video on how to update the theme but I am not finding it. can you tell me which video you discussed updates?

I have but there are 18 of them, am I haven’t see one that talks about upgrading the template so can you tell me which one did you speak about it on.

Can you please tell me which video you discuss updating the theme. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Well i am sorry, but it seems that i forgot that there is no such video. To update you need to download the pack again from themeforest, remove the theme that you have installed, and install the newly downloaded version. Settings are saved in the database so it will not be lost. Also for theme support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – so i can get back to you faster.

I love the look of this template. I think it would work great for my personal styling business. For my clarification, am I able to change the name of the menu items (ex. Pricing tables to Services for example) or add pages and name them whatever I want? Is there any new releases coming out soon for this theme?

Thanks! Well the menus are created using wordpress menu systems so you can have any menu items that you want. New release for the theme? I do not quite understand why there would be a new release. The theme is working fine and it’s updated to work properly.

Thanks again for creating such a wonderful theme Vlad—I love it more and more each day and look forward to launching my website with it. :)

Unfortunately, ever since I upgraded to Wordpress 3.6 last night my website has become painfully slow and all of my Duotive dropdown menus have disappeared on the website, as well as all of my slides except for one (when I check in the “menus” and “slideshow” in the appearance/Duotive sections; however, they’re all still there). Do you know why this could be and how I may go about fixing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Jess

So sorry—I meant to post this in the support forum! :/

No problem. Post it there and we will get to solving it.

Hi, my site is broken after theme update. All featured images are missing, galleries not working, footer slideshow also.

Hi. This is not the place to ask support questions. Support is offered here – http://support.duotive.org/ . Please join the forums and post your question there.

Does your theme have single page responsive options? Touch screen slide as opposed to button click slide? Do you have video player so I do not have to use YouTube or Vimeo now with the new WP?


Duotive Three was realeased quite a while ago, so it’s not responsive. I’d recommend checking out Duotive Keep if you want a responsive theme that was specifically built for the mobile devices. I hope this helps.

Best regards.

Is this compatible with WordPress 3.6 ?

Yes. With the latest update.

Hi guys – great theme thank you. However, one small problem. When I try to Install the zipped widget file I keep getting a message telling me that ‘The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.’ I downloaded the whole template again and tried to reinstall the widget zip with the same result. Can you help?

Hi. Thanks! You just need to unzip the duotive-widgets.zip file and upload the content inside to wp-content/plugins/ using a FTP client.

Hello, Someone I know purchased this theme and then passed the client to mem so Purchased will not appear by my name but I swear it was officially bought. He gave me the purchase code but it does not seem to work when I try to sign up on the Duotive support forums using it. :( This theme is great, lots of editing options that I appreciate. However I have an issue with the Sponsors sections: on the front page, the left/right arrows do not work so all I ever see are the 5 first logos. And also, on all other pages, the sponsor section appears but it is empty. Help! Thank you!! Margaret

Hello. Send me the purchase code via email to duotive at yahoo dot con and if it’s valid i will create an account for you. Thanks for your kind words!

Hi! I was wondering is there was any way to transfer a purchased theme from one user to another in themeforest.net. As mmentioned above, I am using a theme for a client that was transfered to me. I know there are updates coming up and I cannot contact the original buyer everytime I need to get an update as I will eventually be out of touch with him. Can you help? Thanks!

Hi. If themeforest was our creating i could, but it’s not. You can contact their support by opening a ticked here – http://support.envato.com/ – and they might help.

Ok, turns out I was being given the wrong code (transaction id, not purchase). I have created an account on the duotive forum. Thanks!

You’re welcome.

Hi, I just tried to use Pictures as a Link to another URL inside the website, but it try to open every Picture in a Lightbox and I get error message, take a look: here is an Example. Please, tell me, how I can deactivate the Lightbox on the standard page template. Here is the example: http://www.beatatorge.de/kundenbereich/ THX

I Joined! :) THX

Ok, I removed the class, but it doesn’t work anyway, getting error message: “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.”

Replied on the forums!

Ok, just one more problem, the shortcode for question/Answer does not work on my website the way as on your demo. it doesn’t move to the anchor … ????

I think that is because you did not update the theme to the latest version. Please do so.



was there any compatibility problems with the theme in regards to the latest WordPress version?

I see that my dropdowns don’t work and also my footer client slider is acting weird.

Thanks for the answer in advance.


Yes there was an issue with that, but we fixed it with the theme update released a short while ago :D Update the theme and your problems will be solved.

Wow awesome looking theme…

Really keen to give this ago. Most of my photos are hosted on Zenfolio and using zenfoliopress to pull in to my wordpress blog.

Unsure how it would effect what been setup already. What would be cost to get this look into before I jump in?


I am sorry, but this theme was not tested or created for that plugin, so if that plugin is a must use, you should get a theme that is compatible with it.

We do not take on freelance work.