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Hello, one of my client a bought the template and wanted me to implement it under www.miamishowme.com so i start the work…. and watched the Documentation videos, but i was wondering if there is anyway to have inside the same home page the posts coming from the “posts layout” and the form coming from the “the business layout” also why there is no possibility to add widgets for the “posts layout”? please adivice (please let me know if i need to provide you with the licence number or so in order to answer for my questions) tHnks

Any answer pleaseeeeeeeeeee

Support is offered on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/


This theme doesn’t mention anything about responsiveness. Is there a mobile version or plans to make this responsive?

However if seems that there is a problem with image alignment, but i presume that my partner can solve that, if you are interested, tell me and i will ask him to answer if that is possible.

Im about to buy the “keep” now, and will start playing with it. I will “keep” you updated about questions. ;)

Thanks! :D Please come to the forums and i will gladly help out – support.duotive.org

I just downloaded the latest update from envato under my account and upgraded to WordPress 3.6. All of the sliders on the site have stopped working. The documentation in the download (from envato) still says V1.0 – Did I get the correct download?

Please submit a ticket on our Support Forums, so we can sort this out. Here’s the link: http://support.duotive.org

Hi, I love this theme very much, but have one basic problem and question regarding the updating procedure. Since the update includes the full theme not just some updating files shall I first delete the previous version and install the new one again or there is another unknown to me (yet :-)) method. Sorry if the question is stupid but I relly couldn’t find any instruction to this

Hi. Thanks, i am glad you like it :D ! Yes you can do that, or you can do a manual file update following the file lists for the updated files located on the theme’s page on themeforest. For more support you are welcomed to join the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Greetings! I see you did a recent update, but it doesn’t indicate this is a Responsive theme. Will that be in the next update? If not, how can I get this to be a Responsive theme? Thanks!

In my opinion the design does not support it, but for a custom job, someone can do it, but not with the same standards that we want a responsive theme to have.

Very sad since everything on the internet should be Responsive. Do you have any other themes you sell that are Responsive design? Thank you.

Well if you look at the time that the theme was created, you would understand why. It’s from “12 April 11”, at the time, there was no responsive :)

Yes, we do have a responsive theme. Here it is – http://themeforest.net/item/duotive-keep-for-wordpress-/4930953?WT.ac=portfolio&WT.seg_1=portfolio&WT.z_author=duotive and we will have only responsive themes in the future.

I like to know how I can CLOSE all the accordion instead one is always open.

Please join the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and we will see what i can do to make happen. Also make sure to have the theme updated at the latest version.

Where do I find the line of php to translate the word READ MORE slideshow content? thank you

Other post.

Where do I find the line of php to translate the word READ MORE slideshow content? thank you

Replied on the forums.

Hi there. I would like to change the whole site to Black with white text. How do I go about doing that? Also, how do I upgrade to the latest version of the theme?


That is not possible, i am sorry.

Forgot to answer the second question. You have to download the theme again from themeforest and replace your installation and widgets. For theme support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hello. I just purchased the template. Will this work with WordPress 3.7? Thanks.

Hello. Yes it should work fine with 3.7.

When trying to install duotive-widgets.zip, I get “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.” Please help.


Please join our support forums on http://support.duotive.org so we can take a closer look at the situation. Thank you for your comment!

Best regards, Duotive team.

Hi is the latest theme download compatable with wordpress 3.7 or 3.7.1 ? and php 5.4 I bought it back in 2011 and things change.. :( so i was wondering whether to download the latest version or to go and find another theme?


You can download the latest version from where you have downloaded the theme the first time. It should work with wordpress 3.7.1 and php 5.4

Thanks will give it ago.. :)

Okey :D If you still have problems, you are welcomed to the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi… have this theme working on a site… I remember back in version 1.4 you could randomize the slides in the gallery..

Is that feature still available in this new version? I updated it and it doesnt seem to have it.



I know that there was such an option, but as you said it seems to be removed. I cannot remember why i removed it :) However, if you want the gallery slides to be randomed i can do that for you, just ask for it on the support forums.


My image upload for the homepage slides stopped working in the duotive admin.

I can create a new slide, but it won’t let me upload an image… it just shows the transparent black overlay. Any suggestions?


And yes, I just updated the theme version.


Please post a question on the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – with your details attached to the profile on the forums and i will take a look.

i like this theme very much.
any plans to have a responsive version of this?
can the gallery be password protected?
can the theme allow for the seamless integration of woocommerce?

hoping for your reply soon. thanks

Thanks. Unfortunately, none of the features requested are available or planned for our themes.

I have a question about the featured image on the front page. No matter what image you choose or what size, the top and bottom of the image is cut off. There is no option to use the full image or any way to pick a cropped section that will be seen.

Depending on the frontpage, i can tell you the width to height ratio, so you can upload an image that would not be cropped. Tell me the exact frontpage. Post this question with the requested information on the support forums – support.duotive.org


i purchased this theme but i need to use its only Duotive gallery slider to other theme . how can i copy it to other theme ? because i need three homepage based on the category selected and with the separate gallery plugin to these 3 pages ..

is there any way to copy it ?

please let me inform


Unfortunately, the theme was not coded to be able to move components from it to other themes, so a simple way of doing that is not possible.

Is this compatible with WordPress 3.8 ?

When was it last updated?

What is the current version?

Yes, from our tests it’s compatible with wordpress 3.8. You can see the theme change log on it’s page on themeforest, in the item description.

Here is my opinion of the theme. I love this theme. But I can not seem to integrate it with an eCommerce like Jigoshop or WooCommerce. It is really frustrating because I set the theme up and was really excited to start selling. I wasted so much time, now that I can not use the theme. I had to rate this theme at 1 Star. :depressed: I can not use this theme for my intended use. I would really appreciate better support for a eCommerce to easily integrate. I checked your forums and it was like getting the runaround. Telling people to check the forum for support, and at the forum you just said it isnt compatible or we need to hire a freelancer to fix it. :depressed: This theme is advertised as “Discussion on Duotive Three – Complete WordPress Template” yet it is not complete. I would be happy to change my review to 5 Stars if I could get eCommerce integrated. Maybe I missed something? Maybe you have provided a great solution for this? If so I apologize and once my issue has resolved I will re-review the theme. Its such a good theme, I dont understand why you would make it compatible for eCommerce. You would probably sell more. Anyway, I hope we can resolve this so we are both happy! :D

You are expecting a feature that was not advertised in the theme’s description. Integrating woocommerce is much more complex process than just a few lines of code.

Your rating us unfair, because you expect the product to do something that was not advertised to do.

If it where something that i could do in 4-5 hours i would have done it, but it takes a lot more than that and the requests for it are not that high.

Also, telling me that you rated it one start and than you will change it to five stars, if i do something for you, is not really nice at your part, and i do not appreciate that :( A rating should be made if the product works as advertised and if the support was ok, not decided by a feature that was clearly not advertised.


A client of mine is using this theme and I now need to update the template to the latest version. However, the site was installed by somebody else so I don’t have the purchase order code, nor can I get it. Does this mean I have to re-purchase the theme?




Without the purchase code you cannot access the forums. Without the account that purchased the theme you cannot download the updated version.

I am sorry, but those are the house rules, and i cannot break them.

You’re welcome.

Quick question, have other clients that use HIDE MY WP successfully? My featured images / post images disappear when I activate. Able to provide some quick support to clarify if I just move processing of CSS of featured images AFTER “Hide my WP” css loads? I’m not really experienced in this area with this plugin. Any suggestions, I’m grateful for!

Also owner of DUOTIVE KEEP, BTW, but DUOTIVE three is the best!!! If it only had responsive features and was updated with 2014 needs….. I’d be using it over and over again with EVERY CLIENT

I have no experience with that plugin, but i am willing to have a look for you, but i will need you to join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – create an account with your wp/ftp details and post a question there.

Thanks for your feedback. We are creating a new theme, and some feedback from a customer that knows both themes would really help out get a better product out there. So, if you have the time to share your thoughts, on what three has better than keep, and what you miss on keep, an email with this would really go a long way. Our email is duotive at yahoo dot com.