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Hi there, before i purchase this theme, i would like to know if this theme supports frontend posting for users?

Hi, not out of the box no, this sounds like something you would need to have developed or possibly look to a plugin.

Bonjour, have the version 1.2 Duplex my host advised me to go to the Wordpress version 4.0 My version is compatible and how to update Thank you for your support

Daniel Berrier

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I always have a problem of incompatibility with the version of duplex after the mobile test Google although I has passed the latest version of Wordpress and downloaded by ftp the files to my host Duplex in Theme / duplex.

How to Update

The site is

Thank you for your help

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How to properly reinstall the new version without losing the data?

Thank you for your help

Despite a clean reinstall, the theme Duplex is always compatible with mobile. How frightening it is compatible with mobile theme? Thank you for your help Daniel

Hai.. you themeforest is amazing website.. i like your website.. and I also wish you great as in the case of a blog … Greetings


is it possible to adjust the number of items showing in the slider? It’s weird… i installed this theme and sometimes there are just three news in the slider and sometimes there are five. Of course i tagged all the news with the word “slider”.

edit: nvmd. my co. just deleted the tag from some of the news. anyway, the question still stands… is there any way to adjust the amount of shown slider items?