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Absolutely feel in love with this theme and bought it shortly after that. Loving the look and feel of my blog already. Only question I have, and couldn’t find in the documentation is, do you have a recommended image size posts? I want something uniform and currently my old post images (one set to “Featured Image”) are all over the place. Let me know and thanks again for an awesome and unique theme!

Hi, first of all thank your for purchasing our theme!

Can you send us the link to your website so we can check it out to see what the problem with the images is? The images should be resized by using the default wordpress image settings, so taking a look at your setup will help understanding your question better.

If you’re not comfortable posting your link here, please use the contact form on our profile and we’ll help you out via e-mail.

Sent an email. Thanks!


Is there already a possibility to use the sidebar in the newest release? I really want to add some widgets (like eg. twitter & facebook integration) but in the footer nobody will see them.


I do like the sidebar very much. Very clean and i’m really glad I can display twitter now :-) Good work. If you want to have a look in my web management to see what causes the problem please let me know.

Hi, can you please provide a link to your website so we can take a look? Thanks :)

I send you an e-mail with login details. Thanks for your help so far!


I SSL secured my wordpress site (still with the dust theme, which I still like very much). When I open up the page with IE11 I get a warning: ‘only secure content is displayed’. This has to do something with http resources being accessed below the surface.

I disabled all my plugins and tried again. Problem remains. Then I switched to the twenty12 default theme. Problem does not exist then anymore.

I crawled through the funtions.php of the theme and found some links to googleapi’s (maps/fonts etc) and changed them. I am now a little lost cause I cannot find any http links any more. If I open up the page at https://www.markbrilman.nl and click view source and look for http there are no hits anymore. only https.

I hope you can help me find out what can cause this problem.

Kind regards,


Found it! There was a http URL in the stylesheet as well for the google fonts. I modified it and now the warning is gone. It would be great if the theme supports warningless SSL by default. If you want I can send you my functions.php and stylesheet so you can integrate it in the theme. Please let me know if you’re interested.

Another error. I do believe I reported it in the past. On the search page with IE10 and IE11 you cannot select the sidebar to scroll through the menu’s.

Eg. Firefox does let you select the sidebar.

Sorry for the late response, we somehow missed your messages. We’ll look into this, we believed this to be fixed. Thank you for reporting :)

Great theme, still today!