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Very Nice Work. If you dont mind me asking, what font is the logo in? Looks very good. Good luck with sales. I’ll probably buy this in a week or two for an upcoming SEO project

Thanks! “Hansen” font

Would you be able to modify this for me? I like this but would need it to fit 520px wide and floated to left. What would you charge? Thank you.

Please contact me via my user page

Very cool. Any plans for a Wordpress version? Thanks

It’s landing page. No WP, sorry

I really like the design! question is it possible to make the “Call to action” button so that the page scrolls down to the bottom of the page where the contact area is? i am not good with Html is it possible to implement?

Yes it’s possible

Hi i was about to purchase this but just notice you are not listing IE9 on browsers and i checked it on IE9 and does not display… why? any fix you could make?


Template is almost a year old, in march last year IE9 was in beta. Demo is working ok on my side. Please send me screenshot so I can assist you better


Great design. Any plans to make it responsive? for visitors on iPad or iPhone

For this template no, sorry.

I have a site in Russian. Fonts are wider and the design is spoiled. What to do? http://smetchik.pro/

You can go to google fonts http://www.google.com/fonts and choose cyrillic font. Import font to template, and replace in CSS files font-family: BebasNeueRegular with new font name

Choose font you would like to use, and send me email, I will do modifications for you

Thank you very much. Font “Open Sans Condensed” Email: monas3@mail.ru

Looking nice;

thanks :)