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This theme looks outstanding, very interested in purchasing. I wanted to ask real quick though if you are able to put a sidebar on the home page? I am looking to incorporate google adsense and affiliate ads with this in some way, and from reading other comments it doesn’t look like you can create a sticky ad.


At the moment, our theme does not support this issue.


Before buying this theme, is it possible to create blocks who link to a custom url instead of a blog post ? We want to create various blocks and pieces of content/images who do not link to a blog item.

Is this possible ?

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, our theme does not support this issue.

Hello, i have bought this theme…but i have time to time problem with FB sharing. I am now getting Response Code 403 and URL returned a bad HTTP response code.

My server is ok. I deactivate every plugin and that didn’t fix the problem.

Some old URL’s i can share, but newest i can’t. Can you tell me if there is some problem with this theme, and how to fix it?


Hi, Firstly, Maybe the issue were the DNS records that were blocking the scraper. So if you have similar issue, check your DNS records. If you still face there issue, you can go to the then create a private question. We will check & fix this issue. Thanks for help.

I did, thanks, i am waiting for response.

I bought the theme. How do I add my FB, Twitter and Instagram account on the grid?

Hi, Please find here for the document guide on how to configure the theme: Regards,

Hi, I have purchased DW Fixel theme few months back and it worked perfectly fine. For the past few weeks, the theme has been looking distorted on the browsers of my desktop and I have also received a notification from a reader for the same. Can you please tell me what to do in this case?


Hi, Please go to the, then create a new private question and send me username & password of your site for further checking. Regards,

Is the theme designed so a 300×250 ad go into one of those boxes on the homepage?

Hi, Unfortunately, our theme does not support designed so a 300×250 ad go into one of those boxes on the homepage.

Hello, Great theme! :)

I want to say how many posts are displayed in the SOCIAL WALL, I changed this to a lower number, 3, but it doesn’t change anything on the homepage…

$dw_homepage_layout = array( '
<span class="hilight">number</span>
' => 3

and this

dw_homepage_layout['number'] = dw_get_theme_option('block_number',3);

How do I say how many posts, + which ones are displayed on the Social Wall home page?

Thank you!

To resolve this issue, you can open the home.php file in the folder path ”\wp-content\themes\dw-fixel\inc”. fine the line 8 & line 27. Hope this helps !

Hi! Still having the issue with the empty boxes… You can watch it here: There is one in the middle i cant get rid of. Already tried to erase the content of the content-empty.php, didnt work… I have Version 1.07! What else can i do to solve the problem?

best regards, Andi

I have checked your site, it’s work fine. I think you have resolved this issue.


Do you intend to add access to Behance the theme? I would very much, just what is lacking to stay full for me

please go to the, then create a question and tell me detail about this issue, I’m still not clear your issue. Regards,

Hello I purchased the theme and really like it, however, I’m trying to do some customization that is beyond the WP customizer and I’m having trouble understanding the compressed template.css file – (all the code is on one continuous line). I was wondering could I get a copy of the file that is spaced properly so I can make my adjustments for the client.

Thanks in advance

Hi, We have released the latest version 1.0.8. If you still use the version 1.0.7, you can send me your email or contact with me via: . After updating, you can open the dw-fixel.php file (all the code is not on one continuous line). Regards,

Hello, your theme looks like the one I was searching for. In order to evaluate the purchase, I’ve got one question about social wall: how can I visualize how a post from Instagram is integrated inside the stream in home? I can only see previews of Tweets/Google posts etc, but I would be very interested in figuring out how Instagram works. Thanks in advance!

Hi @davidegen, I think I have helped you answer this question via email. However, I have lost your question here because sometimes we have the problem with notification in the email, please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you. About your question, we have updated some section and you can view our demo now and you ca see the Instagram section. Just display all the image from your Instagram. Note: You just add the Instagram Username. Regards, DesignWall Team

Hi Designwall,

I have purchase this theme in version 1.0.7, Now i want update to version 1.1.2. How can i update that?

According to the new license scheme, we apply the limit 1 year to update and technical support which is quite common across WP theme clubs now. In your case, I would like to make an exception that I will enable the update access so that you can upgrade your theme to our latest version for free, no extra cost for this. And you can use this version for lifetime. However, if you wish to get future updates or technical questions access, a renewal fee $34.3 will be applied then. Hope for your understanding. NOTE: Please go to the and create account and send me your account name.

Thank you very much, I create account already.

You can send me your account via email:

I would really like to delete the bar under the menu items. How is this possible?

Thanks for your comment. It really works. But only to fade in of the bar. Not on the fade-out.

You can try the following code:

#nav li.current-menu-item span, #nav li:hover span, #nav li.current-menu-item span, #nav li span { position: static; height: 0; background: none; bottom: 0; left: 0; transition: none; }

Or open the menu-default.php file and remove the span tags in line 2. see the screenshot: Hope this helps!

Thx! That solved it!

Hello. I bought your theme. Looks good. It is not provided Box-Builder for create pages? All the markup is necessary to write by hand? Thanks.

How can I install the demo version of the site (as in your demo page)? When I set an example (from the installation files), there is very little information.

Please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you. Firstly, you can find here for the document guide on how to configure the theme:

If you want to install the demo version for your site, you can send me username & password of your site via email: I will help you resolve this issue.

Hello, Where can I find the demo content for this theme? I want to create a similar About page.

Just to let you know. I did read the instructions on and I cannot see the “Theme Activation” link in the “Appearance” Menu

Just to let you know. I did read the instructions on and I cannot see the “Theme Activation” link in the “Appearance” Menu

Please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you. If you want to install the demo content of the theme, you can install the Unyson plugin. If you still face their issue, you can go to the site and create a private question, I will check and help you resolve it.

Menu scroll on mobile doesn’t work. Please repair :(


For more detailed instructions, please contact us via or create a question at


sinitzi Purchased

Sample data Folder or dw-fixel.xml is missing, Can you help me?


I’m trying to show only the last 10 posts in the blog page. In Seetings > Reading, i put 10 as “Blog pages show at most” but the template show 24 posts.

Help please.

Hi DW Fixel team, this is a presale question, does the theme support woocommerce? I’ve found just one question and it was three years old. TIA, Raúl.