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Hi again :)

I am setup my home page. On “Social Wall settings” I want put my Time Line on Twitter (only), but I see “Twitter query search”.

Hi Slwsl,

You can use the operator: from:username in “Social Wall settings / Twitter query search”. More details about twitter query search in the link here:

Hope that helps!

I aim for a social wall with only one big picture one the left (size:2X2), and four small to the right of the big one. If I import the demo content, and then delete almost all of the posts, in order to only have four posts, the social wall shows a lot of blank spaces (the ones with a plus inside) beneath the four posts. Why is that – and how do I remove them?

Hey Skeem . . . try changing your “number of blog entries” in your (settings>reading) to “4” and see if that gets rid of the extra entries frames. I don’t know if that will work, but it might. Simply an assumption for how they built it.

Hi nextwebexpress – nope that did not work. Thanks anyway! :o)

Hi, can anybody test animated .gif files on the ‘blog wall? How do they work and the most important for me: do you see on ‘blog wall’ working (running) animations?

Hi lkrywko,

You can add the animated image to the Featured Image section in post editor page in order to show it in blog wall of the theme.

Hope that helps!

Hi Skeem. I had the same problem. I’d love that the number of displayed post is configurable. For the moment, it’s not as far as I know. However, I investigated inside the theme and found a way around. Go into Appearance>Editor and modify the file home.php. Find the following line: $dw_homepage_layout[‘number’] = dw_get_theme_option(‘block_number’,23);

23 is the default number of blocks to display. If you don’t have enough posts, then you will see empty boxes. Change this value to fit your requirements. Note that just over it, there is another thing you may want to change: the disposition of the tiles. You can see that the first is the one for the introduction, the 3rd for facebook, etc. If you don’t want to display the facebook/twitter/etc. tiles, comment them.

Now my comment is related to this trouble: would that be possible to add some tools to change this more easily? Also, why doesn’t it automatically fit to the actual number of posts? If I have only 2 posts, it will display a bunch of empty boxes with the social tiles here and there…

BTW, great job, this theme is totally amazing, I love it.

Hi Johy,

Thanks for writing in, we’ll try add this feature in the next updates of the theme.

Kind regards.

Thanks Johy – will try it out later today! :)

Yep – that worked out just fine :) THX!

First of all, great them! just great! all the others are the same: baner up, bla bla bla… On the HOME, social banners like fb and tw, I want to add linkedin… how can i do this?

Hi Chihdo,

Thanks for writing in, currently we are only support for Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter in social wall home page. If you want to use Linkedin, you can add the profile link to top-bar position (in Appearance / Customize / General Settings).

Hope that helps!


i want to put an image in orange square at home page where it says “Hi” i have put it in CSS but its not responsive anymore. Any idea how to do that?


btw the client bought the theme, if you like i can send you the licence code.

Hi Wais6,

Can you give us your site URL for checking?

Kind regards.

ajax filters????? slider options????

Any updates are thinking about this?


Hi Martieda,

Thanks for your suggest, we’ll think about it in future updates of the theme.

Kind regards.

How do I remove the sharing options on the left side of the pages (facebook, twitter, google, comment, email, print)?

Thanks, massappeal. It turned out that it was in the “single.php” the options were listed – but thanks to you, I knew what to look for. How do you know which PHP file to look for? Is it just by “best guess”?

Hi Skeem,

The ‘single.php’ is a default single post page of WordPress. You can find more details about template hierarchy in the link here:

Hope that helps!

It would be great if you give us any answers!

Hi Wais6,

Sorry for the response, that was by we are off for holiday from 28th Jan to 4th Feb.

Kind regards.

@skeem you’d remove those social options at the top of ‘content-modal.php’.

All the options are located in <div class="social-bar" />

Great looking template, but it’s quite buggy on my iPhone 4s. It has trouble scrolling – getting caught trying to display the hover states – then it crashed the browser. GREAT template if these bugs could be fixed.

Hi Amyleajacobs,

Thanks for writing in, we’ll try to fix this issue in further release of the theme.

Kind regards.

Kinda feel like a newbie here.

First, I LOVE the theme!

Second, how do I get the large square as shown on the demo?


Created the home page. Wold you suggest doing that over the featured post option?


Currently, the layout on homepage is fixed, so the featured posts are only available for Blog page. But we’ll add this feature in the next updated version of the theme, so stay tuned!

Asked this below, but still trying to figure out how to create that BLOG PAGE.

Three questions that I couldn’t find in the documentation:

1) How do I add my twitter name to the sharing button? 2) I can seem to get my four footers to work. 3) How do you add the link at the tp for “blog”

Thanks, Bruce

Thanks for the response:

1) Awesome. Perfect.

2) Yes.

3) Okay. I will try to figure that one out. I have it now set to be pages, but I assume there is a way to add the blog link as well. Bascially, trying to create the demo menu.

Hi Breyeschow,

2) To have four columns at footer, please open up the footer.php file in themes/dw-fixel folder, find the code below:

<footer class="site-footer" role="contentinfo">

and change it into this:

<footer class="site-footer" role="contentinfo">
<div class="row-fluid">
<div class="span3">column 1</div>
<div class="span3">column 2</div>
<div class="span3">column 3</div>
<div class="span3">column 4</div>

Also, you’ll need to work on CSS to style the 4-column footer, so please go to Dashboard / Appearance / Customize / Custom Code, and add the following code to Header Code section:

.site-footer .span3 {padding: 0 10px;text-align:left;}

3) To create a Blog page, please follow the steps here:

step 1: login to WP admin panel. step 1: go to Posts / Categories, and add a new category named ‘Blog’. step 2: go to Posts / Add New, and add new posts to the ‘Blog’ category that you created above. step 3: go to Appearance / Menus, and add the Blog category as a menu item to the Main Menu (if you don’t see the Categories section in Menus page, please click on the ‘Screen Options’ link at the top right side of the Menus page and make sure the Categories option is checked).

Hope this helps!

Thanks. Perfect!

Hi there,

I really like the way this theme is structured, but I have some questions:

- At the moment the iPad and iPhone versions keep crashing. Do you know when you can make a more stable version?

- On iPad the ‘hover’ title sometimes works when you touch a square. But more often touching a square takes you straight to the next screen. Will you be able to make this more reliable?

Many thanks,


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your feedback! We currently plan to update the DW Fixel theme to include: front-end editor on Social Wall page, other new features and fix bugs, probably around mid-March. Stay tuned!


@designwall_wp thanks for your great responses and support. I am almost done getting this thing set up.

Looked the documentation and cannot see how to build the BLOG PAGE. Am trying to figure it out, but any advice would be great.

When I switched the static page to the social home page, the links to the posts stopped working. When I roll over, it does show the URL at the bottom of the screen, but when clicked on it does not go the post. Tried this on multiple devices with the same result.


I tried deleting and reinstalling the theme. Still the same thing happens. Posts do not click over, but the social squares and menu items do. Help.

Hi Breyeschow,

Please raise the issues with details to our support page at:

We’ll help you sort out the issues. You can create a private question with details like your site URL, your WP and FTP login info.


Can you make a tumblr version of this?

Hi Bshoemate,

Thanks for writing in, currently we don’t have plan for tumblr version yet.

Let us know if you need anything else.