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What is the shortcode for TABS?

Hi, Firstly, you can refer document: If you still face there issue, you can tell me detail about this issue & send me a screenshot for further checking.

I have some questions about your theme: 1. social icons (i.e. facebook)- i need them to open in a new tab when click 2. Fonts. when i bold a font on the body copy you can barely notice that it is bold. 3. Fonts. What is the default font of the headings? i would like to match the body font. 4. is there a way to slow the slider? 5. Typography page. are there shortcodes for those elements?

Thanks, Danny

Thanks for the help

Hello Could you also show how to add the top bar in red in the demo site. it says “Check out our new clothings and accessories Shop now!”


Thanks i just found the top bar settings

Hello How can i increase the font size of the “Welcome Message”? How could i also remove the search function?

Thanks, Danny

Hello Another item i would like to modify. I need to change the “cart” link in the header. we bypassed the cart options and that page is giving error. We also need to update the cart icon on the right side of the browser. Thank you for all you help in the past.

Hi, - you can refer here:

- If you want to change the card icon on the right hand side, you can open the mini-card.php file in the folder path “wp-content\themes\dw-trendy\woocommerce\cart”. Find the line 7.

Note: using the icon from fontawesome. Well, you can find more icon here: Hope this helps !

Hello The cart on the side works fine now. the cart link in the header still does not. Could you let me know how i could just remove that link and leave the “my Account’ link. thanks

Hey for some reason the slider on my home page refuses to automatically slide. I’m not sure if there’s a defect or I’m making a mistake somewhere.

Hi, Please go to the, then create a private question & send me username & password of your site for further checking.


How can I add Instagram to my client’s page with the other social media icons? The website is:


Please go to the, create a new question then tell me detail about this issue, you can send me a screenshot for further checking.

Hi I want add coupons discount code to each products but it’s not allowing me to do so (image attached).

Also, How can I add variations to a listing? Can I have a drop down menu selection rather than have 2 different listings?

Can you help me, Please?

theme breaks for me with the new woocommerce update 2.3.0. will there be a theme update for this?

Hi, I have checked on our demo, this issue come from WP 4.1 & woocommerce 2.3.0. At the moment, our theme still does not compatible with latest version of the plugin. I sent and notified our technical team about this problem. We are checking and fix this issue in the next version. We will release as soon as possible.

You had provided support 2 months ago for taking out the search function. there is a blank space now. Could i insert an image in that section. thank you!

Apologies for the delay in replying to you, you can tell me detail about the image size that you want to insert in that section.

Hi How can I add Instagram in the social buttons? Can you help me please?


To add the Instagram in the social buttons, you can do as the following: - Open the custom.php in the folder path “wp-content\themes\dw-trendy\lib”. Replace the line 61 to line 77 with the following code: function dw_trendy_socials() { $social_links['facebook'] = dw_trendy_get_theme_option( 'facebook', '#' ); $social_links['twitter'] = dw_trendy_get_theme_option( 'twitter', '#' ); $social_links['google_plus'] = dw_trendy_get_theme_option( 'google_plus', '#' ); $social_links['youtube'] = dw_trendy_get_theme_option( 'youtube', '#' ); $social_links['linkedin'] = dw_trendy_get_theme_option( 'linkedin', '#' ); $social_links['pinterest'] = dw_trendy_get_theme_option( 'pinterest', '#' ); $social_links['instagram'] = dw_trendy_get_theme_option( 'instagram', '#' ); ?> <?php if(count($social_links) > 0 ) { ?> <ul class="list-inline social-list"> <?php if($social_links['facebook']!='') { ?><li class="social facebook"><a href="<?php echo $social_links['facebook']; ?>"><i class="fa fa-facebook" /></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($social_links['twitter']!='') { ?><li class="social twitter"><a href="<?php echo $social_links['twitter']; ?>"><i class="fa fa-twitter" /></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($social_links['google_plus']!='') { ?><li class="social google_plus"><a href="<?php echo $social_links['google_plus']; ?>"><i class="fa fa-google-plus" /></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($social_links['youtube']!='') { ?><li class="social youtube"><a href="<?php echo $social_links['youtube']; ?>"><i class="fa fa-youtube" /></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($social_links['linkedin']!='') { ?><li class="social linkedin"><a href="<?php echo $social_links['linkedin']; ?>"><i class="fa fa-linkedin" /></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($social_links['pinterest']!='') { ?><li class="social pinterest"><a href="<?php echo $social_links['pinterest']; ?>"><i class="fa fa-pinterest" /></a></li><?php } ?> <?php if($social_links['instagram']!='') { ?><li class="social instagram"><a href="<?php echo $social_links['instagram']; ?>"><i class="fa fa-instagram" /></a></li><?php } ?> </ul> - Open the customize.php file, add the following code under line 324. $wp_customize->add_setting('dw_trendy_theme_options[instagram]', array( 'default' => '#', 'capability' => 'edit_theme_options', 'type' => 'option' )); $wp_customize->add_control('instagram', array( 'label' => __('Instagram', 'dw-trendy'), 'section' => 'dw_trendy_social_links', 'settings' => 'dw_trendy_theme_options[instagram]' )); Hope this helps !

Hi, Some questions,

1 – When I go to Appearance -Editor - style.css, the file seems to be incomplete, just 3 styles .sticky {} .gallery-caption {}.bypostauthor {} and anything else. Is this correct? I tried downloading the theme again just to check, but remainds the same. Besides the “Visual Style” Button is not shown on the Page Builder, neither the menu showing styles in the Edit Options.

2 -When editing template page options, I can t eliminate the right widget column. I put 100% width but didn t work.

Can you help me with this two issues. Thanks, Sol

Hi, Issue1. At the moment, we just write css into the main.css file. When you open the style.css file, it will display as the following image: You can download the main.css file here: - About the “Visual Style” Button, it’s bug come from WP 4.1+, to resolve this issue, please contact with us via email:, then send me username & password of your site, I will helps you resolve it. Issue2. If you want to add a page template full-width (not sidebar), you can use the “Full Width” page in the right hand side. See the screenshot: Hope this helps !

Hi When the new version of WP was updated WooCommerce cart broke and is getting a fatal error and wont let check out happen. Is this theme compatible with the newest versions of WP and WooCommerce? I am not sure how to fix this problem.

Hi, Please contact with me via email: we will send to you the latest version 1.1.6 of the DW Trendy theme.

Hi, I didn’t get any response to my questions via e-mail, so I’m repeating them below hoping that you’ll help me with the issues I discovered while setting up the theme (site: if you need to take a look):
  • Why is there no action when clicking red cart button at the right side of the home page?
  • Why is there a cart totals section twice at the cart page?
  • Where is the cart refresh button for updating quantities?
  • Why does the related products section display only two products when there’s enough place designed for three?
  • Theme doccumentation requires a big update since the site builder plugin that the theme uses has changed a lot.
  • Are you going to keep working on this theme? As the info says, it was last updated on 5 May 15! I assume that most of the issues are caused with the simple fact that this theme is clearly outdated. Unfortunately I didn’t notice this before purchase.

Please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you. If you still face their issue, you can let me know, we will help you resolve it now.