Discussion on DWT - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Discussion on DWT - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

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Hi, I have a few pre-purchase questions. Can I use this theme for a classifieds site like leboncoin? Basically a sell everything from the outside shed, garage attic sort of site.

With the classifieds ad packages, can I setup a free package that just allows 1 image? This is important for me.

Also the other ad packages with extra images, longer duration etc. Also can it have an options feature as the ad is being created, so as, make it a featured ad on the front page etc for a small extra charge

Can I use this theme as a directory for people on holiday, restaurants, hotels, emergency services, local product stores, swimming pools, casinos, etc etc etc. Again with different level paid packages, and also a very basic free one.

Events, can this theme make events, local seasonal festivities, teaching evenings etc etc, again, paid packages at different levels and also a free one.

Do uou have a refund policy and if so how many days do I have to see if your software is suitable for my needs.

Also is this theme compatable with the latest Wordpress release?

Kind regards.


Hi, Basically this is directory listing theme if you need classified Theme you can check out our other product named AdForest that is purely made for classified business. https://themeforest.net/item/adforest-classified-wordpress-theme/19481695

You can use it for the directory and events website as well.


Ok, thank you. Maybe you can explain to me, is listings seperate from directory? Directory and listings, what is listings exactly and how is it diferent from directory? Thanks.

A directory is the overall collection or structure that organizes information, while listings are the individual entries or items within that directory.

Hello. I have a site that was designed with the MyListing Theme but this theme is not multilingual compatible. So I want to buy your theme to migrate my site. My site is a B2B platform dedicated to businesses, they give companies the opportunity to list and publish ads about their products and services, publish tenders and job offers. All these publications are synchronized with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

I want to be sure that with this theme, all functionalities will be available. Thank you for your reply.

Hi, I am sorry but as we discussed on email we do not have such features as your current website has so making it compatible will be hard. Regards

If there is a picture that is too high in the gallery on the company profile page, there is a gap between the gallery and the thumbnails. can you fix this?

Please share screenshot of the issue to support team they will guide you. https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/



I am interested in the DWT – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme.

I want a job board as an extra functionality and i will install the WP Job Manager plugin.

Is it compatible to your theme or do i have to integrate it ?

Thank you.

Hi, We didn’t test it, you have to check it at your own. If it works with the default WordPress then it will work as it is. Regards

Nice Theme but please fix the following. I am istalling this theme for a client and noticed that although the server requirements set in the PHP CPANEL is more than required, the theme is still flagging this.

You can either use Elementor or WP Bakery. If you pick Elementor you are constantly reminded that the theme requires WP Bakery. I will remove this nag message for him, but it would be nice if you can fix this.

Hi, Thank you we will check and correct it in coming update. Regards

I am looking to build a website for hotels and local restaurants to advertise. I would like the option for each business to have an option to take their own bookings and payments or maybe for the site to take payments and then forward them on to the business owner after the site percentage has been taken. Like booking.com does.

Hi, Yes we do have inbuilt book system for listings as well.

how to disable package so that users direct to add listing.

Please send details to our support team they will guide you. Regards

Is there a bulk parent category/subcategory in listings section? plug on or how.

Hi, You can use WP All import plugin to import bulk categories and sub categories. Regards

thank you

How do i automatically import city,town categories and subcategories of my country? is there a plug in? how

You should have data in csv or xml format to do so.

thank you..

Hello, is there a built in CIty or town in my Country? or Category and subcategory? si hard to input in manually. thank yous

You can contact support team and they can guide you.https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com

When will you propose a calendar of events that classifies the events by date of the event and not by date of creation on the site?

Hi, Can you please give any example of the feature you are asking for? Regards

Does it mean that the app will not work unless I set up the WordPress website first?

Yes, You have to setup website first. Regards

a question: 1- Is there an option to hide the publication date of the list?

2- Where is the report sent to the admin email or to the admin control panel in WordPress?

3- In the demo, I did not find the working hours for the list to make an amendment to it. How can the working times be modified after the list is published? Also, there is no addition of two working shifts, morning and evening

4- Why the list title is not: H1 Can be modified.

5- Is there an option to hide the view count?

Thank you for this wonderful theme


1) can be done via CSS or customization in the child theme

2) Can you please let me know which reports are you talking about?

3) this option is available while editing the listing or adding the listing. adding two-shift timing is not available right now.

4) can be done via code.

5) via code or CSS.


2) Report button https://ibb.co/RHTrsYb

What about these:

6- Where does the food menu appear on the listing page for the visitor to see in the demo?

7- Is it possible to add the Google Analytics code?

2) Yes, listing report sent to admin email and we have option that after number of reports set by admin the listing becomes inactive automatically. Regards

Raoleto Purchased

Hello good afternoon a cordial greeting first of all, I have some small problems with the subject and doubts that I do not read in the user’s manual.

1) There are some sections of the page in the header of some content (events, contact, others) that do not leave the image that I put, if I’m not mistaken for you would be (Breadcrumbs background). In some sections it comes out and others not

2) Is there any way that users who are not registered, I can make comments, reviews anywhere on the page? it is not the same section of the blog that the listings of companies, it gives an ad that requires registration.

3) The function in the tools demoninada (Views) which are those that appear next to the button (report) in each listing, is supposed to be a counter to take a number of times that a user accesses that part of the page, but I do not see at any time from other computers that this option (views) increases, it remains at 0.

4) The option of events that appear all, there is a part that says (Order by) and it leaves predetermined (Recent > Older) I need to change it so that it is Older > More Recent), but really there is a problem with the counter (chronometer) I put the events and it orders it to me according to the date that was published, not by the time that says the chronometer, that is like that? or there is something bad? that can be fixed?

5) In the cover (home) I have installed the plugin (slider revolution) it works very well but there is a problem that does not take me the whole page, the images when they are passing at all ends, leaves a small white strip a minimum space, in the other themes it works perfect but here this detail happens.

I have 2 more doubts but as I am not touching the topic right now of the events and payments for tickets in the last update they made, I do not give importance for now.

I appreciate your response as far as possible, have a happy afternoon.

Hi, Please share all these details to our support team at https://scriptsbundle.ticksy.com/ they will check all and guide you in detail.


Hi, I really like your theme but I want to ask How do I define user access and permission Let’s say I have two types of users:

User 1: Can post events, ads… (admin approval) User2: Must create an account to chat etc but can’t post events and ads (if I can hide some features from dashboard)

Is there any 3rd party plugin or custome development for that

also if i have created the website , when I create app do I have to start from beginning or does it sync all the data i have it in my website


Hi, There isn’t any user permissions. Users will have same account type they can use for listing or event posting or for simple chat or reviews.


Hello dears, Can you please check your RTL version, seems to be not working and i wanted to check it’s demo.

Yes, there was a styling issue with header that we have corrected. Thanks for informing. Regards

Hello there. I do have a lot of issues with my site which needs to be fixed but you certainly will not because support has since expired. However, will you update my site to the latest version: 7.2.5 from 3.1.2 after support renewal. Also, will it include all newly introduced features? Update to latest version is very important to me. Thanks Please reply ASAP.

Thank you our team will be looking into it. Thanks

Hi. Will Support please attend to the ticket I raised almost three days ago. The issues are seriously affecting the running of my site and need your urgent attention. Please help, thank you.[Ticket #3328265].

informed team they will look into it asap. Regards

Hi I am looking for personalized listing ( to real estate agency ) in the dynamic page ( customer profile / single announcement page or other ..) sync with the subscription system

1- possibility to Customize field / added modified deleted Option: example: add 3 phone numbers – integrated zoom (like WhatsApp) – add a button or other fields – text zone …

2- multilingual

3- possibility of displaying / hiding ADS advertising

4- visit statistics for subscribers

5- integrating short code

6- Hide competitors in premium offers

Note :

-Possibility to create iOS/ Android mobile application (or with another plugin)?

- Do you offer special customization services?

-Can I send customer requests to technical support ?



1) Sorry about that

2) Yes,

3) Didn’t get it.

4) Used woo commerce you can check woo commerce for this purpose if that plugin provides.

5) You can use as its default WordPress feature.

6)Didn’t get your question.

Yes, we do offer customization

Yes you can send and our team will look into it and guide you.


Hello, Can DWT-based website users post a multilingual listing if I use the WPML plugin?

How to share the revenue from appointment booking with admin like event ticketing ( according to your documentation) there is no option of revenue share for appointment booking?

Payment will be handled over the website using WooCommerce so all payments will go into the admin account whereas the seller will have his share in his account and he can withdraw by creating withdraw request. Regards


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