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Anyone having problems editing and adding content. For me the whole site gets messed up. The index file merges with the portolio when i do changes in about? Can anyone help??


I have purchased this template. But i am facing problem on IE older browser. It really gets messed up, fontsize, and menu size etc…

Can you tell me what is the solution for this..

and it is bit slow on IE…

Hello, the image in grid view portifolio is broken in template. Can this be resolved? This is very important to my project. Thanks.

I’m loving this template. Probably my favorite. Any way to make it responsive? I would use it over and over if not for that. Most people want responsive now days even as cool as this one is.

Hi, great theme! but is it possible to change the fonts of menu ? how can web remove cufon ?

Great theme, however you do have an error: Uncaught ReferenceError: $container is not defined

I need to customize the template can you recommend someone.

I tried uploading this template onto my WordPress account, but I got this error:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Is there any way this theme can be modified to be WordPress-friendly?

i can make it for you for wordpress, but with extra payment.

How much extra payment?

Please make this theme for wordpress and let me know when you finish! Thank you so much!

Is it possible to have an ANTI-SPAM filter for the message form in the “Contacts” page? I mean: something like captcha (from Google or even a simplified 4-digit numeric-only version).

Thanks! (This one is the best template I ever buy)

very nice template, but how can we fix the twitter feed ?

I has some problems with the twitter feeds, the support is great I will rate this with 5 stars …

Thanks so much !

Hi, I love the template, Was kinda difficult to customize at first, but i made it in the end, There are 2 things i wanted say / ask.

1, I saw a comment on here stating that they had an issue when it comes to refreshing the page and the menu disappearing, I too had this issue and it was all because i removed this code: <div id="slider" /> I have no idea what its for or why it messes up the menu, but it appears as though it can be put anywhere and it will keep the menu working.

2. I have no reason to have the Twitter integration, and i’ve noticed how big the API is, and would love to completly remove it, however, when i remove all trace of anything to do with Twitter, it breaks the site. Any idea how i can remove it without breaking everything else?


Hi, I purchased the template a few days ago and love it but the Fancybox feature didn’t work from the get-go. All I got was a spinning dial. I want to add a pop-out page like the one in the demo. Any suggestions as to how I can fix & activate?

Hi, Is it now WordPress compatible ? How much would cost this WP version ? regards, Pierre

Very nice, good sales;