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Hi, we love your theme, but for some reason the sticky header is always there. I have deactivated it on Appearance/Theme Options/ Header/Sticky Header as you suggested on other comments but it is still there. There must be something else we can do to deactivate it. Thank you.

Well, I can see I also need to deactivated it on each single page if it is active on them.

I’m glad you love it :)

It should work across all pages. However, if you were editing those pages when the Theme Option was set to disable, the pages that you were editing will remain enabled.

Hi, I am trying to add a video from youtube as background to the home page, there are 2 options on your theme, on the Row settings/Background Extras and Column settings/General, none of them are working. I prefer to use those options instead of Revolution slider because I want that the logo+menu are floating over that sections, and also I use a Flexi Shape at the bottom of the section. I tried with the Revolution slider and I can’t add the logo+menu floating or the Flexishape. Any idea how can I add the video background?


You can use Revolution Slider and float the header over it. It’s best If you post this issue onto the Help Center @ https://acoda.com/forums and reply to your post with WP login details, we’ll take a look at it for you.

I recommend creating a Revolution Slider with the Video in and we’ll show you how you can achieve having the Floating Header + FlexiShape.

In the meantime, I’ll take a look at the Background video issue.

Hi, I didn’t manage to add floating menu on the page settings, so I gave up with that option, I just think it doesn’t work, and the same with the FlexiShape. But please it would be great if you explain how to make it work for references.

On the other hand I managed to add the video as background without using Revolution slider but editing the page row and column settings. As I said there are 2 options, one on the row and another on the column, none of them were working for me when I edit the page. At the end I got to add the video on the row using the WPBakery Page Builder instead of editing the page as normal.

Anyway thank you for your reply.

We will see if the video works on mobiles….it is not working at the moment


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Hi ! Is there bugs with background ??? The skin editor doesn’t work with image background !!! And where could I put the google analytics code ? Thx ! :)

I’ve just put the update in the queue, it includes the fix for this. There is now a new admin option to control the background size. :)

If you want a quick fix, you can add this bit of CSS:

html, body { height:auto !important; }


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thx, with this css,now it’s working perfectly


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I am a user of Dynamix since the first versions and I still love it. Your work is just awesome!

I´m wondering if it is possible to hire you for some works on my website since I need some professional help. Unfortunately I find no way to contact you for this request so I try it here.

I would love to hear from you, my email is:


Regards Bodo

Hey Bodo,

Great to see you’re using DynamiX still. I’ll send you an email :)

Hey, i can’t access the dynamix forum. Keeps asking for purchase code (which i obviously do have). When i enter the purchase code it says code is already in database and need to contact u guys. But WHERE can i contact you? I’ve noticed i have to renew support but does this affect login to the forum?? I can’t access my backend anymore. It is loading, i receive Sucuri login notification but the page is blank. What happened here???


Can you send me your purchase code via my Avatar, I’ll ensure that it’s entered into the system. It may be using an older purchase code that hasn’t been renewed.

i have send you an email with my purchase code and the php issue preventing me from accessing the backend of Dynamix. Thanks

Does Dynamix/Acoda have support for tables? Like a Pro & Cons table with green ticks for pros? (Product related)


You could easily create one using Rows and Call to Actions ( Enable the icon ).