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I have read that you guys are working on the next release of Dynamix which includes big changes… is there any details about what are going to be changed?

I’m specially interested in the SPEED benchmark (pagespeed insights for example), which is actually pretty bad and impacts the SEO, I just tested with my own site but also the demo page. Is there something going to be improved on this side? What about the editor? Will still use VisualComposer or another one?

Thank you and keep the great work! :)

Just curious, any news on the progress of the next major update release? any ETA?

What is the actual progress? could be nice to know to organize my tasks and know when I should rewrite the website, thank you


I’m finalising the new admin at the moment. Once that is done, it’s about 95% complete. At that point I can let you try out the new version.

You can contact me via my Avatar and we’ll arrange something. :)

Did you send the last update? I have updated on April and my visual composer is not working anymore. How can I do to update and the plugins start to work again?

I do not know why but my visual composer is not working anymore?


My apologies for the delay. You can request a later version of VC via the help Center @ http://acoda.com/forums.

Hi there… my site – oneteamworking.com, how do I remove the line in the header. Also the Revolution Slider does not and causes the site to crash – any ideas… I am scared to turn it back on….


You can add the following to Theme Options > Customize > Custom CSS:

div.custom-layer.shadow.top {display:none;}

You can request a more up to date version of Rev Slider via the Help Center @ http://acoda.com/forums to see if that resolves the issue.

how do you remove the front page woocommerce shopping cart icon from the top right. Once woocommerce is installed? Thanks


You can do it via CSS. e.g.

#toppanel .shop-cart {display:none;}

alabica Purchased

Hello there, can someone please help? I need to change the skin colour of my Dynamix Theme footer.

Thank you.


You can request for help on the Help Center @ http://acoda.com/forums where support will be happy to help.


I’m trying to add multiple menus as I would like to include menus in the content section. I’m planning to do this by using an external plugin that has support for this and use shortcode in the content section to show the menu.

My problem is that the theme seems to support only 3 menus, and my external plugin is not able to load more menus than those 3. Is there a work around for this?

Update / fix: I solved this by adding more menus to the functions.php I could then call these menus from anywhere using shortcode from an external menu-plugin.


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could you show me how the Google fonts code should look? can’t get them to work.


My apologies for the delay. It’s best to use the Help Center @ http://acoda.com/forums.

If you post there, support will be able to take a look for you.

I am reporting a bug that I’ve found. When first installing the current version of DynamiX, setting the single page homepage to the “Home” page in WordPress. Then setting the Visual Composer row to “Content Position: Top”... It doesn’t stick and the content is stuck in “Middle”.

Is this a VC bug or a bug with the theme?

Thank you,


Hi TJ,

We’d need to take a proper look at this. Can you post onto the Help Center @ http://acoda.com/forums and reply to your post with your WP login details ( set as private reply ) – support will then take a look for you.


goproflo Purchased

I have had this answered before, but I am unable to find it. How do I remove the woocommerce “module” from the top right corner of the site? I was given a Custom CSS to insert into the theme options.