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Whaoo, I like that theme and the many possibilities it has. Good luck and happy selling ;-)


This is one of those themes that make 500+ sales. Good luck.

Thanks, greatly appreciated too a long time to make but so please it’s finally launched!!

wow simply beautiful work..

Stunning template my friend – Will be purchasing very soon!

Thanks !!!

Very nice theme man, truly inspiring…

nice work! I’m new to wordpress and looking to buy this…

but i’m looking for a slider like in this theme http://themeforest.net/item/colosseum/full_screen_preview/110628

i’m not sure if the glass border and shadow are part of slider config or custom gfx of the theme

do you know. any help is appreciated. also is there an admin panel option ?

That link is broken??


I’m amazed by your theme!! I’d like to know in the grid gallerie if it’s possible to make rows with more than 3 pictures. Same thing with the group slider, is it possible to view more than 3 pictures at the same time if my pictures are smaller?


Thank you! At present there is only the option to show 3 columns. If there is enough demand i’ll add the function.

I’m going to try something tomorrow with two columns and adding two grid galleries side by side.. it’s 11pm so won’t try it now … ;)

Very nice theme, but I noticed on the themes front page immediately behind the nav for screenshots or live preview there is this theme with an apparent “X” pattern in black and white. On going to the screenshots, the very first one depicts the “X” pattern again in a black and white.

Is this functionality still part of the theme or is it no longer available? I ask only because it did not see this functionality in any of the live previews. As stunning as this theme is, I only want it if the “X” pattern is part of the theme. Thanks.

Hi, unfortunately not – the “X” pattern is depicting you can switch between light and dark with the inner and outer skins.

Oh just another question, I’d like to know if there’s a short code to make tables?


I just bought the theme and applied it.

couple of issues 1. couldn’t find a way to remove tte static front page from the menu 2. where can i find images for slider in preview. ?

@Arc Angel The X pattern isn’t available :(

Thanks for purchasing!!! I’m not sure what you mean about the static page, can you email me your website and I’ll take a look.

I’ll also fire over the images I used.. ;)

Such a beautiful theme! I can’t believe this is your first one on Themeforest!

Does this theme have a blog?

It acts like a Blog when you link through to categories, recent posts widget etc but no ability to select a page as a blog. I’m currently working on a function to select a page and specific categories to feed from. Should be in the queue by the end of the week. ;)

Ok just bought this and I’m not easily impressed but this really does do everything I want it to! So pleased I found this, would have taken ages to get someone to code this, so have saved a heap of money too. Can’t wait to put it to good use!!

Thanks I’m glad you like, send me a link when you’re done! :)

Stunning theme! Congrats! I wonder if it is translation-ready, i.e. if .po and .mo files are included.

Thank you!!

I’ve built in the ability to set your own phrases in one of the php files. This sets standard phrases like “Submit”, “Read More”, “Search” etc.

Things like the contact Form have the ability to set your own thank you messages, descriptions etc and all over widgets can have custom titles etc.

Great theme!! i have been searching the site for over 2 weeks and now i see this! it’s 99% i would definetly buy it! question: 1. the gallery is accepting videos? 2. about the theme color: can i change the basic (central) white area of the template and turn it to other color? thaaaaanks! :)

Thanks iphi!!

You can switch the central colour between light and dark, it’s the outer skin (Drop Panel, Footer Areas) that can change colour – you can choose from 10 colours.

The galleries can have lightbox mode switched on and this will display images or videos !!

If there is a specific colour combo you want I can do a custom job for you, this will be chargeable. email me for rates etc! :)


I intend to buy your theme this week. I’d like to know if there’s short code to add tabs and for tables (to add for example sport standings)?

At present no, but I think they would be beneficial so I’m going to develop them!

Tabs, I take it you mean something like JQUERY Tabs?

great, thanks!! ill buy it this week and then i will see if i need any custom help! :)

Yes jquery tabs (vertical and horizontal) like that:


(short codes button in the menu then “Short code jquery tabs and togles”)

And tables….


(the “about us” page)

Waiting for update with some JQuery tabs!

Will buy as soon as those are available! Thanks! looks great

No problem, working on it this week ;)

Hey, great theme! Definitely on my short list whenever I get a new site design project.

Looking forward to the blog functionality!