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Hi post-purchase question: I am designing a Social Networking/Community website. Is it possible (or rather easy) to create a community layout with this theme like e.g. Salutation Theme. Specifically I would like the layout with Groups, Members, Recent Active showing on the home page? Thanks.


Yes, they are the widgets for Groups, Members etc, you could create a home page with a Sidebar and assign the widgets to it.

I hope that helps?

Great theme but I’m stuck , I just purchased it a few hours ago, & none of the information I read seems to be up to date, I am struggling with EVERYTHING. How do i change the Pictures for my header in the homepage? I was able to upload the demo files but now I’m stuck with the demo pictures I dont want the demo pictures, i want to put my own pictures in the header…. Please help, Thanks

Disregard my previous comment, I got it it to work.

Ok my new problem is, I am on the demo HOME page, and trying to re-edit the tex and faq boxes with my own text and stuff. But eevrytime I click update, it just keeps loading and will not update the page at all, so I am stuck on the demo. What should I do?


You’re best using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – some users have had this issue.

It’s probably best to copy the content of the demo home page into a new page and set that as the home page instead. If you’re still having issues, please post on the Help Center and I’ll be happy to help.

Hi Master, I download your update and theres no documentation inside the zip

Im trying to quit Breadcrumbs AND NO SUCCESS in my page i activate ( disable ) and theme options=general= breadcrumbs ( off ) and still appearce

how can i hide the breadcrumbs?



I’ve tested this and it does work absolutely fine. Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – check that the page you’re viewing doesn’t have them enabled via the Page options.

Also, you’ll find the documentation via Appearance > Theme Options > Documentation button.

Hi It’s Heavylad!

I’m back!! First off thanks so much for your advice … Oh yeah, and the best WP theme on the market place – period.

You probably don’t remember but I was using your theme for a buddy press site – and I must say, it’s going great!

However, I’d like to use a group slider in the side bar (here comes the crunch) that pulls in ‘Group Names’ and ‘Group Description Excerpts’ instead of ‘Post Titles’ and Post Excerpts’

Now then ...

I would not expect this this level of functionality from what is effectively a Wordpress Theme with Buddypress capabilities … and … for anyone reading this, this is not a criticism, in any way! If you’re unsure of buying this theme – don’t be, it was the best 55 bucks i ever spent!

Anyway, you can’t have everything right? So, I guess the question is – how do i get that functionality? How much would it cost me to pay you guys to add this in?

Do you even take on work like this? (I would be prepared to pay in advance via PayPal)

I’m so sorry if this is offensive to ask – I’ll be honest, I’m on a budget, but if you guys do do freelance work, I’d be open to how much?


I’m glad you like it! :)

You could manually do this using the Slide Set manager, each slide could have a group image and link through to the group. It depends if you have groups being created frequently?

Don’t forget to use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – it’s checked more often than here and I’m not always about to answer comments here.

Yes I like the theme a lot – the help and support from themeva is awesome!

Thanks for your suggestion above, but that wouldn’t work, as groups will be created too frequently by users (or I hope?!). I’ve sussed it out to be honest – i simply passed in the bp_has_groups function, and applied the random parameter into that and slotted that inside the panel content inside group-gallery-frame.php

you will see it in action here – www.mynhsvoice.org

I used POedit to change the name of ‘groups’ to become ‘Talking Points’ – If you have a look at the site you’ll see what I’ve done with it.

I thought I’d send you another message so you can see how badly I’ve messed up your beautiful theme LOL.

It’s such a shame BP doesn’t use custom post types for it’s Groups, if that was the case, it would be completely possible and easy to achieve.

Unfortunately they’re not and achieving this isn’t a straight forward process. You maybe able to achieve something similar via a plugin?

The site is look great!!

Hi, Plz, how do I remove all imported xml demo data. I would like to start afresh with the default theme data. Thanks.


With any WordPress data, you’ll need to delete the pages / posts manually, alternatively you could use a plugin to mass delete the pages / posts.


Thanks. I am building a community site and I would also like to have a login (Sign In) and Register button like you have at the top right of Salutation theme Home page. The idea is to log in to BuddyPress. Plz, how can I set that up? Thanks.


My apologies for the delay – yes, you could manually add in links which can trigger the drop panel and you can place a login form there and a link to the register page.


Do you plan to provide WHMCS integration for your theme?

Thank you in advance.


At this moment in time, there are no plans to integrate into the theme.

Thank you for your reply.

can you support korean language plugins?


The theme does support all languages.

Your demo site is broken on Safari and snow leopard.


It appears to be working fine for me.

There is a new version of Visual composer and i keep geting a message to update it, now… i own a license for this plugin, could i update the plugin or will you update it as a part of this theme? If i can update it, where would i put the update as it doesn´t show up in the plugins section?


It’s not recommended, you’ll lose some of the functionality – I’m going to discuss with the VC developers to implement my code in a way which would allow this situation. I’m going to update the theme shortly with the latest version.


I am trying to purchase the theme, either dynamix or tersus. And for some reason everytime I go to either deposit money or use paypal it is saying my card does not work, I’ve tried 4 different cards, none worked. Do you know what the problem may be. Also, what is the difference between Dynamix and Tersus? Thanks


Unfortunately I do not have any influence over this and neither do the themes, it would be down to Envato. You can contact them directly here:



I am using woocommerce

in your demo, I don’t see any display or products

do you have the direct link how the product listing looks like ?

also including the cart and checkout page



I’ll get a demo setup later today to demonstrate this.

Hi there,

I’m impressed with both your themes DynamiX and Tersus. As Im considering to buy one of these and use it with Buddpress Im trying to find out what the main differences are between both themes. Is there an overview available somewhere?



The only difference is really just the design. If you’re looking for a clean minimal design, I’d recommend Tersus, whereas DynamiX has a full width design instead.

Hello, the theme works in php 5.2 and wordpress 3.6 rc1 and above? Thank you!


The theme was tested in 3.6 BETA a few weeks back and worked great. It shouldn’t have an issues with the final release and should work with PHP5.2 as well, although 5.3 + is recommended.

Those Dynamix work with CC Slider! Every slider I put into the heard section over a shortcode breaks and does not work!


Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, post a link to what you’re trying to achieve and more details of how you’re implementing the slider. Thanks

Hi, i can´t seem to customize anything on my website, only gives me basic customization, that is, Select skin, site tile & Tagline, Navigation and Static front page. Cannot change the font, colors, wallpaper and so on… please advice, thank you :)

Another thing, is it possible you could integrate more Vanilla forum, i would love to see that work well with Dynamix, for example, same login for wordpress and vanilla (i know there is a plugin for that, but it would be sweet to see vanilla forum and Dynamix talk) and the ability to make Dynamix go full screen with Vanilla forum?


Once you’ve selected a Skin to edit, the rest of the options will appear :)

At the moment there are no plans to integrate with Vanilla, the theme currently fully supports bbPress, but you’re already probably aware of this.

Hey there, when I have a sidebar on my homepage and some kind of gallery like the revolution or stage gallery above it, the sidebar bleeds over it. How do we fix this?


For support please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – I’ve not heard of this before, can you post a link on the Help Center with a link to the issue, thanks.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question: Can I use a full width video on the home page slider? Thank you.


Yes you can :)