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Hi Master,

Im playing with the THEME and im facinate with all options.

I’ve wondered and tried to do something for 5 days and i cant do it.

I make a clean home page ” with out header menu, footer, nothing ( just a logo center with link a URL )

Then click logo and send inside information page, to WHO WE ARE, SERVICES, CONTACT etc etc etc ( works perfect )

The problem is in this second layout ( skin ) i make this estructure Header. mini logo, search bar, menu, content, footer, But if i click in my MINI LOGO return to home ( clean home page )

i want to do nothing this logo refresh, or link to the page ( who we are )

how can i do that ???

thanks master i know you can help me

best regards


I’m not sure I follow what you mean, please post a link to your site on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and we’ll take a look for you.

im put my need in your support

I got the gallery to work. But using the category to display. But I realized that each image I display is appearing in my blog since I post images. How can I just display images on gallery without it appearing as a blog post?



For Galleries images, I recommend using the Slide Set Manager, see the documentation, they won’t show in your blog pages then.

For further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

I´m trying to set up recent post list on my front page, and i´m not able, every other post appears from other categories, they are not set up in the visual composer, but every post in the category that i´m trying to show are entirely set up in visual composer, it´s like the recent post list doesn´t support visual composer. The articles i´m trying to show in recent post are; http://heimabrugg.is/vinkjallarinn-brewster/ and http://heimabrugg.is/bjor-maskinan/, they´re made from the same template, what could be the problem?


I’ve tested on my servers and it seems to work fine. Can you post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and we’ll take a look for you.


We really like the theme and we’ve kept our eye on it for quite awhile but have waited to purchase it in hopes of that the flickering menu in Safari 5.0.6 might be fixed. It works fine in Firefox 16.0.2 and Chrome. Are you aware of the issue and do you have a timeline for the fix?

Were the colored rows in the demo built with Visual Composer or shortcodes? If they were built with VC, what other options are there to style the rows? Example: colors, patterns, images and what settings are available for positioning those elements in the row?

Thank you,



I do not seem to experience the same issue as you’re receiving. Is that MAC or PC?

The wide rows are currently only available in light grey or dark, but yes, you can assign a wide row to any of the Visual Composer ROW’s, see the documentation for more details.

Mac OS 10.6.8 on 2011, 27” iMac, 3.2 GHz Intel i3 and Safari 5.1.9.



I can’t seem to replicate this issue, I’ve had no other reports of it either. The only difference to your setup above is that I’m running Safari 6.0.5.

It seems Dynamix is not compatible with Wordpress 3.6. I just installed on a clean Wordpress 3.6 installation and the theme options page just displays a blank page. The Customize section also doesn’t work.


It 100% is, the demo’s are using WP 3.6, you may find that your browser is cached.

If you’re still having issues, please post on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com


hope all is well, quick question..

1) I read this 15 days ago, and wonder where i can find it…

” Hi

I am using woocommerce

in your demo, I don’t see any display or products

do you have the direct link how the product listing looks like ?

also including the cart and checkout page

thanks themeva themeva AUTHOR 15 days ago Hi,

I’ll get a demo setup later today to demonstrate this.

2) reading lately about wp version 3.6 with compatibility.. my question is I am using dynamix version 3.0.2 do I must update dynamix to 3.1 for me to be able to update wordpress to 3.6 without everything going crazy on site? i.e. if I just update wordpress by itself will I be ok?

3) is there a plan in the near future to have full width sections in the short code like other themes have? ( I mean full width of browser not restricted to the 980px)

Thanx in advance.

Kind regards, Joe

Hi Joe,

1) My apologies, I’ve just added woocommerce demos to both DynamiX and Terso theme demos.

2) It should be fine to upgrade with 3.0.2.

3) I have the new wide-row option in 3.1, see here: http://dynamix.themeva.com

:) Thank you for reply.. You guys are incredible!!!! and… Luvvving the theme.and… woocommerce looks great!!

another few quickies :)

1) can’t find a way in the “theme options” /social media… to actually be able to put the icons in the order “I” want them to appear at? can u help? 2) re:”new wide row option” A: am I able to ad a background image or choose the color? (I think I remember u answering somone’s comment that there are only 2 colors to choose from) if not, will that be coming soon ? cause I want to be able to do the section thing like in e.g. http://greygoose.com, presently on other themes i use, i have “headway” and it can do it also one of ur biggest competitors “avada” has it as well… plz, let me know would be really exciting to have:) thnx 3) is there a way to get those 2 lines on each side of the menu items a little closer together? cause i have 7 plus the logo and its throwing everything off unless i make logo drop smaller and i don’t want to do that e.g. “now it’s like this….... | Home | about | ....................and what I would want would look like…...................... | Home | About |.... HUGE difference:) so, how can I make that happen please?

Thank you so much !!! I look fwd to hearing from you.

Kind regards, Joe

Hi Joe,

I’m glad you like it. Can you post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – it displays better than these comments.

It is possible to add backgrounds via CSS, you can request this on the customization forum on the Help Center and I’ll do this for you.

It should be an option in the future.


In your new update i saw when i scroll down, appearce the menu header.

How can i do that?


No problem, you can switch it off via Appearance > Theme Options > Header > Extras :)

you are a genious!! :)


Master my client have another social icon, foursquared

how can i add this icon to the shotcode??


is it compatible with wordpress mulitiste. We are creating a blog network.


Yes it is, however, please check the licensing with regards to using the theme with Multi-site, the licensing is per site ( including sub-domains ).

I would like to disable the instructions how to use this theme in the admin panel when I log in. I know that if I click on it it will disappear, but I just want to disable it completely.


The latest version ( 3.1 ) no longer uses this method.

Still shows the “Theme Documentation” button under the general tab when you install it.

Please I need urgent help. I was working on my new website using dynamix and suddenly the wordpress bar and all the content of the homepage disappeared (http://adelgazarconsalud.net). What is causing this? How can I fix it?



Your browser may have been cached, it’s displaying fine for me?

How do I get the latest them download? Looks like themeforest is only letting me download Version 3.0.4


That doesn’t seem right, it should definitely be 3.1.

In regards to designpoint’s issue with the safari “flickering” issue – I have found that if you close the ThemeForest frame it resolves the issue. I have noticed this with other themes as well and closing that frame at the top of the page seems to correct this issue.

Thanks for the tip, I’ve changed the method slightly for the menu animation now and should be improved.

Does this have Social Login? If not, what plug works?


It doesn’t by default, however there a number of plugins that should suffice. Here is one for example: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-social-login/

I just installed the theme, but am missing my isotope plugin? What might have happened?


Isotope is built-in to the Grid Gallery Filtering option. Once the filtering is enabled the plugin / script is used.

Hi, first of all, AMAZING WORK!!! I am gonna be helping a friend of mine editing this WordPress theme if he decides to buy. 1) He only wants a single page for now, Is it possible? 2) He wants to keep adding more pages as his services grows (IT services). Thank you for prompt reply.


Thank you!

1. Yep, it’s possible to have only one page. 2. Yep, add as many pages as you require as time goes on. They just need to use Wordpress to add pages.

Hi master,

i have an issue with my main navigation menu.

If i have 9 items in the menus structure, everything is ok and the whole menu is active, BUT.! if i have 8 or 7 or 6 etc, the menu disapears for some reason, and this is a problem for me, because i want to have 8.!

my site is “http://nkinstruments.gr” please check out asap if you can.

Thanks in advance, this update is a solid rock fantastic! keep up the good work, i follow ;)


That’s strange, I can’t see why that would disappear. Can you post on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com with menu items set to 8 and i’ll see what is happening, thanks!

Hello, I have problems with Visual Composer Text block. I’ve posted this already in your forum. Apologies for reposting here again but I need urgent assistance.

I cant get the Visual Composer Text block to render in columns. Once I add any text to it, the container acts like a fluid box instead of getting a fixed width. I need to create pages with 3 columns with text, this simple thing is unachievable. I installed Dynamix on a test server and everything works fine. So I know there’s something wrong with my installation on the main site. I’ve disabled all plugins and upgraded to the latest Dynamix and I’m still having the same issues. I’ve cleared browser cache, tried from different computers and still the same. I’ve even created custom classes to manually control the width of the text boxes and still no joy. Kindly help as I’m behind schedule in delivering the site to the client. All the cool layouts I’d like to achieve are not possible.


I’ve responded via the Help Center.


I would like you to give me support whit this:

I would like to have a grey background in some rows like the one that appears here http://dynamix.themeva.com/columns/ when you talk about “Three Columns”. How do you call it? how can I get that grey background in my website?

Thanks in advance ;)


As long as you’re using DynamiX 3.1.1, search for the documentation for wide row to see how it’s achieved.

ok, thanks :)


This was working fine until I updated to Wordpress 3.6. Since then I was unable to edit posts. I didn’t buy the theme directly from here myself. A designer who had it used it to make my site. For that reason I’ve been unable to register on your support forum. The designer did send me the latest version but has since stopped responding as he could not resolve the issue. He did send me the latest version to update to but and this helped as I can now edit and create posts but its still not working correctly. it keeps throwing extra accordian sections in, constantly has a progress spinning wheel when editing posts and pages and generally the site is running slowly. I have tried deactivating all plugins which made no difference and I have tried re0installing wordpress. What else can I do to get this fixed?

The style for password text field is not the same look as other text fields, it needs to be fixed. Please see screenshot:



I’ve replied via the forum.