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I purchased the old version of Dynamix in 2011. I installed the old version of the theme and my site looked great. Today, I noticed there was a theme update. I then activated a standard theme as a placeholder and deleted the old version of Dynamix. I then downloaded & installed the current version of Dynamix. After the install, my site was a total mess. I reverted back to the old version in order to avoid all the formatting issues I encountered. How do I avoid re-programming my entire site?


It would probably have been mostly browser cache, the latest version is complete re-write in comparison to the 2011 version. It had to happen to keep upto date and implement responsive design.

It’s worth using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, I’ve covered this for a number of users. It’s worth checking out the new documentation too. You’re more than likely to have tweak a few things, however you won’t need to re-write everything.

Ok, thank you. Will do.

Separately, I am using a grid gallery filter for a number of photos. However, I would prefer that the filter default to a specific category rather than ‘all’. Is there a way to filter only those images within a certain category – by default – with the option of selecting other categories if desired?


Unfortunately at the moment there is no way to set this. I’ve made note of it for future development.


dose this theme support RTL for arabic ??

thank you


Yes it does. I’ve worked with a number of users who require RTL, if there is anything missing, I’m happy to implement them.


Ive tried to register in the support centre using my themeforest username but it says “ERROR: Couldn’t register you… please contact the webmaster !”. I know im using the correct username and licence certificate, so I’m not sure whats happening. I really need to get into the forum.


It sounds like you’re already registered. Try resetting the password @ http://help.themeva.com/wp-login.php

Pre-Purchase Questions:

1) The sliding top drop panel / contact slider, can we show clickable submenu instead of Q&As …but in the same grid layout?

2) Can you implement translation dropdown with tiny flags on your demo and show how it will endup looking like in reality?

3) Can the main menu, under the “Features” be 4 columns instead of 3 (currently)?

Thank you in advance!


1) You can display anything in this area, it uses Widgets, you can have upto four columns of various widgets which are inserted via Appearance > Widgets.

2) I’ve added a screenshot for you.

3) Not at the moment, however you can request this in the premium customization forum if you require it.

Having a lot of problems with WP 3.6 and this theme… any bug fixes???


It sounds like your browser is cached, there are no issues with the latest version of the Theme and WordPress 3.6.

Having a lot of problems with WP 3.6 and this theme… any bug fixes???

Good afternoon. I can not install the theme: Error: The theme this without the stylesheet style.css

The theme was sucess installed, but the visual composer is not working, its disable. Please help


That’s strange, it sounds like it hasn’t installed correctly. Did you install via the Envato plugin ( see documentation ). If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Pre-Purchase Questions:

Is bbPress easy to edit colors, fonts, backgrounds like every thing else?

I’m not sure I follow what you mean?

Ok lets say you want to make a post on your blog/buddypress/bbpress you goto the post area and you start writing, above on the post bar you see short code buttons for Links, Bold..ect. I want to know if your theme has short code buttons for youtube, soundcloud ect or does it have the ability to add them easily for anytime you post wether it is WP/BBP/BB?

Thank you for your time.


Do you mean from the visual editor whilst posting on the front end? If so, no, by default you can not add shortcodes this way.

I’d like to buy Dynamix, BUT I have one concern: when I check out the live preview, specifically in the Home Page, there’s a weird flickering of the menu as I scroll down, but it’s only in the Home Page. Will this happen to my site if I install this theme?


If you click the “remove frame” it should be much smoother. Or view the actual site here: http://dynamix.themeva.com

Can i change the default content that is shown when I try to share a blog post?

It’s currently this: Spread the word!? Previous PostLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked NameEmail*WebsiteComment

I want to put something as default for every post. Thanks


Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, post a link to the page where you’re sharing it form, thanks.

Visual Composer is not working, when i switch to visual composer, the editor just closes and i cannot add anything until i switch back to classic editor. Do you know why this is? my website is, www.Bjorspjall.is


Have you recently upgraded the Theme or WordPress, if so, please ensure your browser cache is clear. If you’re still having difficulties, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

Hi there, How do I edit the Buddypress theme.

I want to remove Members info and only show the tab buttons.

Thanks, N


This would be more of a question for the BuddyPress forums, it requires modification to BuddyPress files which then need to be placed into the Theme.


i have a recent problem with the association of plugins (buddypress + seo yoast)

  • If i have the buddypress plugin disabled & seo yoast enabled, all pages they open correctly to edit them as i wish.
  • if i have buddypress enabled & seo yoast enabled, all pages they open correctly for editing except the main index page as i have set it for index page from the settings of wordpress…!!!

alla the other pages are working fine, but the sellected page to be as an index or as main page to load it has this issue..!!

Please fix this, or tell me what to do..

Complete List of plugins installed and activated: BuddyBar Widget BuddyPress Checkmail Validation for Contact Form 7 Contact Form 7 Envato WordPress Toolkit Global Hide/Remove Admin Bar Plugin Q and A Really Simple CAPTCHA Revolution Slider Shortcode Exec PHP Social Login User meta shortcodes UserVoice Idea List Widget Widget for Contact Form 7 WooCommerce WooCommerce Email Validation WooCommerce New Product Badge WooCommerce Predictive Search LITE WooCommerce Print Invoices & Delivery Notes WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser WordPress SEO <= this is the Yoast Wysija Newsletters


Are you using the latest version of the Theme, if so, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com with your WP login details and I’ll investigate this.

I’ve not had any other reports of this and it may well be an issue between the two plugins.


I am very interested in your theme. Great work and awesome design! But i need some customization since a want to build a specific website for expatriates. Do you offer custom services? you can contact me on belabbess.badre@gmail.com to discuss the details.


thanks for your fast reply. The changes i want are not complicated at all :

-change the header from black to transparent white.

-i want to use your theme to build a social community for expatriates in Morocco. So, we want to cutomize the theme to mache it with expatriation matters.

-The default language will be french but user can switch to english.

-The companies will have a special login area. In their member area they will have a chart will all their expatriates (name, status, age, comments…)

That’s it.

Is this possible? You contact me on belabbess.badre@gmail.com


1. This is part of the skin customizer, you can do this easily anyway. See here: http://dynamix.themeva.com/build-your-own-skin/

2. Translation is covered in the documentation, you can do this easily with a plugin.

3. You could potentially do this with BuddyPress, a community plugin?

ok. Thanks. What about this feature :

The companies will have a special login area. In their member area they will have a chart will all their expatriates (name, status, age, comments…)

Is this possible?

Pre-purchase question – does this theme come with PSD templates as well?


No it does not. Because the skin customizer is far easier to customize live, I decided to pull them. See here:


Having issues since upgrading to WP 3.6 theme options are not accessible. Have tried in chrome and firefox. Have cleared cache and everything!

Are you looking at this problem?


Are you using 3.1.1? If not, please upgrade, this version is fully WP 3.6 compatible.

Yes I am using 3.1.1 an no it is not working since upgrade of WP to 3.6.

I was using the theme just fine and noticed that I could upgrade to 3.6 clicked the link and upgraded and dynamix stopped working straight after that. All that changed was the upgrade to 3.6.

We run nginx and not appache if that makes a difference.

As someone early said it is the “Theme Options” menu doesn’t work properly. I am not the only one experiencing this.


It’s best to use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – any issues like this have been due to either browser cache or a plugin which is conflicting.

If you post your login details onto the Help Center ( you can hide them from public view ) support can login and take a look for you.

hey quick question that is driving me crazy! lol! how do you get the color social icons on a page like how you have it displayed in demo (http://themeforest.net/item/dynamix-premium-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/113901). i don’t see any share option in the list of shortcodes. and also is there a shortcode for the twitter feed? thanks! amazing theme!


The link doesn’t work. You can enable color social icons via the Visual Composer, just ensure you’re using a later version of the theme i.e 3.x +

As for the twitter feed, no, it can only be added to the top or bottom of posts / pages.

Thanks, I hope that helps?

I am trying to join your support site and it is telling me that my Purchase Code is invalid I copy and paste it in from the .txt file that I downloaded? The number that looks like xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

Any idea why this is happening?

Ok I figured it out I downloaded the code.

Menu link text is not showing in the header for any pages? I installed theme and went to site as I have with all my wordpress installs and there are no Home or Sample Page links in the menu. Even if I make a new page it does not show up but the theme puts in the vertical lines?

You can goto the site to see better what I am talking about http://learnhowtoreason.com/wordpress/


It looks like you have not set a menu via Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations.

For any further help, please use the Help Center, support will resume Monday.

Ok thank you, I just had to click the “Main Navigation” setting.

Pre Sales Question:

Hello, this is the most successful buddypress theme on themeforest. Before buying the theme for a niche social media project, we need to know about the following issues;

We will use the theme for a lot of users. Is it possible for any user has their own blog? If so, will it be on wordpress, bbpress, or buddypress pages?

If many users will have their own blogs will they be able to allow comments for their blogs and share via social media buttons?

Thanks in advance.


This is more of a question of BuddyPress capabilities, if it’s possible with BuddyPress, it will be possible with the theme.