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I’m noticing all kinds of bugs in this theme. The first 2 are on the buddypress side:

1) When posting a status update, such as a video link, buddypress automatically recognizes the youtube link (like facebook does) and embeds it in the activity stream. Well the formatting of Dynamix screws up the aspect ratio and it shows as a large box 1:1 aspect ratio zoomed in. Other buddypress themes do not have this issue.

2) Under the status update where it will say something like “What’s new in General, username?” and there is an input box, the user avatar and the input box are completely disjointed.

The bad thing about your demo site is there is no way to see this because it requires a logged in user to test the groups and forums. I’m not sure why most of the buddypress formatting has been ignored in this theme. As an example, the Razor theme by parallelus has done some really creative things with the posts and topics counts, the login dialogue. Little detail things that show a lot of thought went into the buddypress side. I don’t see much custom formatting of the buddypress features on Dynamix.

On the good side, your theme is very compliant, renders fast, and rates higher on stock pagespeed scores over the Razor theme. So if there was some way you guys could fix these little bugs and niggles it would be great. BTW, also noticing some issues with the Retina logos dimensions being ignored. I really don’t like how it resizes when scrolled. I know the sticky menu can be turned off, but I would like to have the persistent/sticky menu without the annoying logo resizing everytime. I would just like it to all lined up nice and tight. Oh well…. getting there.


1. The reason is partly due to the theme being responsive, so the width will not exceed the content width. It looks like a default width needs to be set. See here: http://codex.buddypress.org/developer/customizing/embeds/

For further help on this, please post on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and I’ll get this resolved for you.

2. That doesn’t seem like normal behaviour, I’ve not had any other reports of this and I’ve just taken a screenshot of the demo site logged in, see below.

It really doesn’t sound normal that the BP elements aren’t styled, please post your details onto the Help Center and I’ll take a look for you on Monday. ( Ensure you’re not using any compatibility BuddyPress plugins too ).

Hey, I just installed the theme and I’m currently working on it. I’d like to have a 3D Gallery on my Home Page, but when I set it up there’s nothing there, only the space where the gallery should be. So I was wondering, is there something special that I should do in the settings to have my 3D Gallery? What am I missing?


No, as long as the datasource you’re using has images in ( featured images ), it will work fine. Have a look at the slide set manager for adding images easily.

If you’re still having issues, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

Loving the theme and it’s odd that I can not figure out how to make extended menus? I make a page, I create a Menu, i then make another page and select a Parent for it and it does not show up under the Parent in the Header Menu. I read some info on your support forum but it did not help me. Menus are dead easy in Wordpress?

Thank you for your time.


Search the documenation for extended menus. It should be pretty straightforward using WordPress > Appearance > Menus > drag the menus to the hierarchy you require.

If you’re still having difficulties, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

Hi there, how do you do a shop in this theme. I can see it on the demo but I can seem to find the ‘How to’.

Can somebody help me please?


Yep, just install the woocommerce plugin and add products, the cart will automatically appear and you’ll also have the option to add product categories to pretty much any of the galleries.

First of all, I think that this theme is awesome! However I discovered for sure a bug and maybe two:

1) I’m trying to customizing the CSS through the Theme Options menu Customize Tab and if i wirte something like:
body > #my_custom_id {
  font-size: 1em;

the saved (broken) CSS will result as follow:

body > #my_custom_id {
  font-size: 1em;

2) I’ve followed the steps described here: [link removed] to have a custom google font in my template, then I’ve used the customized CSS to apply the custom font but the font is not loaded. I’ve watched the Network Inspector of my browser too to check if the resource was loaded. But any request was sent to google fonts except Open Sans.

Can some one tell me if I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot!


1. I’ve noticed this today actually ( using javascript ), the functions are sanitising the content ( where we don’t want it to ).

If you post onto the Help Center, I’ll post the fix for you tomorrow.

2. It should definitely work, just ensure you’re only entering the right text and not the full URL. e.g Noto+Sans


The theme is NOT displayed properly in Internet Explorer 10 (latest version).

Several design elements are NOT visible, in my case: the list icons of styled lists, the arrows of the group gallery and the info icon of the info box.

The latter is not displayed properly in Firefox either (wrong alignment, very ugly).

I have put a lot of time and energy into getting my site up and think that we have every right to demand that ALL elements are displayed properly in the most widely used internet browser.

Please tell me how to fix these problems or make an updated theme version available that fixes all these bugs as soon as possible. It’s an incredible waste of energy and time to have to worry about these very basic, but essential things. Why didn’t anyone notice these bugs before publishing the latest version?

I have to get my site working properly – no one is going to like or buy from a site with all these important design elements missing!! :depressed:

PS: It’s even worse with IE 8/9 that most people are still using. In addition to the problems described above, buttons are not displayed properly (in my case, “normal width” buttons are displayed full-width with ugly left-aligned text and columns in a styled box are not displayed properly). I’m really desperate because I’d never have expected such terrible problems.

Before accusing me of publishing the theme with these issues, please check that it is the theme that is the cause!

As you can see, the demo is working absolutely fine in IE8, IE9 and IE10!

As stated when posting comments here, for support, use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com. Please post a link there and either myself or support will investigate for you.

I still can not sign up or visit the support area. How is this possible? I finish the registration process, and nothing happens ….. and do not get anything!


You’re already registered, please do a password request.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change the color inside of the drop down container.

Love some help!!

Please post on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

I bought this theme and tried to ask a question on the support site. It appears my question has been deleted.

I want the header on my site to be the same height as in the demo. The slider adjuster does not let it go as small as the demo. Please advise.


It sounds like you posted an update and not on the forums, the activity section was disabled today due to users making this mistake. Please re-post ( with URL ) onto the relevant forum so support can see it.

Hi! I can’t figure out how to make the “shadow” behind my menu go away. What to do? - www.topetho.com

Best regards Tobias

Hi Tobias,

Please use the Help Center if you haven’t already.

Pre-Sale question.

I’m wanting to have a front page as posts or magazine style. Is this option available?


My apologies for the delay, posts are set as the home page by default, unless you specify a page via WP > settings > reading.

Where can I contact someone about customizations?


If you want basic customizations, please sign-up to the customisation forum on the Help Center.

hey, quick problem.. the revolution slider doesn’t work right unless i put it back to previous wordpress version. (will not let me change order of content in the slide editing area) and I want to use the recent post like in the demo but nothing show up when i place it in visual composer. the standard recent post works (the one without the photos or meta options included) should i reupload theme? or is this a bug that needs to be fix



Please use the Help Center for support. With regards to your issues, there is no reported bug and seems to be working fine with latest versions of wp, DynamiX and revolution.

Hello, Great themes both Dynamics and terso. Does it need a lot of work to create the header menu a little stylish for mobile devices as compare to a simple drop down box (combo box). This will great if you change them. Do you have any plan for this in the future?



Thank you!

This may make it’s way into future versions of the themes, currently this is the only request I’ve received to change it.


First of all great theme! Easy-to-install, alot of theme options you probably already know this.

But i run into some problems on the responsive part. The selector menu doesn’t navigate. I can select a page, but it still displays the homepage (tested in mobile browser)

I really hope you can help me!



The website’s url: www.bankmusisi.com


Thanks for the compliment :)

I’ve not seen this happen before. Please can you post onto the Help Center ( if you haven’t already ) and support will deal with this. Please try disabling any plugins first to see if any conflict, thanks.

Where can I find the documentation for this theme. It is not in the themeforest download. Thanks


If you read the “readme.txt” file in the root folder, it will tell you the various locations of where you can find the documentation, as well as a direct link.

After to read and watch the documentation, it seems like to be “too much detailed” so maybe a bit hard to found what you want to know, you feel like you can know better by “just playing with the interface”, by other side, sometimes to play with the interface doesn’t tell you “what is exactly for this option”.

If you want a good suggestion, you could add detailed descriptions in each admin option in a “tooltip” form, so when you pass your mouse over the description, a small popup appears explaining better “what is this option for”.

That would be really really nice for the next update :)


Thank you for the feedback, I’ll be implementing some more tooltips, any particular area where you would find them most helpful? :)

Oh well, everywhere! :) In fact by adding those explanatory tooltips in all the options, I think that documentation will be not even needed, and the usability of the template will improve a lot since the people will directly know what are each thing for.

For example, looking at the Theme Options page, I will write these tooltips on this way (they are just examples, I dont know if the info is correct):

- Responsive Design: -> (mouseover for tooltip) -> “This options allows the template to be nicely resized and adapted for different screens, specifically improved for phone devices” - Page Layout: “Select if you want the pages to show by default in full mode or with columns with widgets” - Breadcrumbs: “This shows a small line of the position of the page in a form of a tree, very useful for navigating better on the site and also for SEO (crawler bots)” - Page Comments: “Even if you have configured comments or not, this options allows you to show them or hide from the pages” .... Fonts:

when mouseover in the Cufón|Google|Standard buttons, explains why is better one option than other ..... - Image Resizer—> explain why is better to have this option and what uses for it (no timthumb? can we still use it if we install it from the plugins section with this option enabled?)

Well, this is a simple example, of the question/doubts that somebody can have when trying to configure the template, by adding these tooltips the entire usability and easiness increases a lot :)


I see you’ve posted this on the Help Center now, thanks for the feedback. I’ll be taking a look into this for future releases.


Trying to validate the CSS and HTML with an online checker it looks like it has a few typo’s, like no spaces between ” and class (so: “class=... ), this is tried with the demo site, are these and the other errors severe problems for compatibility ?



I’m not sure what you mean by “class=... ?

Either way, these will just be warnings and when sites are built dynamically, sometimes they’re inventible, they will not cause any issues with compatibility.

I know that dynamic code is not easy :) About “class=... i meant no space between class and a previous ” char, see the W3C validators for the demo homepage, you can found with also other ones (the css validator has much more errors aparently) http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fdynamix.themeva.com%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0


I’ve just fixed the class issue – the other ones really aren’t that important. The alt tag is missing on those images because the image isn’t used to display anything, it’s used to help responsive design in galleries.

How complicated is it to include on the slide down menu :

1) the login form and reg form for non logged in users

2) a members profile menu for the logged in users (ie: My Groups, My Friends, My Emails etc )

3) colour it different so that I can distinguish it from the main website.


Do you mean the drop panel ( above the search ) or the menu itself?

1) This would be something a plugin would have to do.

2) Again, this would require a plugin. This one will do the job: WordPress Access Control

3) This would be a customization, you can sign-up for the premium customization forum to request this.

Since i done the 3.1.1 update the visual composer freezes each time and there is no way to edit the concerned post.

I posted this problem also on your help forum, but I did’nt yet received answer. I tried to refresh the browser che. I also try with two other browsers (i never used them to admin this WP website) but I got the same problem: Visual composer seems to be freezed… the “loading please wait…” message remains….


I see you’ve had this replied to now on the forum.

Yes. Finally I had to deacivate a plugin…. Before the 3.1.1 update this plugin caused no problem….