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I have an issue. My issue is the fact that I have to pay $10 for a support question that was already asked & solved for free. All I want to do is remove a border around the shop and remove the title.

I had asked this question some months ago when your guys were “northvantage” and I never have to pay for to receive the code to fix it.

I just really don’t understand why customers who pay $55 for a theme have to pay more for small fixes.

You dont have to make the changes but I dont understand why I have to pay when in the theme demo the shop border isn’t there. I can remove the title.


My apologies for the delay. I’m not sure I follow what you mean by “shop border” in the demo. Whatever is on the demo can be achieved without customization.

I’ve fixed it. A new isssue is Woocommerce not adding the variations. When I’ve tried to Add Variation nothing happens. I have tried to Edit existing products, deleted products and no matter what I do the variations don’t load

I really like the song used in the demo site, it makes you want to buy a product lol. I would like to know if the song has copyright and/or from where I can get it, its from audiojungle maybe? I’m thinking in to use the same song for my future homepage too, it sounds like “feeling nice” :)

Thanks Thanatermesis


It’s great isn’t it! :)

It’s a very talented author on audio jungle – http://audiojungle.net/item/on-top-of-the-world/1557633

does this site work with WP Job Manager, S2, and Gravity Forms?


Yes, it works with WP Job Manager, S2 and I believe Gravity Forms.

As they’re mainstream, any compatibility issues, I’m happy to resolve.


Do you know if this theme will work with Easy Digital Downloads plugin or is there a way of supplying digital downloads?

Also can the format and or size of the images be changed easily in the gallery?

As a customer could I buy or add to cart from the grid gallery? as opposed to the product gallery



There shouldn’t be any issues with using Easy Digital Downloads. However, woocommerce I believe can handle digital downloads.

Yes, you can change the size of the images in the gallery and you can’t add products directly from the Grid Gallery, however you can link through to the main Product Item and add from there.

I hope that helps? :)

How did you embed that mp3 song into the theme? Where do you have to go to do that?


For support, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Hi, I’m loving this theme, it is one of my favourites until now.

I just want to know how to hide the categories in every post and blog pages because I’m not using them and don’t want to display the “categories: no category” text in every page.

Thanks in advance.


I’m glad you’re loving it!

Can you post a link onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com so support can see where you mean and they’ll try to help.

My Visual Composer does not update the page when i submit it, as in i change the layout by setting a 3 and 1/4 layout with tow columns. I then add text to the left and add a accordion on the right, change the page layout to full and hit submit/update.

Nothing… it just reverts back to a single column layout? Its driving me crazy HELP!

Thanks in advanced people!


Please post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – also ensure you’re using the very latest version of the theme and WordPress and have cleared all browser cache.


Does this theme allow users to create their own blogs? If not, what plugin would you recommend.



BuddyPress may fulfil your needs, it allows users to post activity updates and forums too.

Thanks. Can you confirm if the template allows users to create their own forums? I’m looking for a template that allows users to create their own forums, not just post in a forum.

Thanks again


My apologies for the delay, I do not believe BuddyPress allows this, you maybe able to find another plugin that does.

Pre Sales Q

I was wondering if i could add those gorgeous galleries on one of the spaces in the front. I want to promote specific members as well as posts in the front page.

Also, where are the spaces for Ads in the front page?

I look forward for your reply


I’m not sure I follow what you, what members do you mean?

Ads can be places into text widgets and the widgets can be used in the sidebars, footers, drop panel and even the main content via a widgetized sidebar.

Hey themeva, thanks for your reply. I studied the abilities of the template and its awesome. True great work. Something weird that happened to me is how there are like three default skins that are just plain black. These are the urban, wood, and carbon skins. I looked in the forums but theres no such topic.

Hands down the BEST theme I’ve ever worked with! Amazing! Keep up the great work! WOW

Thank you for the kind words!! :)

Hi – I have a question. I’ve added the twitter feed to rotate on the main page. Any way to have text next to it? I want to have it say something like “Latest Announcements:” Also, can I change just the color of the tweet?

Thanks in advance - This theme rocks!

Also, haven’t tested this yet, but any way to not have retweets from others be part of the twitter feed?


Unfortunately those features you want would need to be a customization. Please see the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for more information.

For anything CSS related ( color of the tweet ), it’s worth checking out the customization screencast I created ( see help docs ).

k thanks – I’ll check it

Hi Guys,

I need help im getting a size error when trying to upload a theme to my wordpress. I have followed the instructions through FTP, the plug in and the direct rar filed version but still no success any ideas on how to fix the problem

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. thats what im getting when trying to install cheers


You’re best using the Envato plugin method to install the theme.

For further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

Hello, first things first I love this theme and i wouldn’t trade it for the world. This may be a foolish question , but i need to know how to update the theme to version 3.1.1. i have already downloaded the 3.1 version, but since then i have been seeing a lot of problems with my sliders and photos. It maybe do to the wordpress update of 3.6. thats why i would like the updated dynmix version. i keep re downloading but i continue to receive the 3.1 version. Please help thanks – J


You’re best using the Envato plugin ( see documentation ) for installing / updating the theme. It’s a much easier process for upgrading / backing up etc.

You can download the latest version ( 3.1.1 ) from your ThemeForest account > downloads.

For any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Hi, I recently upgrated my theme but am missing the Revolution Slider Plugin. It does not appear after theme and demo content installation. How do I get that plugin?

found it!

I’m looking on purchasing this theme. I would like to have some clarifications on the following items:

1. Does the forums has a ‘send a private message’ to an specific member?

2. We are looking at having a free forum website in the first year. So we might get the $55 license. If the next year we decide to start charging the members, do we need to change the license from the regular one to an Extended License?

3. How much customization is available on the homepage? We would like to see some forum topics/messages already in the home page, so the new visitors can get engaged right the way… is there any skin customization for that feature?

Thank you for your feedback.


1. When using BuddyPress and bbPress plugins, yes this is possible.

2. I believe the standard license still applies here.

3. The home page can be set to any page. Including a specific forum, group etc.

Thank you themeva for your reply. I have one more question: Does this theme has a ‘mobile friendly Admin’ way to moderate the forums and post back new content? I know that Wordpress has a Mobile App, but we need to know if all the forum tools also are going to be easy to use through an smartphone on the go, to moderate comments and post new content.

Thanks for your reply!

No problem.

The theme has no control over this, it comes down to WordPress itself, all plugins, admin options are within it’s framework. So if the normal admin version for mobile is no good, you’ll encounter the same issues with plugins admin too.


Hope all is well. Quick question.

in ie 9 or below, my footer (and copyright area) both are this ugly blue, not the specific colors that I set for my footer, which are perfect and fine in chrome, safari and firefox… even ie 10

what can I do to fix this? is there a line of code i should put? or what can I do? looks really ugly..

Thank you

Kind degards,


Hi Joe,

What version of the theme are you using, can you post up a link onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support to take a look for you.


I’ve been searching hard for a theme that meets my needs and the flexibility of DynamiX has me really excited. I’m ready to buy but have a few questions:

1. What does “custom version” of Visual Composer mean? Is it the full and most recent version of the plugin?

2. Which version and flavour of Slider Revolution is included (jQuery Responsive, jQuery only, Concrete 5?)

3. Is DynamiX compatible with the most recent version of Global Gallery? I need a gallery that can pull from Flickr, Instagram, etc.


Thanks in advance for the information.



Hi Ken,

1. Yes, it is the latest version, well in fact it’s .2 out at the moment because they made some minor changes, but it has up to date features and I’ve added quite a few more elements.

Some of it’s own elements are disabled by default, because they clashed with my own features ( which were built before VC ), these can be manually enabled if required.

2. It’s using 3.0.5 at the moment, it will be updated in the next version. It’s the full WordPress plugin version.

3. I’ve not tested this, however I see no reason why it would not work. If there are any conflicts and they’re at no fault of the plugin, I’m happy to help rectify them.

another quick one…

my site is running Version 3.0.2 where u once told me long ago, if i use the 3d slider on ios it falls back to like a regular slider .. which it did and looks fine however, now when i open your own samples on your site on my ipad or iphone it says “need flash player”... what changed? why is it doing that now?


please advise,


Hi Joe,

I’ve just tested on an iPhone with the 3d gallery and it does work on the demo?

Thank u so much for all the responses:) ur amazing! so, I went on now…and it is working…really weird.. Also, you may want to look into, there’s some kinda bug when i left the title on a page , the 3d slider didn’t show (on a regular pc) it was goin on and off between a page I was tryin gout with or without menu and the same for the page title.. just some weird stuff …:) dn’t know if anyone else brought it up to u… so I figured I would let u know:)

ON a sweet note and thanx for this wonderful theme, wanted to ask u on 3 things I am SURE u had request for to c if it’s in the works..

1) noticed you now have the full width sections so… when would we be able to on a page basis be able to change color, opac., or stick in a background image in that section?...

(and until then, is there a line of code u can give me for the color & or to add an image..I need to buy another theme for a client but they absolutely want that paralax effect.. so, if u can :):):):) please tell me how to do that, we got another sale for u:)

leading to question 2) 2 themes that I work with have the capability to add the parallex sections, which is really cool the way they over lap section into section cause of the image background capability?

3) I was sure in the last update u would have added it but, I don’t c it , the “back to top” littel thingy that appears as soon as u start scrolling down on the page? ALso most themes have in the shortcode section with the line dividers also the back to top shortcode thing)

so, those are the 3 things was wanting to ask u, if it’s in the works:)?

Lastly.. Noticed with last update the rev slider is version 3.5, thyr’e already at 3.9… I thought it’s seperate now from the theme unlike the other sliders so…. how do I actually update it?

Thank you so much for all and…

Wishing u a great weekend:)

Kind regards, Joe

Hi Joe,

It’s best to post int the Help Center ( I see you have already ). With regards to the background image in the wide row, this is possible via bit of CSS customisation.

If you ask in the customization forum, I’ll post up the code for you.

HI -

I used to be able to edit text in the “Header Custom Field” by selecting fonts & colors… Now I can only enter text or HTML info. That option is now missing….weird. Can you tell me how to bring it back. Thanks

it’s actually happening in every text box area… I can only change font features using html codes

solved…sorry, my error, I accidentally turned off the “Disable the visual editor when writing” in my profile setting. This is what caused this problem everywhere.

No worries, I’m glad it’s sorted.

I’m having really bad issues with your visual composer…

It’s repeating columns, not taking new rows.

Is there an inherent issue?

Many thanks,


Hi SW,

It sounds like a plugin is interfering. Can you try disabling plugins one by one to see which one is having an affect? Also, ensure you’re using the latest version of the theme and wordpress.

If you’re still encountering issues, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

Thx, will have a look… Main issue is with the “styled boxes” overlapping the CSS icon. Can’t click the editor without the opening the CSS…