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Is there a French translation?


Not by default. However, it’s very easy to create one.

Whenever i install the demo, it says Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias home not found.

How can i fix this issue?

also, when i try updating the page, it just stays on loading, nothing changes…


Please see the documentation for installing the demo content for the revolution slider ( unfortunately it can’t be contained within the normal demo content ).

I’m new to the whole Buddy Press thing. Does this theme have a log-in and register for members? Or how does the whole member thing work?


You’re best bet would be to checkout BuddyPress itself to see how it works.

But essentially, It’s a plugin which integrates with the theme and allows registration / login for members, they can then join groups, private message, forums etc.

I am setting up my new site with the theme and have come across a couple of issues.

1 – When I create a page with tabs and I add a text box to one of the tabs the lists do not appear as a list (see tab three here) – http://newsite.mountainbikeworldwide.co.uk/bike-tours/whistler-canada/

2 – When I added an accordion and insert a list there is an error when I scroll down. See the last accordion on this page – http://newsite.mountainbikeworldwide.co.uk/booking/

Also can you tell me if it is possible to insert an accordion into a tab?

Thanks Jane

Hi Jane,

You’ll find the answer to that here: http://help.themeva.com/groups/dynamix-support/forum/topic/cant-get-bullets-on-my-blogs/#post-34728

Great looking site btw!

Great thank you for getting back to me and for the fix :)

Do you know how I can add an accordion inside a tab? I had a look on the help forum but I cant see anything :(

Thanks again Jane

I have just purchased the theme and installed the envato plugin for installation. I installed two new themes using the plugin as recommended in the documentation, Dynamix and one other one. I activated the other one and everything was fine. i activated Dynamix and it literally turned my entire dashboard blank even in the network admin. I had to go in via FTP and delete Dynamix theme. As soon as I did this everything was back – BUT I really want to use this theem. Any thoughts on what may be happening to cause this?


I’m not sure what has happened there, it’s not been reported before. I recommend using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – post your WP login details and support will take a look for you.

Thank you I will do this now – I moved on to a different theme for that site since it was crashing and I hadn’t gotten a response, but I still have two more sites to build this week and would like to use it for one of those if possible.

My apologies it wasn’t sooner, the Help Center is answered everyday apart from weekends, here is not so often.

Hey there,

Just purchased the theme yesterday and am pretty happy with it. However, I am having problems getting my LOGO to behave. What dimensions are best for each category (primary vs. retina)? Any other things I should keep in mind about the logo?

Also, how can I get the logo to automatically adjust to the small scroll-down header?

Thanks for you help! Josh


Check out this post on the Help Center, it should help with the sticky header scrolling down.


As for primary vs retina, the retina just needs to be double of what your normal logo is and this can be any size that fits in with your design.

Hello, the color of the header can be changed.



Yes it can – it can be any color or background image :)

Hi, When activating a plugin on my website I get the following error on this template: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare my_restrict_manage_posts() (previously declared in /home/content/58/9714558/html/wp-content/plugins/bookshelf-slider/bookshelf-slider.php:1161) in /home/content/58/9714558/html/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/lib/adm/inc/register-post-types.php on line 92


My apologies for the delay. For future reference, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, support is answered frequently there.

It looks like both the theme and plugin are using the same function name. If you post onto the Help Center, I’ll give a detailed guide on how to resolve it, thanks.

I have installed this theme on one of my domains and when I installed the revolutionary slider it is showing I have a plugin update but there is nothing on my update page. Does the plugin have to be updated on your end? Having my dashboard show I have an update pending and not being able to fix it is driving my OCD crazy!


My apologies for the delay. For future reference, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, support is answered frequently there.

This post here shows you how to update:



using dynamix theme over a secured ssl connection causes issues with the theme options page. Modern browsers (chrome, firefox) are blocking your calls to http://code.jquery.com.

To solve the issue you need to change this calls in the following two files: lib/adm/inc/meta-config.php lib/adm/inc/options-framework.php

Just follow the scheme used to access wp-admin or use https://code.jquery.com in general.



Hi Michael,

I’ll either make them local or set to https in the next version – the files in question are CSS files for the admin UI.

Great! btw. the Terso theme has the same issue.


I’m currently running on a version of 3.0.3. How do I update to the latest version? Please assist.

Thank you.


Love your theme. It would be great if you could include a print button in the social icons list. I hate using these print plug ins.

Can you do this in your next update? Please!


Thanks for the feedback, it’s not something I’ve considered before, but I’ll take a look into it.


I am using dynamix theme. But I can’t changed theme options.

Because i am clicking Save Options in Theme Options. then just print on webpage “This is Spam.”

I want to change theme options.

How i can using Theme options?

Thank you.


That doesn’t seem right, can you post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will take a look for you.


I recommended your Dynamix template to one of my clients. He asked me a few questions that I would like you to answer so we can proceed with the purchase:

- My client need a form in the first page, we can use the Contact pull down one offered by Dynamix but we need to add different fields and pull downs menus to select different product. Is it possible to 1. modify the form and include new fields? 2. Would it be possible to include pull down menus? Otherwise, do I have the option of using a widget to substitute the current contact form keeping the drop down feature?

- My client wants to include a call to action field on the header like: Call Us – Number and email. Is it possible to modify the header? does the header have the option of using widgets?

- My client wants to know if is it possible to freely use all the features provided by Dinamix combining them on any page. For example, including a gallery and sliders plus text in the home page?

- My client wants to know if Dinamix has any flash or everything was made with HTML5 and CSS?

- And last but not least, my client would like to know if implementing all your design and feature options could affect the loading time of the page considerably?

Many thanks in advance. I look forward to your answers so my client can buy your template and we can start with the design.


1. I would recommend using a plugin like contact form 7 to achieve this. You can build the form exactly to your requirements and it works great with the theme.

2. You can add custom HTML to the header area and the area next to the drop panel trigger / search.

3. Yes, you can build a page exactly how you require it using a powerful visual builder, every page including the home page can be completely unique.

4. The only element that contains flash is the 3d gallery, I recommend using the Revolution Slider over the 3d gallery.

5. The theme is very focused on reducing load speed time – you’ll achieve very good results when combining with say w3 total cache.

I hope that helps.

Thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate it.

One last question, though: My client is going to use the website internationally, translating the web for different target audiences. He would like to know if is it possible to show a different landing page with a translated call to action in the header that changes depending the location of the user?

Many thanks again

No problem.

It’s technically possible, but only if you know your way around PHP. In the body it would be easy enough using WPML etc, however in the header, it maybe a little more involving.


I love your theme. What is your response time to the questions as I can see some questions has been asked 19 days before and answered 13 days before and another one asked 6 days before and answered 3 days before.

The reason I am asking this is because if I use it for an institute then that they will expect a quick response from me and I will be waiting for you for a long time.



The comments here are not recommended for support – I have a dedicated Help Center and support staff to answer questions each day ( apart from weekends ). I hope that puts your mind at ease.

Hello, i want to buy Dynamix for a client website too.

Is it too heavy for use it on a mutualized hosting or not ? My client want an event manager : Which one is more compatible with your theme ? for ex, is it fully compatible with http://wordpress.org/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/ ? or http://eventsmanagerpro.com/ ?


It should be fine on all servers. I’ve seen users use both plugins without any issues, so your choice. If there are any issues, simply post onto the Help Center and I’ll be happy to help.

thanks, i have purchase it ! is it compatible with new version of WP 3.7.1 ?

Thanks for purchasing! Yes, it should be absolutely fine with WP 3.7.1.


T1 Purchased

Saw the response above. Pls ignore question.

With the Dynamix update to 3.2, can we now update to WordPress 3.7.1

No problem, just to confirm, it’s all good with WP 3.7.1.

Is there an update to the Visual Composer plugin included with Dynamix 3.2?


Yes there is. I’ll add this to the change log – it’s now loaded in as a separate plugin now too.


Do you have an example page of this theme’s integration with woocommerce? I didn’t see the shop page in the live preview.

Hi. I am a big fan of your theme. I have been using uber menu and it worked fine but after the last update this thing is happening http://sevenspark.com/diagnosis/overflow-hidden?term_ref=875 and I cant see the submenus. How can I fix it?


Can you post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and I’ll get support to take a look for you.