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Hello, i need help for adding a widget in the child theme header for multi-language switcher.

How to enter on support Center?


Simply register at http://help.themeva.com and post your question on the forums.

Hi, i will found an issue by using custom Header HTML..

Hello, I just updated to the latest version and Visual Page builder isn’t included? It seems to have uninstalled the previous version of VPB as well… very strange… please assist?

Durrrr lol… Thank you my friend. As I’ve said many times before – this is BY FAR the most diverse, well coded theme I’ve ever worked with. Absolutely in love. Fantastic work – we wish you guys all the success in the world and can’t wait to see what you put out next!

No problem!

Thank you for the kind words, really means a lot – makes all the hard work worth it! Have you checked out ePix, that’s just been released.

Absolutely. It’s really a truly dynamic theme… never had a problem with a WP update yet… we’ve been using it for years for our own company site. Yes, I took a look – it’s sweet… I’m sure I’ll find a use for it sooner than later :)


I want to buy this theme for one of our clients website which is bilingual. I want to see that functionality before buying the theme. Can you install qtranslate/wpml and show me how it works?


qTranslate doesn’t integrate the same as WPML, WPML adds flags to the header area – qTranslate does not, so you wouldn’t see any difference.

However, you can manually add qTranslate flags to the header manually if required.

OK! Can I see the functional demo with WPML?

I’ve temporarily enabled it on the demo site, all you’re going to see is the Flags in the header – as previously stated I’ve not translated any of the pages.


Is there a plugin extension for woocommerce that allows you to add more products to a selected product category.

For example on my site www.print2plan.com select products then flyers & one option is displayed.

But wondered if possible to have more product options for customers.. maybe 3 -5.



You’re best asking the woocommerce developers about this one – I’ve not come across one but then I’ve never looked.

Hi, i made the mistake to update the theme in 3.2 using the Envato plugin… but i’m using MULTISITE and when i try to do what sqid in the purple Alert : Cant install Visual Composer !!! ;(


Can you post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will take a look for you.

You had dropped out of the group membership – I’ve added you back in and testing on a MUTLI-SITE setup as we speak.

Unfortunately as previously stated, ThemeForest requires plugins to be loaded in via this method now. Either way I’ll get it resolved for you.

I’ve just tested with a MULTI-SITE setup and it works fine for me – did you do a network update and then install per website?

Hi Thinking of buying your theme. Can I set all pages to have full width slider, or have a different slider set for individual pages?

Do you have demo of the different colours for the theme?

It’s not doing it for me, I think the features page you’re clicking on is just a menu title as there isn’t an actual features page. I need to change the mobile menu to not have titles in. If you click on essentials instead, it’ll display fine.

I’m working on a skin switcher like my ePix theme, it will be done by this time tomorrow.


Just to let you know I’ve updated the site with the skin switcher and changed the Mobile menu.

cool, will have a look

I clicked on “import demo content” on accident. How or where do i go to reverse this?


Unfortunately WordPress has no way of reversing this process of importing XML data. You could try asking your hosting to revert back to an earlier version or simply delete the pages / posts imported?

I have problems with logo in header – resizing opposite from expected. When navigation area is shrinking (scrolling downwords)logo is in full size and scrolling back up navigation area is widening but logo is supersmall. Second issue is word ‘anywhere’ that appears under navigation area and i could not find the option how to remove it. I also can not register on themeva help page because system is refusing my name…

Can you send me an email ( via my profile page ) with your purchase code and I’ll register you and then if you can post a link to your site on the Help Center, I’ll get support to take a look for you ASAP.

BTW, the word anywhere sounds like it’s in your Appearance > Menus > Title Attribute.

I’ve now registered you and sent you the login details.

Thanks a lot! :) Lets see what we can do :)

This is a great looking theme. I have tested a lot on your demo and even the Mobile Responsive is awesome..! One of best mobile I have seen for Buddypress.

However I do have a couple questions:

1. Do you not have a site map? 2. Are there any plugins that you can recommend that would allow and display nicely Multilevel Buddpress Authors? 3. Is it possible to have different ads in widget areas based on on a give category?



1. I recommend using a plugin for this, there is a site mps page template but plugins are more configurable.

2. I’ve not come across any, it maybe worth checking out on the buddypress forums. As long as it’s well written, it should work great with the theme.

3. Yes, you can use plugins or widget ads to place in the sidebars, footer, drop panel and even into the main content via a widgetized sidebar.

I hope that helps?

My number #3 question I am talking about having the ability to have different target ads per category. This would me your widget space would have to be configured based on a per category bases? Is this possible

It would still require a plugin, this looks like it might do the job and it can be configured per category :



how can i remove the Header Infobar Message?


Hi Steve,

You may have it enabled on the page options – make sure both these fields are empty. Page > Customize Tab or via the Appearance > Theme Options > Header > Infobar Message.

many thanks, lol thought it must be something easy :)

No problem ;)


I have a client who has hired me to update a site that was built by someone else using your theme. The problem is that it is version 1.1, and there are issues, mainly cross-browser display for blog thumbnails…but a few other things as well, and I can’t get support because I did not make the original purchase. (not that I expect support for version 1.1)

If I purchase the updated theme is it going to drastically change the look and feel of the site that was built? I don’t want to shock my client!

this is the site: http://wavepointconsulting.ca

thanks :) have a great day, Niki

Hi Niki,

I’ve just checked your site and you’re running 2.8.5 ( October 2011 ) – a lot has changed since then!

There would probably be some tweaking but you can revert back to the previous version if it’s too much to do all in one go.

Just make a back up via FTP first.

okay, tweaking is no problem – but on the back-end are the coding references basically consistent or completely different?

I love the theme by the way :)

The options framework was upgraded – however I made the process upgrade existing options, hence why it’s possible to switch between the two versions without having too much of an affect.

One thing you may have to do from the get go is re-select the gallery data source, this isn’t always the case but be warned.

If you really get stuck you can head over to the Help Center and support can give you a bit of guidance.

Thank you! :)

I am purchasing this theme regardless of what your answer to my “pre purchase” question is, I fell in love with your theme as soon as i saw the demo.

here is the question: Is this theme WPMU ready? please say yes fingers crossed


You’ll be pleased to know it is WPMU ready. :)

I’m trying to create a social network type site, and i’m confused on how to setup like a registration page.

not sure how to disable the admin bar, can you give more details?

do you have any suggestions on how to make a login page and also having one near the navbar or whatnot??

I’m a bit of a newbie, are video tutorials included if I purchase this theme?

I’m glad you sorted it, it’s worth checking out the documentation > Getting Started > Screencast List.

I’m trying to upload the child theme but it didn’t come in .zip format. And nothing in the documentation tells me otherwise on what to do.


You can simply .zip the Child Theme yourself or upload via FTP.

I unfortunately am not on these comments all the time, you’re best off using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – you’ll probably find the answers to most of your questions already.


Great design. I’m having problems with images, they’re all broken when trying to upload/view.

What’s your email? I can email you the site with info.

I can’t do that here, please post here: Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

The issue is because of your current domain / address – goto Appearance > Theme Options > General > Image Resizer > Disable.

This is just temporary until you move to the real domain, any further issues, please post onto the Help Center, thanks.

That wasn’t it, It’s disabled now.

My client is looking to expand their site. They are currently running marketpress instead of woocommerce, does this theme support marketpress?

one other question, can a registration/log in form be put inside the menu?

Yes, both BuddyPress and Woocommerce register users using the core WordPress user system, so I’m sure they will use the same.

You can yes, a plugin will probably be best to add a log / register widget.

Thank you kindly. will be follow up on some things, and if it meets our other needs (surely it will) we will purchase. take care

how long does it take to get confirmation mail for the themeva support site?

i registered and am not getting the reply back… thanks


You’re already registered from what I can see, you haven’t posted for some time. Have you done a password reset here http://help.themeva.com/wp-login.php

yup, that did the trick. thanks

Can you send me the previous version of dynamix theme? In the later version there is something that messes up UberMenu


The previous version is always bundled with the main files which you can download from your ThemeForest > Account > Downloads.

I’ll investigate the Ubermenu issue, can you post details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and I’ll get support to look into it ASAP.


It’s not actually the Theme and Ubermenu, it’s revolution slider and Ubermenu – I tested this by enabling the Default Twenty Thirteen Theme and Ubermenu + Revolution and the issue is the same.

Many thanks. Many many many thanks. It took me agents playing around with css and nothing. I will investigate revolution slider. Thanks for your time

Good Morning, I purchased this theme a while back. i recently decided to use it again because of its flexibility. i have been working on it for the past few days and then all of a sudden the logo disappeared from the header and is now, undetectable. I tried troubleshooting but i have no idea what the issue is, please help. check out test site, www.imagemediaking.com. Thanks in advance.


The only way that would be possible, is if you have set to logo to be disabled in the Themes > Customize > Header > Branding Display.

If you’re still having issues, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – along with your WP login details and support will take a look for you.


I bought this theme 3 years ago and I want to congratulate you for all the improvement you’ve done since 2010!! :)

Hi, thank you!

I can’t believe it’s 4 years old next year, it’s changed a LOT since 2010 ;)