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hi , do you support rtl?


Yep, the theme supports RTL.


I recently made a boo boo…

& optimized my site for mobile devices thinking it would make site perform better.

but theme will now not display on mobile devices is there a solution to this?


I haven’t got much of an internet connection at the moment, but you’re best posting to on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – although we do not support customizations, I’d recommend backing up your current version, resorting the original and working back from there.


Can i add menu diferent??


menu lef - Logo center - menu right

home | about us | (LOGO) | portfolio | contact


is posible to make this??

Best regards

canyou provide me the url please

can you provide me the link for this premium service please

Hi, You´ve been really good at finding plugins that compliment this theme, but have you thought of finding a menu plugin or creating a better menu system that would allow for better menu layouts? I don´t find the current menu layout in this theme very appealing and wouldn´t mind having few options. It´s kind of funny that the user can change almost everything about this theme, except for the main menu… well… some color changes… Wouldn´t mind some metro style menu, or some sort of live view menu or something like that.


Most users who want more control over the menu use the Ubermenu plugin. Have you considered using that?

hehe, as a matter of a fact, i was just looking into that… if i were to buy that, is the theme going to play nice with the uber menu plugin? and thanks for the reply :)

No problem, yes it will play nicely, a number of users are using it already.

Just ensure if you’re Revolution Slider,it’s the latest version. They had a conflict a couple of versions back. :)

Is this theme compatible with Wordbooker and WP-FB AutoConnect?


I’ve just had support test these for you and they confirmed the plugins both work fine.

I just updated my theme and was told to install the Visual Composer…so I did…no sooner do I install it and it needs to be updated in order to update it I need to purchase this plugin?! I filled in the auto update info and put in the license key for this theme and it doesn’t work. What’s the deal?

Hi, they’ve literally just updated the plugin. The updated plugin will be in the next version of the theme. It will still work 100% as it is now.

All righty then but my OCD is going nuts seeing that #1 in my updates that I can’t do anything about until you update the theme…OY! Are you expecting to update the them soon?

Hi!, How can I translate the menu title attribute using qTranslate? I’ve tried using <: en -> <: -> but doesnt work thanks


Hi, I really like your theme and would like to purchase it, but first, I have a few questions. I will be using the shopping cart I already use. To do so, I need to add some code at the top of the header.php and to be able to find the div for the main content in page.php. The cart is not a plugin.(eCommerceTemplates) In order to purchase, I need to know if I can have access to those 2 pages. Thanks in advance for a speedy reply, Fran

Hi Fran,

Yes, once you’ve purchased the theme, you can post onto the Help Center and support will give you information on what files you need to edit.

I hope that helps?

Hi, Thanks for the quick response. I will let my client know and see what she wants to do. Hopefully, we’ll be in touch!


Hi Themeva,

2 Easy questions master.

- I need to change a word in menu mobile. ( select a page ) to ( MENU )

- In the my grid gallerie i activate animated filtering but in my page say ( Filter by: ) ( ALL ) i need to change this words to

where is the line in the documents .php

thanks a lot

Best regards


You can use the translation process for both questions, see the documentation for more information. If you require any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com


i install the plug in codestyling-localization/

Im little confused, theres no video tutorial ?

i just need to change this words to spanish

thanks again

Dear Master,

My probleme is solved, thanks ist aswome this plug in thanks for you support

have a nice day


is it possible to make group gallery for post?


Yes, you can add via the Visual Page Builder into any post.

Hi, great template. But i am searching the LogIn field to become a member of the forum. Where can i find it? Or it is just not inszalled in the “demo”?


You can play the login into sidebars , footer and even the drop panel. I am looking to integrate it into the area next to the search.

How can I remove this http://goo.gl/g86Nmu?


That’s the header info bar, it’s either enabled on the page under the customize tab or in the Appearance > Theme Options > Header > Info Bar

Thanks, do you know fast way to delete this from every page? http://goo.gl/xnPvBo


The link didn’t go anywhere, can you post onto the Help Center instead and support will be able to assist you.

How to leave social icons permanently “on”...I would like them to show without having to click to expand. Can I reverse it to click to close and leave open by default?


Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support. Currently there is no way to have on and reverse back, only permanently on or viewable via the share icon.

Hi. I am trying to change the width of the slider to full but it seems contained. Basiclly I want it to look like this page: http://themeva.com/switcher/?theme=DynamiX. How do I do that?


For support please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – the full width should be set via the Revolution Slider settings.

Hello, I noticed a problem with the header animation, the page will fully load and then the logo will appear to zoom out and then zoom in again, is there any way to fix this?



There is a temp fix on the Help Center, if you can’t find it, please post and support will direct you to it.


Just bought the theme. When I try to activate the theme I get this message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_remove_element() in ../wp-content/themes/DynamiX/lib/inc/shortcodes.php on line 17

What do I need to do to fix this error?

Hi, can you ensure you’re using the version of visual composer bundled with the theme.

Try deleting the plugin and you should receive a purple message telling you to install visual composer.

Failing that, please post your wp login details onto the Help Center.

Thanks, it’s fixed

Hi I saw your demo page and I like the way content opens as you scroll down (I don’t know if that’s what they call Ajax). Is that how my site would load if I install your theme?

I’m now tempted to buy either yours or http://themeforest.net/item/salutation-responsive-wordpress-buddypress-theme/548199

but not sure what makes yours better than Salutation – please help me decide with your answer, thanks.


Hi JD,

Yes, you can apply “animate in” effects for most elements you add to the page via the Page Builder :)

I recently purchased your theme and have liked it so far. All of a sudden (not sure why) none of the elements of the visual composer show up on my pages? Thanks for your help!


Can you post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com with a link to the issue and support will take a look for you ASAP.

Question: How can I make it where the navbar doesn’t keep scrolling down while you’re scrolling down?

Question: How can I make it where the navbar doesn’t keep scrolling down while you’re scrolling down?


You can switch it off via Appearance > Theme Options > Header > Sticky Menu