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Any issues with Wordpress 3.8, I love the look of the new admin and want to update.

Amazing theme!!!

Thanks and Merry Christmas


Hi Brad,

Thank you! All is good with WordPress 3.8.

Merry Christmas too!

Hello. I would like to buy your theme but I need to know if the plugin BuddyDrive will work correctly on the theme. Thanks for your repsonse


Great theme… I notice that the logo often resizes itself to a ridiculously small size. Sometimes rolling the page up and down brings it back…and other times it doesnt.

Any suggestions how I can get that to play nice?


It’s resized to allow maximum viewing space for the site content. You can switch off the sticky menu via Appearnace > Theme Options > Header > Sticky Menu.

The resizing should he improved in the next version.

one of the best theme with a powerful admin section, i ever encountered with.

i have customized and supported tons of wordpress corporate sites, but this theme is a perfect :)

Thank you for the kind words! :)

Hello, i’ve just purshased dynamix theme, when i try to install it via Envato Toolkit it seems to work fine

Downloading install package from the Envato API…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Plugin reactivated successfully. Successfully installed the theme DynamiX – Business / Corporate Wordpress Theme 3.2.1.

but when i click the link Activate, an error message appears saying “Cheatin’ uh?” what is that?, how can I install the theme?, if i install it via wordpress admin i get an error message too “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” please help me, thank you.


That’s strange, that message is from WordPress and is usually presented when you’re trying to access a page which doesn’t allow you access – are you using an administrator login?

Hello, I have updated to wordpress 3.8.. there are some issues with the price table and visual composer. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Are you using the Theme version of the Visual Composer or did you update the plugin yourself? You’ll need to use the theme version for Pricing Tables to work correctly.

Hello, is it possible to let any user in any role to upload images in order to create albums using dynamix theme? or I just have to download a plugin such as rtmedia for example in order to do this?, thanks.


how do i update visual composer?, i have updated the theme by the evento plugin but the visual composer needs to be updated.

how do i go about this


sorry for the late reply,many thanks all good now

DynamiX has always been my favorite theme here on TF, simply because I can do ANYTHING with it (and I am buying lots of stuff, as you can see to the left). And everytime new features or trends pop up in the world of web development, a little later Andy is implementing them into this awesome piece of art. In the last weeks, I have worked around a few things (icons, row options, sticky header etc.) and sure enough, Andy comes along and makes my life so much easier again with 4.0. I am so excited, it’s like web dev xmas is actually today! Awesome job Andy, thank you.

That’s a great compliment, thank you!!!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the updates, it’s definitely changed a lot of the past 3.5 years ;)

After updating to version 4.0, the website complete broke. Also one of plugins WP-Bakery visual composer cannot be updated.

Your help on this is highly appriciated


Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.con – there’s already help there about what’s changed and how to upgrade VC.

On the help.themeeva.com If i click on login it says Forbidden, if I click on Dynamix support it says forbidden if I select Forum -> Dymaix support then also the page says forbidden

the link http://help.themeva.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2Fhelp.themeva.com%2Fgroups%2Fdynamix-support%2Fforum%2F&action=bpnoaccess

Let me know if there is some issue with the website. I also checked the documentation of the theme, but it is majorly on 3.0 and not updated for 4.0 (link from the theme options after the installations)

Please check


Try now.

I need add webform on the front page like here http://goo.gl/By89gW, what plugin or widget will work? Current template contact form doesn’t work.


Something like Contact Form 7 should work fine. It’s best to use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – questions like this have already been answered.

I just updated my theme. We are missing a little arrow on the return to top of page icon… see what I mean when you scroll to the bottom of the page- http://bluesteelstaffing.com/current/


Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support – it looks like the font family is being overwritten : font-family: Lato;

trying to position a stage gallery on my pages and i placed the size and width but the images aren’t staying within the size parameters i input. each photo in the life is coming up as a different size. ex. http://jpennyfeatherny.com/chelsea/ Pls help, already posted on themva months ago, no response, please don’t send me back there . Thanks- Joel

Hi Joel,

You can see from the Help Center questions are answered usually within 24hrs, my apologies if your answer was missed, however it’s 100% the most efficient way to obtain support.

It looks like the image resizing script isn’t working, is it switched on? The theme directory name is also not standard, it maybe worth changing it to just DynamiX.

Need to clarify something with regards to license Im setting up a multi-site network for Higher education students im not charging them for setting up these blogs as long as they are students in a college or University all sub blogs are in sub folders of 1 single domain, need to be sure that I can use single license for this setup? Btw since we are offering them support and maintenance we do look for sponsorship money from universities or colleges is that also fine for single license?


It’s always best to check with Envato directly but I’m sure as long as you’re using one domain ( not sub domains ) it will be fine to use a single domain in this way.


what would cause that little higlighted box area that you see when you mouse over menu items “not” to work? I see on your sample sight it’s still in affect but, I also noticed on the forum showcase that people that are using latest update dn’t have it there either unless, they used css to have it “not” show.. but in my case it’s just not working .. what can I check ?

Thank you,

Please advise,


Also on forum, I saw pages full of suggetions of css to put, if I want to get rid of the divider line between menu items but… nothing seemed to have worked… if u can please just give me that snippet I would so appreciate it, thank you… ( maybe it had to do with the same reason the highlited box” menu items aren’t working)

Thank you :) and happy holidays!! http://4allaboutmusic.com so, you will notice on top in the menu there isn’t that highited box thing when you hover over menu item and … what is the code if I want to just remove the divider line in between menu items? again, there was pages full on form but nothing seemd to work, thank you so much.

ok, update:) I found the first problem… in your file, under “nav” section in style css, highlight hover you had “Display:None” .. why wouldnt you have known that and need a link to c y it wasn’t working??:):), the previous version didn’t have that….

So, now just the request of how to get rid of the divider between menu items .. pretty please. thank you

My apologies, I didn’t realise that’s what you meant at first.

I’ve kept the CSS in there for users who still want to use it, but by default it’s disabled now.

I think support has given you the CSS for the divider lines, it’s worth taking a look at the customization screencast ( documentation ) on how to customize other elements.

As for the menu, search for “extended menu” in the documentation to see how to enable this.

Amazing theme with all features people may want, reasonable price and great support!

Thank you for the kind words :)

Your plugin looks really great. I am looking for another theme to my new professional creative network, MeeWork. Its a social community with creative people where they can showcase their work. Whether they are artists, photographers, actors, musicians etc. But I am using Rtmedia (Buddypress Media). And its a great plugin to let the members create galleries and albums. Do your theme support Rtmedia. If not, is it possible you will make it support it in a near future update.


I can’t see any reason why rtmedia would not work, if it doesn’t I’ll be happy to help resolve any issues ( as long as they’re theme related ).

Hello, I bought dynamix theme for buddypress few months ago and I wonder if it’s possible to permit to anyone registered to write a new article. How can I do ? Thanks


You can change the user access level to contributor, this will allow them to add new articles ( posts ). Is that what you mean?

your update completely broke wp-admin. i pay you for premium support and i cant even get a reply.


Please be patient, it’s the Holidays and we’re on different time zones!

It’s not premium “support” you’re paying for it, it’s for small customization – support is provided regardless.

Support have now replied to your question and we’ll get you get back up and running ASAP.


That message isn’t generated by the theme, it’s a plugin you’re using that is doing that.