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I’m having an issue with the width of my activity page, and the sidebar(s) i’m trying to put on it… can i get some assistance on how to fix that… take a look at this page, scroll down and you’ll see my sidebar and whatnot, and how it’s out of place.


You did have a reply yesterday, please bare in mind it was New Years Eve and support is not at it’s usual level.

As suspected in the first place, it was plugins causing the issue – most likely the caching one. It’s now displaying fine with all plugins re-enabled!

thank you for your help… one other question i have… any good plugins or suggestions on how i can have particular sidebars/widgets on a page… for example i’d like to have a facebook login on the sidebar of one page, and then on another page not have a FB login, and have a e-mail subscription box…

Probably best to keep questions on the Help Center, however you can create as many sidebars as you wish via Appearance > Theme Options > General and then apply different sidebars to each page via the Page options.

Hi ,

I would like to ask, for those added on plugins, for example Visual Composer, if i purchased this theme from you, and if there’s a plugin update from them, will i also be entitled with the upgrade? or do i have to purchase their plugin seperately?


Unfortunately with all plugins bundled with Themes, the update has to come when the theme is updated. The theme is updated quite regularly to keep inline with the plugins updating – of course if there are issue with the plugin, the theme will be updated much sooner.

HI, hope u had great holidays..

What would cause the the b&w effect not to work? not alone or with frame.. even tried switching to light theme

something conficting? just added single image through visiusle composer like I always did but, Nothing..

Please advise, Thnx, Joe PS: I noticed it IS working on YOUR demo site… is there some css I need to ad for some reason?

ps: also, stage slider didn’t show up when i chose it as from vc gallery but nivo did? please advise, if theres a problem, thnx


I did thank you, I hope you did too!

Can you post your URL onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – support will take a look. In most circumstance it’s because of either the image URL or it does not have an image height / width set?

I currently testing your theme with BuddyPress.
Once connected, there are 8 tabs displayed on a profile with the 8th on a second line :-(. This is not good and bad for the user experience

How to keep all tabs in a buddypress profile on one line?
hide a tab?
enlarge the column profile?
Thank you for your help
Sorry for my bas english


Please post your URL onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will take a look for you. It’s not a standard amount of tabs, therefore we maybe have to change a couple of things.

The Theme keeps failing when trying to upload to WP.

I manually installed the theme but, it will not automatically update the Visual Composer plugin.


Please see this article on how to update VC – http://help.themeva.com/theme-issues/


Adoring this theme. But your latest demo is not full page width on my iMac 27 inch. It’s full on the right but left it’s about 250px’s short of the left screen edge after the nav bar and top slider down. If you can fix this I’ll download the latest version. Thanks and happy New Year!


Thank you for pointing that out, it’s now fixed :) It’s a very small CSS change.

Can you post on the Help Center and I’ll give you the CSS for it.

Happy New Year too! :)

Wish you a happy new year & keep up the amazing work! ;)

Best regards,

Happy New Year to you too keyhanjun! :)

Still debating between this and Terso :) Both are amazing. In the demo of of Dynamix, sticky header has some gap for buddypress pages, is it intentional/configurable? All the other pages don’t have this so am curious if there was a small problem there?


My apologies for the delay, I missed your previous comment.

I’ve removed it for the demo, however on your version you usually have the BP admin bar enabled and that would be in that space that show.

DynamiX does have more features at present, you can add background images / colours to rows and has Font Icon integration, you can add icons to buttons etc.

I hope that helps :)

It did help and Sold!
I am planning to use it without BP Admin bar so no problem. Hopefully theme will serve me well and will come back to purchase for many more clients :)

Thank you, any questions just ask on the Help Center :)


I can’t install the theme it says:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help


Are you using the Envato install plugin? It’s definitely not missing the style.css file.

It maybe the Envato system is down, try using the manual FTP method instead ( both within documentation ).

For future please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – searching on there will most likely give you an answer to your question.

Is there a way I can disable the mobile menu (drop-down bar), but still retain the responsive design? The mobile menu displays when on an iPad, but the regular menu bar is much more functional and visually appealing when viewing on an iPad. I can accomplish this by turning the responsive feature off, but don’t want to lose the other benefits of the responsive design. Any tips are helpful. Thanks!


It is possible by changing some of the CSS, however, as some menus are longer than others – it was best to set it to a more responsive method. If you rotate the iPad landscape it will display the full menu.

This has been answered on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com previously.

HI -

Upon upgrading the theme from 3.2 to the latest version, all of my widgets now show up on buddy press groups. Previously, I had certain widgets assigned to specific groups using the Dynamic Widgets plugin. Any fix for this or should I roll the theme back? Please help. Thanks.


The theme doesn’t have any influence on the Widgets, widgets only move when switching to a different Theme or the same Theme that has had the folder renamed.

For future, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – questions are answered more frequently there.

I have the same question as PTi2013 When viewing the site on mobile devices the liquid menu takes up half of the viewing screen. It’s a poor user experience.

Can this be disabled WITHOUT disabling the responsive design?


I’m not sure what you mean, the menu will only appear when the user clicks on it – the more space they have to navigate the menu the better user experience.

Can you do wp multisite with this? if so how?

excuse me, what i’m wanting to do is have the blog section, but i also want to have a store section… how would i go about doing that with woocommerce?


It does support multi-site, however you do not require that for a blog section and store section. As you can see from the demo:

Shop: http://dynamix.themeva.com/shop/ Blog: http://dynamix.themeva.com/blog/

So, you just need to install the woocommerce plugin and you’re ready to setup a store.

Hi Master,

First than nothing, happy new year :) and congratulations for your new update its really aswome and perfect. ALL IN ONE (y)

Well.. i saw the new stuff you add and i have a question its posible to create one page parallax ? ALL site in one page

Best regards


Happy New Year too :)

Well you can build the page as one and have multiple parallax – however the admin doesn’t permit linking the menu to different sections on the page. You may find some custom plugins for this.

hi Happy New Year!

These are pre-sale questions.

Can any of the sliders in this theme be used on any page without conflicting with the home slider?

Can we do a box layout with this theme?


Happy New Year!

Yep, they can be added to any page on your site.

There isn’t an option for box layout, however I can provide the CSS to achieve this.

hello. I will install the theme Dinamix. What is the difference between Dinamix folder and the folder inside the zip file dinamix_4.0?


That’s just an archived version if you needed to downgrade.

You probably know this by know, WPBakery Visual Composer needs to be updated, when do you think it will be done?


I’ll upgrade this week, I leave it a couple of days in case they release a minor version.


What is the name of the shop plugin you use in you live demo please?

Thanks in advance


You can control the Page Layout ( Set Full Width ) via Appearance > Theme Options > Woocommerce. I hope that helps?


Thanks for the reply again. I ended up installing Woosidebars which made it a little more organised. Can you help with the styling of the shop/theme though if I use the premium support?


My apologies for the delay, I’ve not been able to answer questions here.

For future you’re best using the Help Center. Yep, Tom can help you with that. The buttons etc can be configured using the Woocommerce plugin, but if you list on the Help Center what else you need, we can let you know what is within scope of the customization forum.

i am interesting this theme. Is this theme accept all plugins? and when this theme install, before we must install envato market place am i sure???


Do you mean the revolution slider? It’s probably worth watching the screencast in the documentation for how to enable it. Or import the demo data and then import the revolution slider demo data too.

If you require any further assistance, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

I added a contact page in drop panel and menu also added. how can i link the Contact menu to the drop panel.. please help…


If you search for Drop Panel Menu Item in the documentation, it will tell you how to achieve this :)

How can i make members sign up and login in front-end? i hate the wp origin login, so ugly

can u teach me how to do that?


As mentioned above, you should be able to use a plugin to achieve the look and feel of what you require.

Thx, i’ve made a purchase

Thanks for the purchase :)