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Hi, please tell me, where are theRegister & Log In links? Can they be moved to the main page? Thanks


I’m not sure what you mean, in order for me to help you – you’d need to login to the account in which you purchased the theme from.

Previous Question was asked before the purchase… I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed.

How do I get three (or more) colomns under a menu item (on hover)?


You can only have upto three – have a search for extended menu in the documentation.

For any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Can you please explain download limit. I am trying to download update and download is not available.


ThemeForest set a download limit on each file. You’ll need to contact Envato @ http://support.envato.com to remove the limit.

Will do thank you.


Getting this message at the top of the screen after activating the theme.

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/storage/content/91/182491/fablino.se/sessions/sess_esnp03sinuhvgodr4m8j62p566, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /storage/content/91/182491/fablino.se/public_html/martin/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/functions.php on line 1

What is wrong?

Regards, Fabian

Hi Fabian,

Are you using a Windows server, it maybe you do not have session variables set?

Please post this along with your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will help you.

I’m running the site through a webhost, dont know what servers they use. How do i set session variables and what are they?

Posted in Help Center as well!


Would be great if you could help me asap! :)


This is what it says in function.php file on line1:

<?php if (!is_admin()) if(!session_id()) session_start();

Is there a showcase anywhere to see the different sites built by the over 8000 users? I would love to see some restaurant/bar sites using Dynamix.


Unfortunately I only see what people decide to share with me, this is one is bar / events, it could easily have a restaurant / bar feel:


tog Purchased

I cannot register for support. The page does not allow me to register.


I can confirm the registration is working fine in general, what error did you receive?

If you could send me an email ( via Profile > Contact Form ) along with your purchase code, I’ll test it for you.

What is the best way to update the theme? I have been using the theme since 2.9 and progressively had more issues with Wordpress so decided to update to version 3.1.2. I run a church site and have 80 pages and over 200 post. When I updated last time a lot of my pages failed to work and i get this weird error when i combine vimeo and youtube in a sildeset among some other issues. The thought of rebuilding all that is a little bit depressing to me but what would you recommend?



My apologies for the delay. The switch from 2.x to 3.x was a big difference. The update from 3.x to 4.x shouldn’t affect things.

But if you’re still concerned, I’d take a look at the documentation on how to upgrade via FTP. Make a backup of your current DynamiX folder on the server > rename it to DynamiX_3x > upload the new DynamiX.

Any further assistance, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Hello there :-) Amazing theme! Very well documented. This was a walk-in-the-park to setup and customize.

Only one request and it’s nothing major.

There are a few plugins out there which make it more difficult to establish breadcrumbs that are logical; and lead all the way back to the home page. You’ve done an awesome job of checking for the most popular SEO plugins already and to give them consideration. However, I’d like to ask if you might consider adding a filter inside `/header.php` right before the conditional that checks for `bbp_breadcrumb();`. Please?

Perhaps check first if a filter is capable of providing breadcrumbs; and if so the filter wins. This would make it possible for me to establish breadcrumbs for a few plugins I use that don’t fully conform to WP standards yet; and to do it without needing to modify the source for DynamiX.

Thanks again!


Thank you :)

I’ll need to check to see if you can check if a filter has been set with WordPress – it may not allow me to do the check, but then I’ve never looked, so fingers crossed.

In customize, is there a way to have the background image fixed, but without it being stretched out to fit the whole screen?

Right now I have it on “Image (positioned)”, like this the image is not stretched out but it moves along when you scroll…

When I put it on Image (full screen), the background is fixed (doesn’t move with content on scroll), but it gets all stretched out.

Also what is the standard slider width? So that it fills out evenly with the content below?



You can add a bit of CSS to that background element which will set it to fixed. Please post a link onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will assist you.

Thank you!

Also, to have the Styled Box without rounded corners, what is the class name of it that I have to use in Theme Options customize?

I recommend watching the customize screencast in the documentation, it shows you how to identity elements within the Chrome browser.

In this instance, it’s .styledbox

And… how do I get the slider to be like in the preview? I tried to use the Revolution Slider shortcode as an element in a page, but it never sticks to the top and goes full width (passed the other content).

Please take a look in the documentation, it shows you how to setup the demo Revolution slider.

Hello, I like your theme and I use it on my site for several years …

I bought a second Dynamix license to install on a customer site – I installed api key from my profile Envato and purchasing code of the new license, but what is done in the visual composer is not displayed

In the license of visual dial labeled “Invalid key ience. Please check information in your Envato profile.”

Should more theme purchase a license for the visual composer?

Waiting for your reply cdt


You’re best using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support – it sounds like you need to upgrade DynamiX – the newer versions do not require you to enter a purchase code for Visual Composer, instead you can follow the guide to upgrading the visual composer in the documentation.

Thank you for responding so quickly, I found the solution, I reversed the license number between Dynamix already installed and just bought the new …

Sorry about that Lo

Hi there,

I asked my client to buy your theme and now I am creating his website.

I have a problem with the menu. After creating the main menu, when I hover the mouse over a menu title, e.g Home, the background of the title changes covering the Company Logo Image. I could not find any option to change this and I need the Brand-Logo Image to be above the menu. How can avoid this? If you give an email I can send you an image of what I am talkin about and the Item purchase code in case you need it, I thought you might not want me to copy paste the code here. My email is javieraranda@outlook.com


Unfortunately I can’t help unless you sign-up to the Help Center http://help.themeva.com with the purchase code ( your client can provide this ) and post there – support will be happy to help.

Hi, my client is very busy to be contacted this month. I cannot sign up to the themeva help even using the purchase code. I don’t know if I need to log in with my clients themeforest email account, but I don’t have it, and I tried with mine and it doesn’t work. I am giving you this data: Purchase Date: 2013-11-21 10:17:50 UTC … This is the purchase code for the Sixth position: 7 for the 11th position ‘4’ 17th position d and 22nd position ‘b’ , please help me.


I’d need the full purchase code – you can send it via my Profile > Contact form.

Don’t forget to use their username when joining the Help Center, it has to match the Purchase Code.

Hi Dev

Maybe a strange question, but here it goes.

Somewhere in 2012 (yes, that long ago ;)) I bought the Dynamix theme for my website. After that, I tried several other themes for my site and finally returned to Dynamix. Glad I did :)

But as I registered with the mailadres I used then, I no longer can login to the support site. I tested it by using my old mailaddress ‘edwin@spitacid.com’ and it got delivered just nicely… But, there’s no way I can get into my mailbox again. Could you please reset my mailaddress to my new one ?



Hi Edwin,

It’s changed a lot since 2012 :)

You can send me a message via my profile with your new email address and I’ll change it for you?

Hi Andy, thank you for being such a sport ;) Sent it to your profile :)

Hello, This shows it supports buddypress 1.8 but 1.9.x is out? Does it support the latest version of all the plugins its compatible with?


My apologies for the delay.

Due to the new method of integration with BuddyPress, it’s possible to run all versions. I’ll update the features now.

I already bought a few templates from Themeforest. Dynamix is probably the worst. It looks good if you intend to have a static website, but then again you wouldn’t use Wordpress at all. If you intend to use Buddypress with it, things just get worst. Just find a free template out there as these guys haven’t done any customizations to buddypress base template. I am finding myself tweaking every possible thing from fonts to radius in boxes you will need to customize everything. Can it get worst? Yes. After 2 weeks cssing everything, I found that they have a service for which you will pay 10$ per month for customizations. You get up to 10 customizations per month. Thing is, the support is by far the worst I have experienced with themeforest template developers. This week I posted a request I think on monday or tuesday. Its friday and I was sugested to add a plugin to insert my custom contact form. Only thing is I never asked for a contact form. Every possible contact you make you’ll just get a question back. Not an answer, not a solution. A question. But now the question is: can it get worse? Yes it can. Included in those 10bucks you get access to page templates to crowd your website. Yeah. 3 templates. One is a “Meet the team” the other is “meet the team extended” and the other is a useless landing page with your logo fading in. Don’t buy the theme unless you wish to throw money away. Or by all means do buy the theme and contact me for customizations. believe me, I’m getting good a this.

I did not request a custom form! PLUS: I paid the 10 USD and you removed me from your forum so now I cannot ask for support. Money back please for the theme. I do not wish to use your theme and you broke the contract.

I refunded you the 10$ – see above! I’ve not broken any contract, you were asking for customization which was out of scope, simple as that.

We’ve told you it’s not possible and have refunded you the money for the customization service, this has nothing to do with the theme!

You haven’t been removed from the support forum, you’ve been removed from the customization forum.

nope. I just asked for a template page with a regular registration and login form. that was it. you haven’t read still to this date what I requested

Hello! Dinamix bought, and then installed it absolutely normal, and then installed the plugins that make it work, those mandatory but it is unstructured and ugly. When I see the demo and then see that it is far away, do not know but it seems that the structure is not the same. I expect a reply shortly.

Link to view: http://seminarionazarenocv.com/cool/


It looks like you need to install the Revolution Slider demo content, take a look at the documentation on this. For any further help, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Hi, I have a presale question.

Is there an easy to do a “Boxed” version of Dynamix, or is it just full width?


Unfortunately at this time it’s just full width.

Hi, I am using the Grid Gallery but it will not display more than six of the Page IDs that I enter. I need to display a lot more than six…

and if I put two Grid Gallery’s under each other, then it doesn’t sort them alphabetically (the individual gallery’s yes, but not between all of them).

Is there a way to add more rows or higher total number that you can add?

happy otherwise :)


Support have replied to you via Help Center :)

And one more… How do I get a fixed background? Because when I choose in “Customize” “Image (Full Screen)” the background image is fixed but gets stretched out. When I choose “Image (Positioned)”, the image looks fine but it is not fixed.

I tried put this in the Theme Option’s custom CSS but it did nothing:

body { background-image:url('http://www.wildmacaws.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/punta-burica-golfo-dulce.jpg'); background-repeat:no-repeat; background-attachment:fixed; background-position:center; }

RESOLVED! the CSS did work, just had to take away the image from the “Customize” menu :)

Ok great, I’m glad it’s resolved. If you have any other queries, just head over to the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com