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Could you tel me where I can find the HD video tutorials at? I looked around and couldn’t locate them.

Thank you


As the videos are all on YouTube, you can change the video quality to HD via their settings icon.

Hi, I like your theme. Before buying it I wonder if the various “visual composer” widgets do support custom post types. Say I want a module displaying “recent posts” but instead of posts I need a custom post type I created to be shown…is this possible? Thanks a lot for your support!

What’s more, from what some people told me I can’t add Buddypress widgets using the visual composer. Is this true?


You can potentially use any widget, you can drop what’s called a widgetized sidebar into the content of any page / post and that can contain a sidebar with any widget ( add via Appearance > Widgets ). I hope that helps?

Hi, I have purchased theme but dont know which id i have used that time actually may laptop got damaged and i lost too much data, now i am facing problem, when i scroll down header goes invisible and my slide set manager doesn’t work properly when i click add slide set, screen flashes and disappear, i am very annoyed :( please help me

one more thing add media button is not working in add new post


Unfortunately I can’t help you unless you have a purchase code. Please contact Envato support to retrieve your details.

I don’t seem to have access to the themeva.com support forum, so I will post my issue here.

I was experiencing a string of errors on my website on my Event Calendar Pro page that pointed to the DynamiX page-constants.php file inskin on line 162 and gallerynpostexcerpt sections on line 121. We removed line 121:


The error messages disappeared with that one change, however, now the home screen background color is black for logged in users, but when logged out it is white (as it should be).

So two things.

1. How do I correct the above error? 2. How do I get access to the website support forum again? I used to have access, not sure what happened.

My themeva username is also talanithus.

Thanks for your time!

Also, is this theme slotted for upgrades to the new Woocommerce specs?

OK, now I am randomly getting a dark background in several sections of my website. Can I please get someone to add me to the themeva Dynamix forums so I can research this/?


I added you back in to the support forum yesterday.

What version of the theme are you using, I’ll get support to test with the latest Event Calendar Pro – is there anything in particular that causes the error?

Hi, I’ve purchased the dynamic theme, when I upload a pic of say 350px X 350px when it shows on the web page it’s slightly blurry.

I use PNG’s as I like the transparent background so I can use the wide-row option sometimes on my content panels.

Unfortunately when the images are coming through to the web pages they are set at 349.5px X 349.5px even though they are 350px in the wordpress library? Something in the theme is causing them to be squashed by half a pixel causing the slight blurryness – any ideas?

Thanks K


If you’re pre-sizing the images, I recommend switching off the Image Resizer via Appearance > Theme Options > General > Image Resizer, this will stop can compression. It shouldn’t be possible to resize by half a pixel.

If you’re still having issues, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and post a link so support can take a look for you.

I’m not a webexpert and I purchased Dynamix wiith blog functionality as I have intent of creating a website with a blog, forum, and other informative links.

Question: I’m very interested in SEO and getting high google+ results so I would like to know if there is a way to link/connect both blogger.com (used specifically for blogging) and my wordpress theme (for the other stuff), both together in the backend and make it “virtually one” in the front end to the end users?

I would love to hear your thoughts?



I’m not sure if it would be possible, it would be worth searching if you can automatically export blogger posts to wordpress but I think that probably defeats the object?

Hi, can you please help me : I want to delete the link on the home page (on the title-logo) and I cant find the solution. thanks


For support please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – you can use a bit of Custom CSS to achieve this.

Support will help you achieve this.

Good afternoon. I bought this theme make a mistake. I want to receive refunds What should I do?


You would need to contact the envato support team for help on this, however the reasoning has to comply with their rules. http://support.envato.com

Having trouble with Visual Composer in Dynamix. Simply disabled itself and cannot restore it …. even with a purchased VC plugin …. a real puzzle!


That doesn’t sound like normal behaviour – there are many users using this fine.

There is no need to purchase the VC plugin, please see this guide here for upgrading to the latest version of VC via the theme ( which is slightly different to the purchased one ) : http://help.themeva.com/theme-issues/

Is it possible to make header with logo in middle and menu underneath? (with option to add phone number on right/left side of logo and address on other side). If not, than it would be great to make that option in header area.


For support, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – questions are answered more frequent

You can set both he menu and logo to center and achieve this effect. Take a look at the Customizer and the menu / logo alignment options.

You can use the Custom HTML box within Appearance > Theme Options > Header > Custom HTML to insert extra HTML .

hi My Client old vendor have purchased this theme for my client name :mianitees.us” and we have changed the hosting to godaddy but we are getting error which we add new pages or edit any post

Error :

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘name’ in /home/miamitees/public_html/miamitees.us/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/lib/adm/inc/meta-fields.php on line 1129

Please help if needed i can provide the LIcense Key

Regards Vic

Hi Vic,

Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support – is that using the latest version of DynamiX, it shouldn’t be displaying those sorts of errors.

It maybe worth saving the Appearance > Theme Options to see if that has an affect? If not, please post your WP login detains onto the Help Center, thanks.

I do not have the account with your help desk

You register at the above address Vic, just use the purchase code and the username which purchased the theme.

Hi, 1. regarding blog author (profile and links to their other posts) have you updated the demo? I cannot see this in the demo.

2. Are the galleries for portfolios or blogposts or both?

3. What is the difference between Dynamix and Terso?


I tried every thing to update VC But all fail!!!!

even with this: My Visual Composer is out of date. A. If there is a purple message, asking for an update, go to Plugins > Deactivate VC > Delete it > Purple box, click install Visual Composer > You should now have the latest version.

Please help me!!!!


It sounds like you need to update DynamiX first ( the purple message is from an earlier version ) and then follow this guide here:


If you’re having any issues, please post onto Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com along with your WP login details and Support will be happy to help.

I’ve update to DynamiX 4.0.2 through Envato WordPress Toolkit. But it still fail

Strange, okay, please post your WP login details onto the Help Center and support will take a look for you ASAP.

I am getting this message after I updated to the latest version of Dynamix. My website has stopped completely.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WPBakeryShortCode_VC_Row::buildStyle() in /home/content/70/6736470/html/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/vc_templates/vc_row.php on line 39


You do not have to purchase the plugin ( it’s included with the theme ) – please see the troubleshooting guide on the help center @ http://help.themeva.com for how to upgrade to the latest theme version of the plugin.

Hello we are having some web browsing compatible issues with computers that run IE 8 and IE 9 with Java 6-33. Could you tel us why? I saw in the theme information that this theme is compatible with IE 7-8-9.

If you need to take a look at the site: http://test7.crwebs.net/



You shouldn’t be having any issues with those versions – they act slightly different in some areas, this is due to certain functions not being possible on those browsers, but nothing major.

In your case I believe it’s the texture causing the issue with IE8. It doesn’t appear to handle opacity and PNG’s. If you want that pattern, I’d use a full opacity PNG instead for maximum browser compatibility. Try removing it to just check that is the case.

What’s the issue with IE9?


I have the dynamix theme installed but as I don’t have the option in the right hand side for slide set manager?

Can you assist please?



That’s strange, it should be only left unless you’re using an RTL setup. Can you post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com along with your details and support will take a look for you.

im trying to customize the skin however when I change it to carbon, the background only changes to black, not the background image that I see on demo site?? http://www.hellofrommars.com/test/


It’s because you’re in a sub folder – you’ll need to look at the background image for the header / footer and change the image address accordingly.

If you require any further help, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

I tried logging in for support. The form just resets no error message. If i cahnge the user name i get a red error message at the top but nothing when I try to set up a account.

Im getting this error when i try to set up a SlideSet Gallery on a page.

Warning: array_unique() [function.array-unique]: The argument should be an array in /homepages/11/d269156932/htdocs/bridgechurch/wordpress/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/lib/inc/classes/slideset-class.php on line 96

Warning: asort() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /homepages/11/d269156932/htdocs/bridgechurch/wordpress/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/lib/inc/classes/slideset-class.php on line 97 – See more at: http://www.thebridgechurchcolumbus.com/wordpress/calendar/#sthash.xnUxBWdY.dpuf

I have it active on this page but need some resolution to this. Thanks http://www.thebridgechurchcolumbus.com/wordpress/calendar/

Hi Mike,

You’re already registered, you can do a password reset here @ http://help.themeva.com/wp-login.php

That error is usually caused by the Slide Set not being selected in the Gallery page options – ensure the slide set you’ve created is selected in either the Visual Composer > Gallery > Data Source or Page > Add Gallery > Datasource.

I hope that helps?

Yes I got in thanks! As for the slide sets i have the error whn using the visual composer and trying to make a slide set gallery


You can view the top working gallery is a page gallery

bottom broken code is a grid gallery with the exact same data source composed in the visual composer!


Can you post your WP login details onto the Help Center and support will take a look for you ASAP.

Hi ,

My site is actually throwing fatal errors.

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in D:\IIS\TestSite\wp-content\themes\DynamiX\index.php on line 9

Kindly advise. I’ve updated to the latest version.

Another question is, when would the visual composer be updated to the latest version?


That error suggests one of the core functions is missing from the theme – however, it’s 100% within the Theme. Can you please try re-uploading the theme to see if that resolves the issue.

I will update very shortly, they’re currently having some teething issues with the latest version – I’d like them ironed out first before I roll it out in the theme.


is there any easy way for me to re upload the whole site without losing my customizations?

What did you customize exactly?

Hi – quttera.com says that a file from one of this theme’s plugins is malicious:

/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/assets/js/js_composer_front.js?ver=3.7.3 Severity: Malicious Reason: Detected known malicious content. Details: Threat detected according to previously retrieved information Threat dump MD5: 00000000000000000000000000000000 File size[byte]: 23045 File type: ASCII MD5: 83A0F5BAED19D10ABE73FBDD0BF2814E Scan duration[sec]: 0.001000

How can I fix this?


It’s not malicious – when files are compressed, they can sometimes flag up like this, but it’s 100% safe.