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Hi there. Great theme, though I have two issues:

1) I purchased the DynamiX theme which included Visual Composer with it. I now see that there is a VC update, however since VC wasn’t purchased separately, I do not have a licence key for it, and thus no option to authenticate and update. Also since it wasn’t downloaded separately I cannot simply re-download it from codecanyon.net/downloads. The author of VC told me that “only your theme author can provide you with the fresh version or you can purchase license directly from us to receive automatic updates (free of charge).” Please advise how we can deal with this issue – perhaps you could provide me with a licence key to VC so that I can seamlessly get all their updates as they’re released.

2) I have tried creating an account on themeva help for DynamiX, however I keep getting the message that I’ve entered an ‘Invalid Purchase Code’ despite the fact that I got it from the Licence Certificate which I downloaded from http://themeforest.net/downloads under my ‘DynamiX – Business / Corporate Wordpress Theme’ download. Seeing as I’d like to post on and have access to the help forum in the future, resolving this issue would be needed.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to hearing from you.


1. I’ll be upgrading the theme version very soon, it appeared they had some teething issues and wanted them to settle down before I bundle it with the theme. But it will be included shortly.

2. That should work, can you make sure there is no spaces after or before the copied purchase code. If that doesn’t work, please send me a message via my profile with your purchase code and I’ll register for you.

Hello again.

1. I still have the prompt from Visual Composer to update the plugin. As mentioned in our previous messages, it seems the only way to have the updated version of VC is when DynamiX itself is updated. When do you think the theme will be updated, thus updating my VC plugin?

2. I tried again soon after your response and it all worked.

Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you.


1. I’m waiting for the developers of Visual Composer to iron out quite a big bug I found with the latest version. They are working on resolving it now, as soon as they’ve released an update, I’ll update the theme.

Hi there,

I was wondering which icons you use for this template? Are they from the icon pack you offer on Code Canyon?



No, I’m using the new FontAwesome fonts in the DynamiX theme.

Hi There

I am looking at this theme, however one very off putting thing, when viewing the demo in chrome some of the fonts display very badly, especially for example the “Parallax & Custom Rows add any content within the rows” and “PACKED WITH AWESOME FEATURES” section. Is there a way round this, in firefox etc it looks awesome but in Chrome it looks terrible.


I’m not sure why that would be. It loads fine for me on Chrome – it’s google fonts too. Are you using PC or Mac?

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing this theme (church website), but want to know if there is a possibility of a refund if it proves to be a template that doesn’t work for my site. A few months ago, I purchased a theme but recently found out that it is not compatible with BuddyPress or other plugins and cannot get a refund for that one.

Thank you for your time!


Refunds are managed by the Envato support and not by individual authors. They will only refund if the Theme is not working as described.

In this case I can’t see any reason why you would have any issue, the theme works with the latest version of BuddyPress and is designed to work great alongside plugins. If you do encounter any issues and it’s the theme at fault, either myself or the support team are there to help resolve it with a dedicated Help Center.

I hope that helps?

Hello the theme looks really good, I have one question, Does Dynamix theme the Grid Gallery can add sidebars? (I mean: two columns + sidebar layout for Grid Gallery) thanks


Yep, you can add a Grid Gallery into the content via the Visual Composer on a page which is setup with a Sidebar or even two if required. I hope that helps?

Amazing theme! I am interested in using it for a nonprofit organization that would like to have a multi-site install. There would be quite a few subsites so that different admins can monitor different content, but it would all be under the same nonprofit heading. If this was a commercial site I’d definitely pay the money to license the theme for multisite, well worth it for what it is, but since it’s a nonprof I was wondering if I could use the cheapy license for a multi-site install?


Thank you!

Multi-site is fine if they’re on the same domain, however if there are multiple domains being used the license states you would need to use an extended license.

Are you using different domains and how many?

It’d all be under one domain with the sites setup through subdomains—same look and feel as well, at least for the header and sidebars.


Does your theme work with the quForm plugin?



I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work – unfortunately I do not have a license to test it with.

Hi, When will Dynamix be updated with Visual Composer 4.0.1?

Thank you for the info :)

Any news on that update?


I’ve contacted the VC guys and they’re now aware of the issue, it’s been passed onto their developers and I’m awaiting a fix.

At very least they’ve acknowledged it and hopefully a solution will be created very soon.

I’ve installed WooCommerce and experiencing double pricing. I’ve been told it’s the theme according to WooCommerce. Is there anyway this can be resolved through DynamiX? This is the only theme I’ve purchased 5x. It’s by far my favorite. Thank you very much! :)


My apologies for the delay, you’re better off using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support. I asked support to test this yesterday and they couldn’t find any issue with the latest version of Woocommerce – it should work fine.

Have you tried disabling any other plugins to see if they’re interfering?

Thanks for your purchases, if you need any further help, please post your WP login details onto the Help Center and support will help you out. :)

Hello! Im considering about buying your theme. Its look very nice.

but I want to know some things. I’m interested in building web site for my small city about wedding photographer and videographers (to promote them to fiancés), so that i need 2 things: Forum ( i see your theme support it) and some catalogue for clients where fiancés could choose photograpther. I know WP is not the best platform for this, but i have no resources at the moment., so i just want to understand is it good to make such things on this template? I’m hesitated – how to create pages for each photographer? there are more than 70 photographers and its better to some decision, to make one template for all of them as template (like position in woo commerce) and each photographer can register and directly upload his photos and information about himself. Have no idea how to do this.

2 also questions about supporting the most popular russian social networks? vk.com (more than 60 000 000 visits per day) and odnoklassniki.ru

3 Is there page builder as visual composer?

4 Does it have Russian lang. translation?

Sorry for many questions. Andrey!

Hi Andrey,

1. The BuddyPress plugin may be the solution for you. The Photographers can register and build their own profile. I believe they can even add photos to their own album too. I would look more into the BuddyPress plugin and other plugins to help you achieve this.

2. Hopefully they have some sort of embed code and you can paste that into the pages?

3. Yep, there is an extended version of Visual Composer bundled with the theme.

4. There isn’t a Russian Translation, however it can be translated into Russian easily using a plugin.

Hello, I don’t mind to pay for the update of VISUAL COMPOSER and all his addons but my question is: Will it work with your theme or we absolutely need to wait for your ‘customized’ version of VC?



I fully recommend waiting for a future version – the new update is fantastic however it does have a bug at the moment which could change your website content. Until this is resolved i’d stay on 3.7.4.

I’m as keen as my users to rollout the new version, however until a few things have been ironed out, I won’t roll it out to my users.


I would like to see appear forums posts on the activity page (private group BP) as in the demo:

“Samantha Replied to the topic Using Facebook in the forum Group logo of Social Networking Forum NetworkingSocial 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Nullam euismod ipsum eget leo sagittis congue. Mauris urna non scelerisque ante accumsan, quis ligula euismod consequat. “
I do not. Do you use a special parameter or plugin
Soon update. Just to know if I wait a few days!?


Are you using bbPress forums in conjunction with BuddyPress? If not, that is the reason why you do not see them.

For future, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

I’m working on localhost demo site. I would like to reproduce your demo site (http://dynamix.themeva.com/). Too bad you do not put background images (low resolution, with warning) on the home page.
I imported DynamiX-Wordpress/Demo-XML/dynamix.wordpress.xml
1 / how to do the same thing with background images?
2 / where is the visual composer plugin? How to update without you?

Is this really necessary because I prefer another plugin (intense) ? Thanks

It would make things quite difficult without it, every element on a page is built using the visual composer, you’ll lose features like parallax, galleries within the content, buttons etc.

Thank you but I prefer to use other plugin. I wanted to be that there is no risk of bug (dependent code)
I was very surprised the obligatory mention!
Intense plugin (http://codecanyon.net/item/intense-shortcodes-wordpress-plugin/5600492) does the same thing for me but more beautiful :-)


Your Theme is Compatible in IE7 Are you sure for this



Whilst not all aspects will display and function exactly the same as other browsers ( it’s not possible with some of the functionality used ). It will display the web pages fine in IE7 just fine.


When I try and install the theme on my wordpress site I receive a the error “the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Any ideas how to fix this or what’s going on?



How are you installing the theme? I recommend using the Envato Plugin ( see documentation ).

If you’re still having issues, please post your login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will be happy to help.

Hi. My Visual Composer that came with my DynamiX theme says there is an update available, but when I try to update it, it says that the files are unavailable.

How do I update Visual Composer?

thank you.


I’m currently holding off on upgrading the Theme version of Visual Composer until one or two things have been ironed out with the plugin.

The new update is fantastic and I can’t wait to roll it out to you guys, however I have to wait until the issues are resolved.

Hello! Great theme I love it! Question: Is it possible to make a content column created in Visual Composer STATIC as the user scrolls down the page? i.e. the column on the right scrolls with the page but the column on the left remains static.


Thank you :)

Unfortunately it’s only possible with customization – see the Help Center for more information @ http://help.themeva.com.

Hi, when do You will update the theme?? I am having some issues with the Visual Composer update. Thanks Connie

Hi Connie,

Please see here for information on Visual Composer 4.x – http://help.themeva.com/groups/dynamix-support/forum/topic/visual-composer-v4-x-2/


was wondering if i am limited to the “2” pre set sidebars for widgets that come with the theme?

I need different combinations and don’t want some of the widgets on certain pages.. How do I go about doing this or adding a 3rd or 4th sidebar?

it’s a nice option that comes with the theme where you can choose on a page with a pre set sidebar e.g. 1 or 2.. but becomes very limiting in a case where a certain page needs a sidebar but for example wants a video to autoplay (and can’t have that on all the other pages)

I am used to other themes i work with e.g. headway where each page you just throw whatever widget u want in the sidebar…

Please advise, thanx.

Loving all you’ve done so far.

Best , Joe

Hi Joe,

If you remove all the widgets from the Footer Columns, the footer will disappear on it’s own and keep the lower footer.

However, I’m assuming you want footer widgets on some pages and not on others but keeping the lower footer?

yes, you’ve assumed correct, so…..:):)... How would I go about doing that?

Also, any word on the one page paralax with it’s own menu to that part of the page?

Thank you.

Please advise,


Currently it’s not possible, only with a bit of CSS to hide the footer elements on a certain page?

I’d love to implement this option, however it’s just finding the time at the moment. ;)


I just bought the theme and it is very good, I am happy but …

I’ve been trying to change the phrase “What People Says About Us” (postgallery_image id = “stage_testimonials) on the home page (bottom, right above the shopping cart) and can not find the way to change it because in the editor homepage the text does not appear anywhere, neither in classic mode or visual mode.

I found this text in the file “demo.xml” but I modified and everything remains the same. This is not the problem.

As much as I try, I fail in any way.

Somebody help me, please.


You’re always best using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support.

It is there, it’s in the last row with the visual composer enabled. Look for the CSS Animation Top to Bottom – edit this block and you’ll see the text. It’s hidden well because it’s white text.


Thank you very much!