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hello, i have a problem with setting buddypress – portfolio plugins.

everytime when i used it , i saw this error message – Fatal error: Call to undefined function messages_remove_callback_values() in /var/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-portfolio/includes/bp-portfolio-screens.php on line 43

i really confused about this , do u know how can i solved it?


Can you post this onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – ( along with your URL and WP login details ). I’ve not ever seen that message before. Is that with the latest version of the Theme and plugin?


I wanted to know, is it possible to have the logo change to a different version after scrolling down in the sticky navigation bar. Instead of just minimizing it ? Thanks.


Unfortunately not by default, you could use a bit of jQuery to achieve this, however it would be a customization. Please take a look at the customization service on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com


Any idea when WPBakery Visual Composer will be updated, I have updated the theme to the latest version.


Hi Steve,

I’m still waiting for Visual Composer to resolve quite a large bug I found in the plugin. I reported it 22 days ago and they are working on a fix. As soon as they’ve resolved it, it will be in the theme.

thi guys, thats great many thanks

Hi themeva,

Can we build posts and pages with the visual composer? And if we do it, will the content be seen by WPML, so we can use their “ICanLocalize” service to have these pages/posts duplicated and translated without doing anything else on our end?

Thank you for considering my request.

Best regards, Florence.


Yes you can. I believe that’s the case too, it’s the same as any other page – the visual composer displays short codes visually on the page, therefore it’s still just a normal page.

I hope that helps?

Hi There,

I’ve having issues making any other page then the homepage do the reveal thing when scrolling down the page.

Where is the option to enable it for all pages or a page level please?

Cheers, Joe

Hey Joe,

Do you mean the parallax effect? See the documentation here: http://themeva.com/docs/dynamix/add-a-parallax-image-color-background/

Hi maybe I’ll try it and if it works.

But in the homepage of your demo when scrolling to the bottom of the page the rows and blocks are animated as you scroll down the page. Revealing themselves as you go down.

Is that the parallax effect?

Sorry I don’t actually know what it’s called in technical terms.

Cheers Joe

I think you mean the animation on elements – If so, this page should help you : http://themeva.com/docs/dynamix/css-animation/

What version of WP e-Commerce does your theme supports ? Working with the latest WP e-Commerce ( and DynamiX Version: 2.8.9 When i turn debug on in wordpress there are TONS of notices and errors and problem is the WP e-Commerce pages (checkout,results) are not working and they just show the shortcode.


In order for me to help, you’ll need to sign-up to the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – the current account you’re using doesn’t show you’ve purchased the theme.

Hello, as always – I love this theme. Right now though, we’re having trouble accessing the THEME OPTIONS. It’s simply not loading the options page… nothing but a white screen. This is only happening on the theme options page, nothing else. Any suggestions?


My apologies for the delay – it’s always best to use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support. Please post your WP login details there and support will take a look for you ASAP.

Is there any way to make all the columns in the Pricing list the same height? They are all different heights dow to content but I want them all the same height. Please help.


If you post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – support will give you a method via CSS to set them the same height.

I did that as well.

The support registration signup on your site is not working. http://help.themeva.com/register/


It’s working fine, you’re just already registered – do a password reset here http://help.themeva.com/wp-login.php

hey, wen you guys will update Visual Composer with the theme !!!

kindly update theme with latest ‘visual composer’ | as it is more friendly with Wordpress 9

Believe me, I would love to but the plugin now breaks some of the extended elements I’ve created for the theme ( like parallax etc ) and I can’t update until they resolve it.

Ohk, i got it. Thankss :)

How can I enable a login/register button/link at the top of the page by the search bar or include a login/register link in my menu? I want to have it set at the top and turned on/enabled. Is that possible?


You can add it via Appearance > Theme Options > Header > Custom Header Field – you can do the links manually.

If you need any extra help, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – you can post your details up too and support will be able to give you an example.

Thank you. I got it to work!

Your theme is really great, I am working on it for a month. and purchasing of this theme is the best choice on the themeforest for me.

There comes one suggestion: I hope that you can add related posts at the bottom of one single post in the later updates?optional features?.

I mean blog area

Thank you for the kind words :)

Related posts should automatically appear when they’re sharing the same tags. If this isn’t happening for you, please post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Well noted! thanks. It appear.

I’m using DynamiX with Wordpress 3.9. I’m not able to build properly a Slide Set by using the Slide Set Manager. I only have access to the Custom Field Section. The Slide Set Manager seem to not work properly with Wordpress 3.9. Thank you for your help.


An update is in the review queue – hopefully it won’t be too long until ThemeForest release it.

i have the same problem what madeinquebec said.. i disabled all my plugins and tested.. but issue remains the same..

any solution?


There is a new version in the review queue – hopefully it won’t be long until ThemeForest release it.


Is it possible to keep visible the menu description (title attribute) while scrolling the page down?


Please post this onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and I’ll get support to show you how to re-enable them via CSS.

Thanks for the new update (v4.0.4) & keep up the good work! ;)


Does the theme update itself automatically? If not can you point me in the direction of how to do this.



Please refer to the documentation on how to update the theme. You can access the documentation via Appearance > Theme Options > Documentation.

Add Media button is not functioning after new theme update. Anyone else have this happen?


If you upgrade to the latest version, this issue should be resolved now. Be sure to empty your browser cache too.

Hi There,

I’ve updated to the latest version and the background images associated with the rows have stopped working.

Is this a bug or a fault?

Cheers, Joe

That shouldn’t be the case with the latest version, if you’re still having issues with the rows, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

With regards to the WYSIWYG elements, I’m working on this now.

Hi There,

I wondered when you’ll be releasing an update to fix the WYSIWYG / Text Editor as I’m having to copy and paste from one to another to make it work.

Cheers, Joe

Yup… I upgraded to WP 3.9 and had compatibility issues… The WYSIWYG for the theme disappeared and so did several other functions.

Great theme though :)


I’m currently working on this fix, as soon as it’s done I’ll update the theme :)