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Hi there!

the theme looks great, congrats. I noticed with Firebug that the content max width is limited to 980px(?).

- is this a theme setting?

- can this be changed to a more usable width like 1170 or 1200px, either in the control panel as an option or in custom CSS?

- If so, will the site and layout etc still be responsive and functional, i.e. no other changes need to be made?

- Do you have a demo/client site where the maxwidth is larger?


Ps: please check: http://gtmetrix.com/reports/dynamix.themeva.com/tEmS3YzG

- Will you optimize the theme for speed? It is very slow compared to others.

- Why are there (superlong) Base64 url’s being used (See the minimize request size item on PageSpeed)?



- You can easily adjust the maximum size by using a tiny bit of CSS and support would be happy to show you that and It will work throughout the site and no need to adjust anything else.

- The page speed issues can be rectified by using the cache plugins and server setups and full image optimization. I’m currently only running minimal amount on the demo site.


Theme looks great. Will it work with woocommerce and wordpress multisite install? Have you tried it with the theme and multisite and woocommerce and everything without problems?



Yes, it works with multisite and should work with woo commerce too, I can’t see why it would have any issue with that.

Hi, I would like to update my site www.jamadio.com with the new updated theme. Will it change the layouts and artist profiles I have created?


You shouldn’t have any issues updating the theme, if you do run into any problem, support @ http://help.themeva.com will be happy to help.

I was trying to register on your site. But I kept on having problems. I need help with updates and the visual composer text blocks are are blank when I try to edit text contents.

Hi, after the update 4.0.3 my revslider scripts got hacked. I cleaned it already and today, I installed update version 4.0.4. But a couple hours after that, the rev slider script was hacked again. This was the infected file: ./wp-content/plugins/revslider/cache/sql.php

Is this file/slider still open for attacks?


Are you updating the actual rev slider itself – see this guide on how to do that. http://help.themeva.com/theme-issues/

No, I just installed the last update of your theme as in the manual. Do I need to update all plugins manually also? After updating your theme? Today, the website is hacked again.


The site would not be hacked via the Theme ( unless it was a version from a couple of years back, when it used timthumb ), your database maybe compromised. Have you spoken to your hosting to see how this is being done?

And yes, you should update all plugins too.

I was trying to register on your site. But I kept on having problems. I need help with updates and the visual composer text blocks are are blank when I try to edit text contents.


My apologies for the delay, I’ve been away for a few days. What issue are you having with registering, can you send me your Purchase code via my profile > enquiry form, thanks.

Updating the theme should resolve this.

How do you make the share button opens the social icons by default?


The share icons via visual composer will only share the page, you can use the social icons vc element and set any URL instead.

Dear Sirs, I have a lot of problems with parallax view on Google Chrome. Please try to help me. Many thanks


Please post your URL onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

since i upgraded to WP 3.9 my buddypress profile page does not show, its always blank with this theme! anybody also having this problem?

well, the problem why i could not see buddypress links were a caching problem, but i still get these errors with WP_DEBUG true… any fixes for this?


This would suggest Visual Composer isn’t present – can you confirm it’s installed?

yes its installed, i bought it and installed that one

I trusted your updates now my site is totally screwed up! I don’t believe this.

My site totally disappeared to a white empty page, so here is what I did to fix it. WP deleted the Dynamix theme and replaced it with a default. I left it like that for about 5 minutes while I stared at it in disbelief then I reinstalled Dynamix with the Envato Toolkit plugin. Everything is back! So happy!

The Visual Composer plugin still won’t update but since I am not using it, no worries.


When you get a blank screen like that, it usually means WordPress has ran out of memory – i recommend increasing it. See their guide here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config.php#Increasing_memory_allocated_to_PHP


I’ve come across an issue when customising the Dynamix theme.

I want to use the portfolio post type, however I wanted to change the name from portfolio to resource(s) I managed to change all the labels however I couldn’t get the slug to change from ‘portfolio’ to ‘resource’ I’ve tried using: add_action( 'wp_loaded', 'aas_resource_update', 20 ); function aas_resource_update(){ global $wp_post_types; $p = 'portfolio'; $wp_post_types[ $p ]->rewrite['slug'] = 'resource'; return; } which is the method I used to change the labels but this didn’t work, so I tried: function change_slug_of_post_type_x() { register_post_type('portfolio', array( 'rewrite' => array ('slug' => 'resource') ) ); } add_action('init', 'change_slug_of_post_type_x', 20);

but it didn’t work either, I also tried a more convoluted solution using the translate function but that also proved fruitless.

Could you provide some guidance on how to rename the slugs of the custom post types in the theme?


In order for me to help you, you’ll need to sign into the account in which you purchased the theme from.

The preferred method is using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Any idea when the theme will be updated to visual composer 4.1.2? The current version (4.1) is causing some major problems with WP 3.9. Thank you.


Currently 4.1.2 will break the theme VC elements like Parallax etc – I’ve spoken to the Visual Composer guys and they recognise the issue and are working on a fix.

The current theme version as well as the version of VC bundled with it don’t seem to be working together either. This is very problematic. I hope there is a solution soon. Thank you.


I’m about to release an update which will resolve all issues between VC, the theme and WP 3.9. I finally got the bottom of a few issues with the Visual Composer plugin.


I build page, using VC. How can I make Google map full width?


You should be able to set the row to full width with the map in and it will resize to full width?

Yes. But I use rev. slider for this. Thank you!

If I update to WordPress 3.9v visual composer fails to work. I had to back install the old version of WP. Are you releasing a new version of Dynamix that is compatible with WordPress 3.9?

I currently using Dynamix 4.0.4 after reviewing the comment section it looks like i’m not the only one having this problem. The current them works perfectly fine with Wordpress 3.8 when I update the visual composer no longer works. I tried the uninstall and reinstall directions listed under support for visual composer but in did not work.

What version of Visual Composer are you using, the version of VC bundled with the theme should work okay – it’s not perfect. However the latest version of VC and the theme doesn’t work well.

This is due to VC dev’s changing their script, they’re aware of it and I’m awaiting a fix from them. Unfortunately it’s out of my hands at the moment until they resolve it. Hopefully it will be any time now.

I am using VC Version 3.7.4 the plugin dose say it needs updated. That totally makes sense and I have no problem waiting to upgrade till that fix becomes available, now that I know somethings in the works. What is the best way you recommend to be made aware of theme updates? Thanks so much for your help and speedy reply! I really love the theme, and you guys are great with support! http://www.thebridgechurchcolumbus.com


Your theme looks great. I am thinking of getting this for a support group. They will have some public pages but its vital that the Forums, Members List etc is hidden from viewers that are not logged in.

Can this theme do that?


Yes, it’s completely possible to do this by using the BuddyPress plugin ( free plugin ) along with bbPress for the forums.

I am very frustrated, I used the Envato toolkit to update my site to the new version you created and its telling me it fail.

Installing Theme: DynamiX – Business / Corporate Wordpress Theme 4.0.4 Downloading install package from the Envato API…

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /home/jamadio/public_html/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/

Theme install failed. I need some help?


You’re trying to overwrite an existing folder – there are a couple of ways around this.

You can use FTP to change the name of the folder e.g. DynamiX_prev and then install via the plugin or delete the current version and then install via the Envato plugin.

Thanks, Finally the problem resolve. I tried the instruction you gave and the visual editor work again. One thing, am getting a notification saying to update the revolution slider. But it is giving me a link to purchase the plugin. Why is that?

Hello I just bought the theme and how do I get it to look like the preview but with my content?


Please goto the Appearance > Theme Options > Getting Started and import the demo content. This will import the posts and pages from the demo content ( this isn’t recommended if you have pages and posts already for your site ).

We need a theme update..

The theme developer needs to fix the issues between line 181 ad 202 of themes/dynamiX/lib/adm/js/cmb.js

This is an issue /w the DynamiX theme. I’m not sure if a newer version of the said theme will fix the issue but this is something the developer of the theme should be fixing.

Here is a screenshot of the area of code that is of issue. It also show’s the error that’s causing it. That should be more than enough for the other dev to do his thing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pujfyod7in1wilx/Screenshot%202014-05-04%2011.44.52.png

Please advise ASAP!!!


The latest update should have resolved this now?

Thanks buddy for the new update (v4.0.5). Glad to see it works fine with VC v4.1.2

Keep up the good work! ;)

No problem keyhanjun – got there in the end ;)

Hi, great theme, We have done a ton of mods and great to work with.

Could you please suggest the best way to remove all instances of the portfoflio.

We are not using this feature but it show up as an option in many of the other edit/add new pages as a drop down option.

Thank you

The best way would be to stop the registration of the portfolio post type – if you post the question on to the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, I’ll give you a guide on how to do this.


2 questions:

First: Support page say to me: ERROR: Couldn’t register you… please contact the webmaster ! What can i do?

And Second: Styles of call Action buttons not works


It sounds like you’re already registered, please try doing a password reset here http://help.themeva.com/wp-login.php