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Hello, i bought your theme back in 2011. just did a fresh install and need to update vc plugin. Im trying to access the support forum but i am unable to register nor retreive my password. Can you help me retreive my info for the support forum ?


Sure, can you send me an email via my profile ( click avatar ) and I’ll change the email address to one of your choice.

just perfect

Thank you :)


Just wondering why revolution slider in this theme not well functioning? What i meant is when I try to delete the slider, the slider still exist.


It should function fine, however if it’s regarding deleting the slider, it maybe related to the plugin itself or other plugins enabled.

Have you tried disabling all other plugins and maybe switching to a default theme to see if you can delete it then? I’ve not had any other reports of this.

If you’re still having issues, please post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

I think the same way too, maybe the plugin itself have a problem. This issue started since I’ve updated the revslider to the latest version. Do you know how to downgrade the revslider from previous version? I really appreciate if you can help me solve this issue.


My apologies for the delay, do you have an old version of the theme, if so, you will find the older version of rev slider in the DynamiX/plugins/ folder.

Purchase your theme and wanted to install plugins Visual Composer and Revolution slider but got the following error (German):

— Installing Plugin: Revolution Slider Das Plugin hat keinen validen Header. Runterladen des Installationspakets von /public_html/wp-content/themes/DynamiX-Child/plugins/revslider.zip…

Download fehlgeschlagen. Es wurde keine gültige URL übermittelt.

Plugin has no valid header. Plugin of installation package failed. No valid URL.

How to download please?

It’s not possible to download the plugins Visual Composer and Revolution Slider. Your Pre-Packaged Source says invalid header. Please can you correct this?


My apologies for the delay, it’s always best to use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support.

You need to switch back to the core theme, install the plugin and switch back to the child theme. I hope that helps?

Hi, just purchased the theme, and installed it with Envato ( ThemeForest ) Plugin as recommended. However after installation, upon activating, all I get is a ‘Cheatin’ uh?’ wordpress error, any help?

Please ignore this comment, after I logged out and logged back in, it seems working now.

Hello, is it possible for me to have the Demo data for Buddypress of this theme? I have imported the demo xml for Dynamix, but there is no buddypress component as shown on live demo. I purchased this theme especially for its Buddypress feature. If I can download it somewhere, that will be great.



BuddyPress is installed separately, you can download it via your WP dashboards > Plugins > Add New > Search for BuddyPress.

I have already installed/activated BuddyPress on my site. What I am looking for is your theme of the demo for the Buddypress menu item and all its relevant pages. I imported the demo xml, I have all other menus (features, galleries, blog and contact), but not the buddypress. I wonder if you can export the theme setting for buddypress and all its pages (member, activity etc) as an xml file, so I can import them to my site. Thanks.


You can add those pages via Appearance > Menus and add Members, Activity etc.

If you still need help with this, please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, along with your WP login details and support will be happy to help you.

Installed the most recent update (DynamiX 4.0.8) with Envato WordPress Toolkit. Since then I am not able to edit text on my site with VC the box pops up with the General and Design options but nothing works and it dose not populate any text in the editor. All the other elements seem to work fine. Just added text in an email box. Have reinstalled js_composer.zip Plugin multiple times but it still doesn’t work. Seems to be the only element effected. Also the text edit does not work in the front end editor either. I am able to edit text in classic mode and it updates fie its jut annoying.


Can you post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will investigate for you.

Is this theme works fine with OptimizePress 2.0 ?


If I bought one copy by Regular License, could get the source code of the theme to customize as my special needs? And moreover, could I update the old version for free in the future as the author releases a new version? If it’s permitted, is there any time limit to update? Or it always can be updated for free to the latest version for a lifetime?


You can modify the code, however you can not re-sell as another theme.

All future releases are FREE and you can update as soon as an update is available, this will be available for as long as the Theme is still for sale :)

I’m getting an error on my site. It’s only showing when I activate DynamiX. It’s fresh installed and the required plug-ins are installed as well.

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/domains/304/mysite.dk//sess_4fea57149216a989898bc08719262fa9, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/www/mysite.dk/wp/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/functions.php on line 1

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /home/www/mysite.dk/wp/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/functions.php:1) in /home/www/mysite.dk/wp/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/functions.php on line 1

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/www/mysite.dk/wp/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/functions.php:1) in /home/www/mysite.dk/wp/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/functions.php on line 1


It seems your server doesn’t support session variables ( usually windows based ).

You can remove the line from DynamiX/functions.php

if (!is_admin()) if(!session_id()) session_start();

If you’re still having issues, please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com


It just looks like there isn’t a menu selected. Select one via Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations and assign a menu to the main menu option.

I fixed it by restoring database, very strange, I didn’t touch menu.

Hello there, I wanted to know if there was a place where you can see various websites your theme DynamiX ?

Hi, I just purchased it today, but I am having problem download it. I have already tried 20 time today. and it says I can only download 50 time. is there anyway else I can get the theme. Please Let me know Thanks!


You can install the theme via this method. http://themeva.com/docs/dynamix/theme-installation-updating/

Thanks, I instaled the plugin, but could not find the envato toolkit page.

How can the header area of this theme be widgetized for a horizontal banner ad?


You can widgetize the drop panel area. You could also generate a widgetized sidebar via the Visual Composer > Switch to Classic View > Copy the Code > Paste the code into the Theme Options > Header > Header Custom Field

Hi, I have just edited one of the slider and now the homepage didn’t show. Can you please help me solve this problem? my site http://www.hizztech.com


Please can you post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will help you out.

In the meantime, I’d check your data source, it’s most likely something to do with that.


I like your theme. Just a question: is it possibile to use images in the menus or just only text ?


You could use icons in the menus, any of the Font Awesome icons can be used. http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/

1. Theme removes all the seo meta tags from pages, eg title, description and so on. How to stop this?

2. Theme interferes with the site page header, when I switched on theme, it reset the page title separate to ”|”. How to correct this?

3. How do I customize the archive/category pages. Right now it is showing default layout with tags, comment count and so on which I don’t want displayed. It is also displaying short codes from the page text, not using post excerpt/summary. How do I customize these layouts, I can’t find it in theme options?

4. Theme removes the dashboard title, and sets it to page url, eg. “http://blog….”. How to correct this?

5. Are there any custom widgets, eg latest posts, popular posts and so on?


1. It doesn’t remove them. They’re not present by default – I recommend using the SEO Yoast plugin to achieve this as you have far greater control over the SEO tags.

2. This is done by recommendation for SEO, you can request on the Help Center to edit the header.php if you really want to change it.

3. You can disable the Post Metadata via Appearance > Theme Options > Blog.

4. I’m not sure what you mean by this?

5. Recent posts is a default widget, for anything else, I recommend using a plugin to suit your needs.

For any further help, I recommend using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

As a Chinese, I wonder if this theme could support the display of Chinese characters well? Moreover, because of the bad accessibility of google sites in China, google web fonts couldn’t be used in building my site. How could I solve this problem when using this theme? Or is there any effective solution? (I’ve noticed the google web fonts are used in this theme)


Yes It can display Chinese characters, you’ll need to disable Google fonts and then you can use a default web font instead.

Help = I’ve purchase TWO COPIES of DynamiX and Requested at least four times to Join the Support Group = NO ANSWERS from YOU.

I have this problem using the Non Responsive Version = 2.8.?


Can NOT ADD new PAGES or POSTS without this Error Message:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘name’ in /home/...../...../...../...../DynamiX/lib/adm/inc/meta-fields.php on line 1128

Help = Thank You


I’ve added you back into the Group. You’ll need to update DynamiX, it requires some work, however it will be worth it once it’s done.

I recommend backing up your current version of the theme and you can always switch back to it if need be, but a dramatic amount has changed since that version. ( 15th April 2011 )

Thank you = Yes, I know about the updates = just not that happy with the new look of the Responsive design for DynamiX = I’ll figure out a fix.

Thank you for letting me in the Suport Forum

What don’t you like about it, you can disable the Responsive option?

I would like to purchase this theme but was hoping you could upload the entire template (as shown here) into my wordpress hosting account.

I am new to wordpress, but want to start a charity and this is the perfect theme. I will obviously pay you for the trouble. Could you let me know if you can do this?

Sorry, I forgot to say, I want to buy the template for the full price and pay you for your help to install the template on my hosting (as it is advertised). I just need help as I dont have lots of wordpress experience. (even though this is for a charity, I am going to pay you full price and for your help – if you are willing)


We can help you for free on how to install the theme and if you get really stuck, we can arrange for someone to install it for you for a small fee.