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Great Theme ! Just one question, may I know how can I set it’s always sticky menu ? That’s no matter the position of scroll bar is, the header will always show the sticky one. Many thanks !


That’s not really possible – you could style it like it’s the sticky one, but you’d need to use the Customization service on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

Hello Support.

I have a pre-sales question.

A big part of our site is going to be show-casing case studies that we have already completed.

We were planning on using the section in your DEMO called “Parallax & Custom Rows – add any content within the rows”.

Currently, they are pictures, which when clicked open up in an overlay window. We want those pictures to click through to a regular secondary page. Is this possible…??

More importantly, if it is indeed possible, which shortcode OR theme functionality would give me what I am looking for as described above…??

Please let me know and thank you.


Yep, that is completely possible – they can link to any URL.

You would simply edit the Slide Set where the images are held and add your link into each of the images.

You can use Posts with featured images too, they can link directly to the post page.

If you get stuck, feel free to ask on the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com

Thanx for the response and the clarification. Will purchase this theme today.

Hi there, I have purchased the template and gave it a few tries but its not working. Could you perhaps assist with the installation? I would really appreciate it !


Please post your WP login details onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – support are going through questions now and should be able to assist your straight away.

thanks. I have passed on the details in the forum via private message.

I update the theme, but now I can not edit my website. The editor is blank. The visual composer is giving problems. Please help me fix the problems.


Please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com and support will be happy to help. If you provide your WP login details too, support can take a look for you.

A pre-sales comment: I want to make this work with BuddyPress as a Video Gallery. But on the Video page, there is only a single player. I need a grid. Several pages of grids (galleries). Is this a capability of the Dynamix?

Never mind—I see it is compatible. Close this question.

1- This theme support events? 2- Can i add more items on http://dynamix.themeva.com/groups/awesome-group/forum/


4-i want to add Events Manager plug like another item in group page, and another item where the admin can upload Pdf so users can download it.



My apologies about the delay.

1. It doesn’t by standard,however it can via a plugin e.g. https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/

2. Yes, you can add as many as you like.

3. I’m not sure what you mean by this, however you can have as many galleries as you require.

4. It sounds like you’ll need a plugin this like the following to add custom tabs – http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-custom-profile-menu/


Good morning my name is Ricardo Triana, I´m a front end developer and web/mobile designer. Im looking to purchase a template for my startup company. What Im looking for is:

-User registration/sign up -User can edit their profile (avatar image and data) and publish. Profile can be viewed by all registered and not registered users. -User geolocation. Can user have a geolocation option when creating profeile. -Advanced search app -Responsive and extremely mobile friendly -Chat aplication or some kind of comment aplication so users can interact in a private/public manner. -User can create a post/page with custom fields, and will only be published after admin authorization. This post/page can be tagged so that it can be easily found by a user when using this tags as search filters. -User can create and share a post/page with custom fields that will only be viewed by certain users. User should be able to associate this post/page with a certain user that is registered in the site.

I know these might look like a bit too much, but it is my best option, i need some kind of minimum viable product to be online in a few weeks, that is why Im taking the template option as my last resource. And I know that some of these functionalities can be achieved with plugins and son on. But Id really like to know if plugins can be installed without any trouble and that your template will be able to install these plugins with no conflict.

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you guys can help me out.



Hi Ricardo Triana,

Most of the functionality you require is via BuddyPress, this will handle the user registration and profile editing. You can add custom fields too.

For geolocation, take a look at plugins for BuddyPress that will help with this e.g. https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-checkins/

For chat, you can use the following plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/zopim-live-chat/

Unfortunately I’m not sure on the rest, however if you do a bit of searching, I’m sure you’ll find a plugin that suits your needs – the Theme is designed to be as compatible as possible with plugins.

I hope that helps?


Is it possible to have the slider smaller rather than from one end to the other end of large screen. An example is university of cambridge site Thanks


Yep, you can set any width for the Gallery.

i recently installed your theme on my site. i used various themes and decided to switch back to yours. My problem is that i am using the Tevolution plugin by e Templatic. this theme is not comparable i have used various others themes and it worked perfect but on this theme it won’t can you please help me to get this fixed. i really would like to use this plugin


Please can you post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com, along with your WP login details and support will take a look for you.

Love the theme, just wondering… This may sound strange but don’t think i want to install the buddy press part. I have another plugin that i would like to use (MemberMouse). Will this theme work ok with that one?



Hi Rick,

The theme should work absolutely fine with that plugin – the styling maybe the only thing you’d need to tweak. BP integration is styled inline with the theme.

Hi themeva,

I’m currently looking to upgrade my hosting from a generic plan with GoDaddy to a managed WordPress solution from a company like WP Engine or Pagely. Most of these hosts cache their sites and serve them over a CDN.

I’m not an expert on those topics, so I wanted to double-check that DynamiX will run smoothly and the caching won’t present any issues with the theme or bundled plugins. Although I expect a great experience with DynamiX, I know that sometimes caching can cause headaches. I want to be sure that out of the box DynamiX will be ready to excel on a managed host that utilizes caching and other WordPress perks.

Are there any particular hosts you would recommend or suggestions for consideration when weighing my options for a managed WordPress host?

Thanks, themeva! I’m looking forward to using DynamiX when I get setup on my new host.



Hey Ryan,

Yes it will support caching absolutely fine and you can achieve fantastic results with it.

There is some light caching on the DynamiX demo site. I use the WP Fastest Cache plugin.

I hope that helps?

Hi themeva,

Awesome! Thanks for reassuring me that everything will work just fine. I appreciate the tip regarding the plugin you’re using for the demo site. Keep up the good work with the theme!


Having a drama with the Read More text the ”...” is mis-aligned

http://synappsis.co.uk/g4dev/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Screen-Shot-2014-08-01-at-10.31.39.png need to sort this as soon as please


My apologies for the delay. For support can you please post onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

Support will be able to help you – you may need to change the ellipsis in Settings > Excerpt. Adding some blank spaces before the ellipsis. &ampnbsp;&ampnbsp;&ampnbsp;

Hi, I’m currently using DynamiX version 2.8.8 and I was wondering how I can get updated to the newest version?


You just need to download the latest version from your downloads area. However you account is not showing you’ve purchased the theme.

Yeah, the non-profit that I’m working for has purchased the theme from a different account that the one I’m using now. When you say “download the latest version from your downloads area” you mean from the wordpress dashboard? Because in the updates for themes section DynamiX does not show any available updates. Where else could I get the update?

No, I mean from the ThemeForest download area. Goto your account on TF > Downloads and re-download the DynamiX theme.

Dynamix is a first-rate theme with excellent feature set, good documentation, has the Revolution slider built in, and includes a more-of-less full version of Visual Composer (not the cripple-ware version that comes with themes such as X). Dynamix is regularly updated, has tons of free support courtesy of Andy and his team + the DynamiX user group, who often resolve many issues and post results themselves; AND the DynamiX team offers a subscription based “super support” group; AND I hear that Andy or one of his people will create custom code for a price.

Thank you for the kind words!! :)


I do not speak English I would remove the white border see picture Thank you for your help


My Site : http://www.lavieamulhouse.com/

best regards Eric

Hi Eric,

My apologies for the delay ( I’m currently away on vacation ), you’re best using the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support.

Please post your WordPress login details onto the Help Center and Support will investigate for you.

Please help: 1. I need to expand body for several pages from 910 to 978, http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e83a2d2e4. See website here http://goo.gl/vTrqcL. 2. Slider is not working from mobile devices, no picture.


Please use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com for support, they’ll happily give you the CSS to achieve this.

Please also provide a link on the Help Center + WP Login details so support can investigate why the slider isn’t showing.

Hi there, I have recently purchased the theme “Dynamix”. I like the theme very much! But after a long search on the internet without success and taste so much, I am helpless. I just want to change the BuddyPress button color. On of the buttons is no link. Just a note. I tried it like this: -> Design -> Theme Options -> Customize There, I typed in Custom CSS>

.button a: { background-color: # 172a39; border-color: # 0f1c26; } .button a: hover { background-color: # 172a39; border-color: # 0f1c26; }

Unfortunately, nothing has changed. What should I do?


Can you please post a link to your site onto the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com – I’ll see what button you mean.

The above CSS is invalid and would not work either way.

i updated your theme, Visual composer and WP to latest version but it seems that the theme dont show VC component correctly. why? i am using multisite and i install my VC on my network. but i didnt use your VC that u give in the plugin folder


My apologies for the delay, it’s always best to use the Help Center @ http://help.themeva.com.

I’d need your WP login details to see what is happening, there shouldn’t be any reason why the latest version shouldn’t work. Can you post your WP login details onto the Help Center and I’ll take a look for you.


This is our website. How can I remove No posts found. from here?

I set front page to “HOME (which is a page) front page display. But, I can not remove this.


Did you manage to resolve this, I do not see the “No posts found”.