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Thank you for all your hard work- this theme is fantastic! One thing I was wondering (sorry if i may have missed it in the documentation), is if there’s a way to use the menu manager that’s built into WP3 .0 as a means of generating the main navigation next to the logo.

thanks again- GREAT WORK ! :D

Thanks for purchasing! ;)

On this version no, the WP3 .0 custom menu support was a late addition but something I’ll be working with in the future.

If this is something you desperately want I can do a custom job for you.

Glad you’re enjoying it!!

great theme- was just wondering though how do i set my first menu item (which i have labelled home) to be my actual homepage?

Hi Nick,

Thanks for purchasing!

Have you set home to be the first page under Wordpress -> Settings -> Reading ? If you have email me your website and I’ll take a look.


Hey Thanks for a great theme!! Looks fab!

I just purchased it and running some tests! and i have a small problem, i cant get the Short Code Generator to work when i’m running it locally under MAMP , nothing happens when i press “Send to short code editor” but it works when i run it on the remote server.

Is there anything else I need to do to get it to work under MAMP ?

Any clues?

MacOSX 10.6 – Wordpress3 – local under MAMP – Tested both Safari and Firefox…



Thanks for purchasing! I’m glad you like it ;)

I am unfortunately clueless at the moment as to why that wouldn’t work. As you said it works remotely fine.

Can you send me an email and we’ll see if we can get to the bottom of it.


I am trying to install the theme and these are the errors I am getting:

Warning: fopen(/home/nucrea5/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/DynamiX/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/nucrea5/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4165

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/nucrea5/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4168

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/nucrea5/public_html/wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4171

Can you help me with this?



It looks like a server issue, can you email me your ftp and wp login details please, I’ll take a look for you and see what’s going on.

Love this. Can you tell me if it will support Buddy Press or work with a community website?

Thanks, I’ll take a look at the conversion to Buddy Press for you tomorrow, if it’s simple I’ll make the changes and bundle the required files to make it work.

I decided to have a quick go, looks pretty good at the moment. Email me and I’ll show you a separate demo.


Fantastic theme – just needs a dedicated/designed blog template to be the first challenge to Kriesi and Webreats we’ve seen in a while… ;-) Bookmarked and will be the first of many to buy if/when blog added.

Thanks for the kind words !!

Dedicated blog is complete, I’m going to add it to the queue between now and Friday, I’m just adding JQUERY tabs and accordion functionality. ;)

Hi, Great theme! My first purchase! Exactly what i needed! Just needs a dedicated contact page to make it ideal for business/corporate use.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing!!

I did think about putting one in, I only didn’t because the likes of Contact Form 7 plugin is extremely powerful and instead of re-inventing the wheel I left it at having basic contact forms being able to be placed anywhere in the drop panel or footer areas. ;)

A few questions -

Can you disable the breadcrumb navigation on the pages?

Can you get rid of the “heart” or favorite thing. And Maybe the text size too?

How many files are needed to make my own color? texture?



Do you mean the Gallery Heights? All Gallery heights can be adjusted?

I’m assuming it’s early morning there now – it’s 15.42pm at writing this. Normally I finish around 7pm which is probably around lunch time for you?


In height I was referring to the banner on the home page. Is that adjustable?

No that’s static.. it’s not specific for the home page it’s for Stage Gallery Only.


Great job man, almost perfect, i have some comments though, the heart is cool but it might be a bit confusing for some people to figure out the purpose of it, it’s always cool when the twitter or the social networking icons are more clear, buddypress supposrt will be great, besides a reviewing system like the GD stars, and how about vimeo video support, and could i play videos in the main slider in the main page? like inside the slider? i like the fact you will also implement the accordion slider, i was also wondering if it’s possible to have posts in the main page since the demo only shows the featured in the main slider and some gallery but no posts?

Thanks, I’m glad you like it ;)

I may add to the list of just enabling the individual social icons aswell as having the heart.. that way you can choose to hide the icons behind the heart or just display individually.

The video actually inside the slides isn’t something I’ve looked, once I’ve got this first batch of features uploaded I’ll take a look.

Not sure what you mean about the posts?

I am very interested in this template. Glad to hear you plan to update soon with a dedicated blog.

Thanks for your interest, blog is ready to go – want to bundle in JQUERY Tabs, Accordion, Reveal Boxes a new Style Box aswell, fingers crossed it will be in the queue tomorrow ;)


I’d like to know if we’ll be able to add tables in your next update and if you tried (in the portfolio to have rows with more than 3 pictures?



The theme naturally supports tables, however there isn’t a shortcode for them and there probably isn’t much point creating one because there isn’t a lot of code to shave off.

However.. there are lots of HTML table generators out there, this one I found to be perfect.

http://tablegen.nfshost.com/ – the only thing you need to remove is the border=1 from the code. Just copy and paste that into your page and you get this result.


With regards to the rows, you can’t add multiple rows but you can add multiple galleries after each other creating rows.


I think you originally said columns and for the grid gallery? At present no, however if you want a custom job doing then I can, email me for details :)

well what i meant by posts is that i can use the main page as a blog having the main slider then other posts as well, like recently news, featured n so on, you know what i really like about your theme, it’s how for the first time someone focused on the internal things and not only the things which concerns the design, like the image effects, columns and so,.. also if you can add the highlighted texts would so cool ;)

keep it up great great work, i’m waiting for the updates and i think i mighr go for it myself.


It has highlighted text already ;)

The highlight one colour takes the same colour as the colour set for links (which are custom in the admin panel) See bottom of – http://dynamix.creativeworkz.co.uk/shortcodes/general-styling/

I’ve made the dedicated blog in a different way to most (I think) – i’ve kept it as a page, you simply select blog from the template dropdown – then select your categories you wish to display on that page but i’ve also kept all of the functionality of a normal page.. therefore you can add galleries, text, images etc etc above you blog posts.

That way, you can create intros for your blog posts – even better is that if you have a portfolio style blog you can use a post gallery to preview the images at the top which will link direct to the post ;)

That’s true but in my case i’m working on a magazine alike website, it’s about Egypt, nightlife, musicians and artists as well, mainly focused on gossip and art news and reviews and not pictures, and that’s why i was wondering if there is an option to have a like 2 column or 3 column posts from some categories in the main page so ppl can kinda get to know what’s goin on in there u know, and also one more comment if it’s possible to make the font bigger once u enter and even before optimizing it from the AA icon? i and it’s true you got the highlight text but can i use more than one color in the same sentences for different words?

and thanks for the fast reply it’s always the best having a good support before anything else.

I can add more highlight colours quite easily, if I get time I will but probably got enough to do for the first update.

You could set the default text size higher in the CSS – it’s a single line so easy to do.

I’ve put together a quick page of text only galleries. See if this is something that could work for you. http://dynamix.creativeworkz.co.uk/galleries/text-only-gallery/

You can break the GRID gallery up by creating a category with 3 posts in and another category with another 3 posts in . That way you could put text inbetween the galleries.

well i’m talking something like this http://themeforest.net/item/reviewit-review-community-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/109666

with pictures n stuff u know, is that gonna be hard?

Is there a way to change the size of the “Branding Image” please?

You can set the branding image size easily in the CSS . I can help you if you get stuck :)

Any document on how you did the homepage? two sliders on one page? also im having issue with the images, it looks like the image is broken,


Hi, thanks for purchasing!

You can add a Stage Gallery under Pages -> “Add Post Gallery” meta box, that one is the main gallery. You can add additional galleries by using the “Shortcode Generator” -> “Post Gallery” -> “Slider Gallery”.

I can’t see that link. can you email me with your details and I’ll assist with any other issues ;)

OK, I figured out the homepage, but the image is still not showing, broken link..

Thanks for your quick response appreciate it! Got to grips pretty easily with this theme and loving the results! one thing is bugging me- when i click on a post it doesnt appear as a full width but automatically loads sidebar 1 at the right hand side of the page..how can i change this. I can do it easily when I want to layout a page but just not with a post! thanks, nick

Hi Nick, on the first update it will have the same functionality as pages to select which layout you want. I forgot to include it on the first upload.

I’m aiming for the first update to be in the queue tomorrow ;)

Just one word: PERFECT ! :)

The only problem I had, was standing between the chair and the keyboard.

thanks for the help.

Thank you!!! I’m glad you like it and no problem about the help ;)

Nice job, really like it! Does the template supports wp3 menus? (couldn´t find info)

Wow, that was a quick answer :-)

Do you have some sort of timeframe for the mainmenu support of the WP3 menus?

Cheers Putte

;) I’m about to finish off the first update which includes, Dedicated Blog, JQUERY Tabs and Accordion, a new Style Box and a few other bits and pieces.

Weekend I’m creating some screencasts of how to use the theme, some people haven’t released how powerful it is until I’ve spoken to them on how to use it so I think that will help people.

So next week I want to look into implementing the WP3 .0 for the main menu but keeping support for previous versions of WP. So approx another week, depends if I hit any difficulties with it. ;)

Good to here, then I´ll look no further, relax and wait for the update.