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Looking forward to update. I need to get something in the works soon. So i hope this update comes up before too long.!

Aiming for later today.. just testing at the moment ;)

Hi ! Thanks for the great theme, love to work on it…

But for now I can’t get the Mini Post Gallery to work… It is supposed to take pics from posts (after having checked a category) but pics won’t show in the slider.

Would you please check this out: http://eskermedia.com/?p=995

Hi, I’m glad you like it ;)

Looking great!!

That is strange, can you email me your WP details and I’ll take a look. In the mean time you can probably fix it by putting the URL of those images in the “URL of Image File” under “Posts” to see if that temporarily fixes it, as it can automatically detect images and take images from that field.


OK it works when putting the image’s URL as you mention.. Thanks !..

Just wondering, is there really just 2 configuration possibilities for the Sidebars (1 and 2) vs widgets? If so a few more sidebar options would really be usefull… ;-) (noticed the tooltip at bottom right?)


You can add as many sidebars as you want go to DynamiX -> General Settings -> Sidebars.

I have just seen it now, that’s amazing thank you!!! ;)

Hi Dynamix Theme Developer,

I am having problems with the Stage Slider Buttons located beneath images displaying a rectangular Frame when published.

Please can you investigate and advise on a solution to remove ??

Many Thanks

Hi, can you email me your details and I’ll take a look for you. :)

Hi, please can you advise where I can obtain your email address to respond.

Wow, this is a really nice theme! I have looked at LOTS (too many) of themes over the past few days and this is definitely one of the best. Love that it is so flexible and refined, I will buy it simply for that reason… I know I can make it work (versus having to make sure it does exactly what I want before I buy). Thanks for being insightful and putting in the extra work, I hope it proves to be worth it ($) for you. Thanks. :-)

I have your theme up and running now – http://www.hampdensouth.com – but have a few questions.

  • How do I get the blog (news & events on this site) to work like a regular blog index page? I am displaying the index content using a grid gallery, but it does not give typical post info like the date and it is in oldest-to-newest order.
  • How do I get the drop-down navigation to work?
  • How can I create left (or right) sub-nav menus on pages within a section (like Neighborhood Info section)? I am using sidebar1 and sidebar2, but now I do not have a sidebar for the blog or any other section where I may need it.
  • How do you get the photo displayed in a lightbox (using Grid gallery) to display the “next” button when there are multiple photos? I am currently just linking to a post that has all the photos but that does not seem right.

Thanks! The theme is great to work with.

Hi Guys.

Can you both send me an email, click on my profile pic and scroll down and on the right side there is an option to email me there.

Pingbat I’ll respond soon, I’m just working on the update (want to get it in the queue today ;)

For the sake of others… just wanted to let you know that my issue with the drop-down menu not working had to do with two plugins (Contact Form 7 and Google Analyticantor); turned them off, works fine. Also, I created more sidebars using the theme options and that fixed that issue. Not entirely sure about the litebox item, but that is not a big deal. cwz000 is making an update to address the blog item.

Hi there, A great theme and some powerful features. Having purchased the theme a couple days ago does that mean I can download it again to take advantage of the updates?

Yes I think so, I’m near finished with the updates… decided to add a couple more features before uploading ;)

really like this theme. my current theme uses alot of widgets. will they work with this template. is it widget ready/enable on all pages, just some?

Hi !

Any widgets can be added to the sidebars – you can have as many sidebars as you like and you can have upto 2 sidebars present on any page ;)


I have purchased this theme today (bec. I liked it very much) to use for my blog which is live since 2006 with aprox. 1000 posts. First mission was to make the old blog run with all content. That’s why I have some and questions and also problems:

1. Trackbacks are not displayed anymore under comments 2. The feedback bubble is “hanging” between the tags when there are some more tags Example for 1. + 2. http://www.franztoo.de/?p=113) 3. Block quotes are displayed on the right and not in text like before (would like to avoid to check 1000 posts for blockquotes) 4. For blog startpage it would be great, if newer/older post links were shown and next/previous for single posts

I think other people with no or little programminf skills could run into the same problems.

Thanks for your help


Thanks for purchasing!!

Can you send me a blank email so I can reply back to you, click on my avatar and scroll down on the right to email me.

I’ll look into the comments thing now and try and squeeze it into the first update, I didn’t test with that many categories and tags :)

Thanks for your quick replies, I didn’t notice about the possibility of adding sidebars, my bad…

Please let me know when you’re finished with the updates and what you have changed as well…

The design and documentation is absolutely FABULOUS !

I may not be understanding images in pages and blog posts but when I use the editor to insert an image 1) text wrapping doesn’t work and 2) the image just opens the image url. I would like to default to one of the lightbox styles.

If I use the shortcode generator – the styling is visible but the image is missing from the link but the lightbox does work to open image.

Thanks again for the great design.


Can you send me an email, it’s easier to reply to that than on here. I’m not entirely sure what you mean so can you send me your URL with the example of it not working.

Thanks!! ;)

You should have an email from me with links, etc.

Thanks so much.

Just wondering when the update will be ready? regards nick


It’s done apart from an annoying bug with drop menus and certain plugins.. just trying to squish it now and I’ll upload straight away ;)

Now in the QUEUE ;)

looking forward to the update.. ready to buy

It’s in the queue so hopefully won’t be too long. You can check out the live preview for some of the changes ;)

The updates look great. With the updates I’ll do a clean install to see if that fixes some of my issues.

Is there anyway to get an export of your content to look at the how certain galleries were set up and linked to posts? One of the reasons that I keep installing plugins is to hide categories, etc. when I want to use just for a gallery. Maybe I’m not doing it the right way.

Thanks again for the great design.


I’m hopefully going to do a screencast tomorrow on how to get the most out of the template – that should help you put the galleries together nicely.

Where are you displaying the categories?


Pre-Sales question.

Is it possible to have a “jquery” or smooth scrolling “back to top” option ?

This template is so complete, that one more function would be great “built-in” with your shortcode.

Great template.



Actually i’ve added it to the preview URL .

If anyone wants this feature after the update they can email me and I’ll send over the file. ;)

That’s the last of creating features for a while now.

Thanks, i just bought the theme.

It has everything I need.

Can I get the “Back To Top” MOD ?



Hi Gary, I’m away from the desk now I’ll sort this out tomorrow for you, the update should be available by then. ;)

Awesome theme, seems to be very….ummm….what’s the word…..complete? It is very likely I will be purchasing it. Just wanted to tell you that you have done an amazing job.

Thanks so much!!!

Had so many emails with amazing feedback, makes it all worthwhile. ;)

Question before I buy…. on the main slider, are there any options that allow you to have forward and back buttons, or a tabbed slider with thumbnails or something?

The slider you have is great when you just want the slider content to rotate on it’s own, but not as user friendly when you want people to control the slides…

Otherwise I love the theme so would like to purchase if there is an easy solution for this issue.

Thanks ryan

Hi Ryan,

It’s not a big job for adding the left,right nav icons if you aren’t happy with the nav icons underneath.

I can make this a custom job for you if you want as I’ve not got any plans at the moment to introduce it. It wouldn’t be too expensive, contact me for more details.


cwz000, the theme is now upgraded with the updates?? cause i want to buy it today :)


It’s 11th in the queue at the moment so hopefully not long.. ;)

Hi iphi,

If you’re desperate for this please email me. :)

i dont know what to do. Should i wait for the update OR its the same to buy it now and when the update will be ready to add it then?

but i think i can wait for a day or 2, it’s not a big deal, thanks, you are very helpful :)

You get free updates anyway and as long as you don’t change the CSS etc you can update with the new files without hassle. :)