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Looking forward to working with this template. You do wonderful work.

Regards, Inlow

Thanks so much, means a lot ;)

Is the WP3 mainmenu support in this update? or is it coming later.

I’ll buy it today anyway, most because it is sooo good andf flexble. but as most your quick and nice respons.

keep it up. Putte

Hi Putte,

I felt motivated at the weekend so yes the new update includes full WP3 .0 menu support. ;)

Thank you also, I’ve had incredible feedback from everyone – feels great to have all that work appreciated :)

Yeii, Really good news, I’m really exited to get starting with this template, it feels really great.

Thanks again! Putte


Hi Developer.. I purchased this theme yesterday.. I have few problem.

I can not add a Galery in my home page..

I can not add tabs or other galeries in my home page.

I can not speak english enough but please help me.

Hi Cakirad,

Thanks for purchasing!

Have you downloaded the latest version (just released within the hour) ? This will allow you to add tabs, accordion etc.

Can you send me an email as to why you can’t add a gallery? I can be emailed by clicking my avatar and on right hand side at the bottom is my email address.


bought the theme!!! :)

Congrats and thanks for purchasing, ENJOY ;)

Any issues just email me. :)

!! i downloaded the file but it is in a strange format! its not in a zip format but its only one file like a jpg image :( what is the problem?? what should i do with that? heeeeep cwz000!

Hmm wonder what they’ve done to my files…. I’ve contacted support.

got the theme file, i ll wait for the rest, thanks :)

Hi, I’ve just tried myself, looks like Themeforest Admin have messed up my files :( Please email me and I’ll sort this another way.

I just downloaded and installed and it works well with one exception: “Blog” is not an option under Page Attributes > Templates. The new blog category block is there, I just can’t designate the page as a blog page template (I see “Links” option).

Hmm seems like it hasn’t updated correctly, can you email me and I’ll see if I can sort this out for you :)

First things first, this is an incredible theme. I’m not having any issues getting things going, but had a minor display issue when using column shortcodes. Consecutive columns have an extra line break (<br />) causing columns in the same row to shift down on each consecutive column. This wasn’t a visible problem unless I used header tags (<h2 />, etc). The resulting code is: <div class="columns three "><div> <h2>Some Heading</h2> <p>Some Text<br /> </p></div></div><br /> <div class="columns three "><div> <h2>Some Heading</h2> <p>Some Text<br /> </p></div></div><br /> <div class="columns three last clearfix "><div> <h2>Some Heading</h2> <p>Some Text<br /> </p></div></div><div class="clear"></div> As you can see, the additional <br /> tags before the consecutive columns pushes each down a line-break additively. I’ve added a hack in the last line of your jQuery in the footer: $(".columns").prev("br").remove(); which seems to have solved the problem. Just an FYI , otherwise, totally fantastic theme.

Thanks for the fix, I’ve checked it out and it’s the wordpress editor putting that in which is really annoying. I tend to use a plugin which disables wordpress autoformatting as it gets in the way.


Oh man oh man, I tore apart every page in your theme looking for the code that placed those breaks in there. Boo Wordpress autoformatting, YAY jQuery!!! There might be a better jQuery solution as the first instance of $(”.columns”) doesn’t really need to have the previous
removed, so it’s no doubt removing some ambiguous line-break somewhere above it, perhaps even one inside a post.

Thanks for the tip. I just installed “Disable WPAUTOP ”, removed my jQuery hack, and the columns display just fine now.

Also, I just downloaded the update and it looks like TF is chopping off the file extension. Once it was done, I just renamed the file, adding ”.zip” to the end and it’s all good. Just an FYI for anyone else.

Awesome template! Great job, very powerful theme!

Has anyone got this to run on a local server (XAMMP)? I am getting an error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\xampp\htdocs\wp-content\themes\DynamiX\lib\inc\sub-functions.php on line 217

Currently don’t have access to my webserver (behind a firewall) so I can’t test it on my web server, but being that no one else has posted any problems, I am assuming it has to do with XAMMP .



I also had some problems running it local under MAMP and OSX ,, i didnt get any errors when i was installing, but i had some problems in the themes admin area,, the shortcodes didnt work, i think its somthing in MAMP and maybe the same issues in XAMMP ..

But,, its the best theme i found so far,,, handclap for cwz000!!

Thankyou Fredrik means a lot!! ;)

Looks amazing! WOW . I think I found the perfect theme. Quick question how do we setup so our home page looks like the preview one

Hhackadelic Sliding Notes (plugin from http://hackadelic.com/sliding-notes-1-6-w3c-tribute) are very nice on this DynamiX theme (http://eskermedia.com/?p=1025 click the link under the video), but they kill the deploying of the dropdown menu… :-(

So sad.. a Javascript conflict I guess.. anybody has a clue? Or a solution?

Hi Esker, do you have the new version installed. I fixed the plugin conflict issues. ;)

Hey I bought this template and none of the short-code to editor buttons work. There is no error, nothing . Is there any help with this.

We are trying to use the tabbed and accordion functions on the home page.

Please help.

Hi Threshhold, have you sent me an email? If not send one and I’ll help you with this – it’s normally down to how wordpress is installed. I’ve come across this a couple of times. :)

i installed the theme perfectly. :) (You sent me the previous version or that with the DedicatedBlog etc.?)

-themeforest hasnt fixed the problem yet. it still has that weird image for download :(

It’s really frustrating they haven’t resolved it yet.

That version I sent was the latest version ;)

The biggest problem with this Template is TF only has 5 stars. This one deserves more. Congratulations on setting the bar higher for everyone.

The update rounds out some already great work.

Hope there are many more templates to come.

Thanks Atlasmc, amazing to see people appreciating it so much! :)

Well if DynamiX sells well then I’ll 100% be doing another one, already have some very cool ideas :)

For the update, simply download and change the file type to .zip

At least till they get it fixed.

“simply download and change the file type to .zip”

thanks atlasmc!!! my problem is solved!! the file became the right one! it was so easy!

Cwz000 now we know the solution :D


“Has anyone got this to run on a local server (XAMMP)? I am getting an error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\xampp\htdocs\wp-content\themes\DynamiX\lib\inc\sub-functions.php on line 217”

Getting the same error with WAMP .


I’ll see if I can replicate this on a local server later today. It works 100% fine on a remote server so not entirely sure what’s going on.


Hi CWZ ,

About the conflict you solved with the new update (slider notes plugin issue),

can I just update the Javascript files? Because I have translated to french a lot of files that I don’t want to be replaced..

Or just tell me which files I should update in order to settle this problem.. Thanks again foir your always quick replies!

Hi Esker,

Can you email me with a list of files which you modified? The main file for doing translations is normally the constants.php file which has built in phrases – did you change more than this file?