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i have read the documentation 50 times and i managed to add only one photo at the stage gallery (and at all the website). i bet its very easy to create galleries but i think i m getting stupid here! :(

at the documentation, under the “06.Post image-Gallery options”, i can add only one image, if i add the url of another, the second overides the first. :( what i do wrong??

Hi iphi,

Can you send me an email to me, it’s much easier for me to find your messages, they can get lost on here and I don’t get notified.

By the sounds of it though you’re not creating a post for each image which is what you need to do. Each image needs to be placed within a unique post as each post is like a packet of data for the gallery, you can overlay titles, image information like crop/zoom, URL of the where the image should go to etc.

If that doesn’t solve it please fire me an email ;)

Hi CWZ ,

The constants.php file was for sure a good help but for a complete translation (including little words like “Edit”, “By”, “Comments”, “Author”, etc.) I have had to get into a lot of files: contact-form.php, page.php, comments. php, single.php.. Also made changes to the header (js) and footer (html) php files for the Tooltip I shave shown you… :-\

I downloaded the file. It had no extension so I named it as a .zip and uncompressed it. The themes graphics have bugs in them not showing the top dark grey style… is this a common problem??

It shouldn’t have no, I’ve not come across that.

Can you send me an email with an example?

Thanks :)

Since the menu across the top only stretches so far, having an option in the page setup to hide a top level page from that menu would be great.


You can switch to WP3 .0 Custom Menu in DynamiX -> General Settings. That way you have complete control over the menu! ;)

I tried switching to the Custom Menu, but I lose the styling of the Menu Description option. It seems so little, but the effect is excellent. Plus, you lose the final <li class="menubreak" /> item which leaves the menu open at the end. Your design is too good to let WP muck it up for you, which is funny because of my earlier issue with WP’s autoformatting inserting <br />’s and <p />’s everywhere.


You can type in the page descriptions in the “Title Attribute” under the Custom Menus and it will show the descriptions like the normal way. ;)

As the for menubreak I can make a mod for you? Email me for more details.

As far as the issues with getting this theme to run on a local server (XAMMP,WAMP), it appears to be related to using php short codes. I was able to get it to run in WAMP by allowing it to recognize php short tags. Have not tried this in XAMMP yet.

Could using php short codes possibly cause a problem on actual (remote) web servers, or are they usually configured to handle php short codes? Other than saving a few keystrokes, not sure of the benefit of using them.

Outstanding theme, btw :)

I’ve not had any reports of a remote server having the error message you get but that’s good to know that it working on XAMMP . If you could let me know about WAMP that would be great because there are one or two people using local servers.

Thanks, glad you like :)

I just bought your work! Before reading the discussion was surprised, but now I read all pages of comments, I wondered, as the combination of attitude and aptitude of a professional side like you, I’ve always liked. You meet all the conditions for an excellent professional.

I’ll get to work and then displays the results. PD. I hope not to ask too many questions! :)

Greetings Toni

Hi, thanks for purchasing!!

I hope you enjoy and yes if you have any issues just fire them to me in an email ;)


Not quite the effect I was looking for. While the styling was the same, it adds a broken title attribute to those menu items, and the trailing “menubreak” is still missing. No worries though, I can remove attributes and add the missing “menubreak” with jQuery (omg, did I mention how awesome jQuery is???). However, not everyone codes, so I still think it’s an option to consider.

I’m not sure what you mean by broken title attribute??

Haha jQuery is amazing, there is an easier fix by adding the menu break in the header.php file. If you email me I’ll send it over. :)

Well, when using the theme menu, the Page Title becomes the link’s title attribute, but using the Custom Menu, the Title Field becomes the title attribute. I have some long page names, so I broke them up by shortening the Page Title, and adding the rest into the Menu Description part. So, instead of having “Services We Provide”, it gets broken into “Services” with “We Provide” underneath with “Services” as the title attribute. With the Custom Menu, it has the same style, but then “We Provide” becomes the title attribute. It’s no big, I’d rather just remove all the title attributes with: $(".menu-item a").each(function() { $(this).removeAttr("title"); }); or set them all to the Page Title with: $(".menu-item a").each(function() { $(this).attr("title",$(this).html()); }); If I wasn’t already editing the footer.php, I’d take you up on the offer, but since I’m already jQuery’ing it up, I just added: $('#dyndropmenu').append('<li class="menubreak"></li>'); and that took care of the the menu.

Oh FYI , that autoformatting pluggin was messing up other stuff, so I added back in the $(".columns").prev("br").remove(); portion and it’s candy. How do I email you directly? I’m commenting here to help, not discourage anyone from buying. I think every designer should buy this theme, you’ll use it eventually, perhaps even many times over (with additional purchase, that is).

Thanks for the kind words, I hope every designer does buy this theme ;)

I use “ps-disable-auto-formatting” for disabling wp auto formatting. But if that solutions works for you it’s all good.

For the title attribute I was going to use the description field but it automatically pastes the page content in which is annoying as you then have a page title with about 100 words… not cool.

Again that solution works for you so that’s cool. ;)

(I re-post this about my issue with the Slider Notes plugin in case you did’nt see it earlier)

Hi CWZ , The constants.php file was for sure a good help but for a complete translation (including little words like “Edit”, “By”, “Comments”, “Author”, etc.) I have had to get into a lot of files: contact-form.php, page.php, comments. php, single.php.. Also made changes to the header (js) and footer (html) php files for the Tooltip I shave shown you… :-\

Hi esker,

Sorry it got lost within the comments – can you email me the files you have changed and I’ll take a look for you.


I don’t download the theme now, help me please

I purchased before the update. How can I get the update?

Hi Miles, yes you can update. Unfortunately though ThemeForest won’t allow you to download my theme at the moment, no idea what they have done.

Email me and I’ll sort this another way. :)

Can’t find your email, CWZ .. only found the message option on your page which doesn’t allow to send a zip file…

Also, like I said earlier, I have modified several files by translating them and I don’t want to bother you..

Isn’t it just the “Lib” repertory that I should update?


Just send me a blank email and I’ll reply so you can send me the zip file. The problem is when I introduced the blog I had to change files like the archive, single etc. If I have the just the files you have modified it makes it easy for me to identify.


«repertory»=folder ;-)

Great job man, almost perfect, i have a comment: I can´t create a Post Gallery in aPost, configure all the options and send the Shortcode to editor but nothing happens What am I doing wrong?


Thanks!! ;)

It should work fine, can you send me an email with your WP details so I can take a look for you :)

I just purchased this theme and the download link appears to be broken.

Please advise.



@jacobsherwood: IF the problem is at the format, just download the file and then add .zip at the end of the file. i had the same problem :)


thx iphi

but, this is what i get when i go to that page

NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist

It is not attempting to download. Am I doing something wrong?

no, i think its themeforest’s problem because my link too (remains active and after the purchase) it says the same thing.

cwz000 will help you with that, dont worry :)

thanks iphi.

I sent cwz000 an email