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I Downloaded the theme. But the link on Themeforest to download is not working….

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for purchasing!!

I think TF have sorted this now so you should be able to download fine now :)

Can you please post a link to the xml export of the sample site? I would like to see how you did some of things on your home page.

I agree – need an XML export please!!!

Hi Mark,

I’m going to create a screencast right now. It will show you how I created the home page and an overview of how the galleries, shortcode generator etc works. :)

Can anyone please tell me why #1, all of my posts are distorted…..and #2, whenever I try to post a “gallery slider” like on the example, it just shows up as “half of the slider” and doesnt crop it in….please help


is anyone having as much trouble as I am?????

I cant get the galleries to display anything like this dude…....WP 3.0 menus dont work for me, etc…

please take a look and tell me what Im doing wrong


Hi Campbell,

I’ve just had a look at your homepage and it looks great? What are you having difficulty with?

With regards to WP3 .0 Custom Menu, have you enabled it under DynamiX->General Settings ? It has to be enabled as I wanted to support the older method aswell.

How did you add the galleries etc?

my problem is, no matter what I do, I cant get my Group Gallery Slider to work like this:


I want it to be tall and filled in just like yours, but instead it looks like mine are posting thumbnails and not cropping in on it (even though I have crop selected).....

also….whenever I try to switch to WP 3 menu, the menu disappears, so I just turn it off and it works….any idea?

Hi Campbell,

For the Custom Menu to work, you have to create one in Appearance -> Menus and then assign the menu you have created to the top left hand box (Theme Locations).

Those images I’ve used on there are actually zoomed. If you click them in the lightbox you’ll see what size they really are.. To get that effect with cropped your images you need them to be the same sort of ratio as the ratio you’re trying to achieve.

Can you email me your WP page and I can give you some help :)

I am using this theme for a business site and not a blog. How can I get my website address to point to the home page? Its just going to the posts.

Also how can I hotlink my logo to link out to the home page?

My site is nucreations.com

I am sorry, there might be a simple solution, but I seem to be overlooking it.


The settings for the home page are within Wordpress. Goto Settings -> Reading and change from latest post to static page and choose the page you want to act as the home page.

For the logo hotlink, I’m 99% certain that is in the latest update. If not email me and I’ll send over the header.php file which makes that work. ;)

Thanks. I got the homepage link working. I will upgrade to 3.0.1 and see if the logo works. If not I will ask you for the header.php

Thanks once again.

I apologise I meant upgrade to the latest version of DynamiX, I uploaded an update two days ago :)

This is probably just me, but I’ll have to ask :-)

When I try to use the shortcut editor to create something, let say a

Horizontal break (its simple enough) I’ll scroll down to “select horizontal break line..” and press the “send shortcode to editor” button but nothing happens.

I’m working in win7 and explorer 8.0.7600.16385, and WP 3 .0.1 (i’ve also tried Firefox and Opera with the same result.

I really like the admin-UI though :-) Never seen it before.

Cheers Putte

Ah, no It says Dynamix 1.0, I’ll try to download the new one again.

Thanks Putte

:) :) :-)

Now I’m really happy! Yes, it solved the issue. (I was little t oquick downloading the update i guess :-))

Cheers Putte

Glad it’s working :)


I have purchased your theme and want to thank you so much for a great theme that you have made.

I have one small little issue.

On the Post Gallery with the buttons that are circles below it similar to your default skin. The circles below the gallery have white boxes around each circle, almost like a border. Looks like css issue. Do you have any idea on this?

Thank you, Josh

Hi Josh,

When did you download the theme? People have reported this issue when they have wordpress in a sub folder and not the root. I resolved this with an update.

Check under Wordpress -> Themes to see if it says DynamiX 2.0, if it doesn’t please download the latest version and this should resolve the issue.

If not please email me and I’ll get this sorted for you :)

Hi Thank you for the prompt reply. Do you have an idea of how to get v2.0? I just downloaded from the themeforest site.

Thank you, Josh

You should be able to just goto “Downloads” and download the file again but it will be the latest version this time.

When did you buy?

I’ve just downloaded and installed the 2.o version and have the same “frame” around the dots. I also have WP in a sub folder. any clues? (It is not a big problem for me though)

That’s strange.

Can you email me with the link to the page and I’ll see if I can see what’s up.


I got it yesterday. I just downloaded it again and it’s version 2 now. Weird.

Thank yoU!

Is there a way to change the width of columns shortcode?

Unfortunately not, they do adapt to their surrounds, so adding a div with a set with will scale the sizes? :)

Very great job. Agree with threshhold : an export of your homepage please :)

Awesome skin.

This is what I have cwz News TESTING

It’s not allow me to expand to 500px


Before emailing me or posting in these comments please check you are running the latest version of DynamiX.

Check this by logging into Wordpress -> Appearance -> Themes.

It should read DynamiX 2.0. If it doesn’t that means you are running an old version and “Accordion” “Tabs” etc will not work – I also included a bug fix for people who are running wordpress in a sub directory.

Thanks :)

i saw what you were saying about the version 2 “Check under Wordpress -> Themes to see if it says DynamiX 2.0” and i looked at it but i saw that it says Dynamix1.0 !

why it says 1.0? its 100% sure i use the latest version :) my tabs work fine ;)

Hi iphi, I think there was a mix up when TF had issues with my file.

If you have problems please download the latest version. :)


Wordpress is kindly putting <br /> tags into the editor where we don’t want them hence why some of you are experiencing strange outcomes.

Please remove break lines e.g.



[panel title=" TITLE1 "] content 1 [/panel]
[panel title=" TITLE2 "] content 2 [/panel]


[accordion] [panel title=" TITLE1 "] content 1 [/panel] [panel title=" TITLE2 "] content 2 [/panel] [/accordion]



[tabhead id="1"] title 1 [/tabhead]
[tabhead_last id="2"] title 2 [/tabhead_last]
[tab id="1"] tabcontent 1 [/tab]
[tab id="2"] tabcontent 2 [/tab]


[tabswrap] [tabhead id="1"] title 1 [/tabhead] [tabhead_last id="2"] title 2 [/tabhead_last] [tab id="1"] tabcontent 1 [/tab] [tab id="2"] tabcontent 2 [/tab] [/tabswrap]

Please ensure there are spaces between the tags [tag] [/tag]

I’ll get a fix in the queue to stop the shortcode generator putting in the new lines.

Hi there

Love this theme, we’re developing our site on it, but having some issues

Whenever we try to use the shortcode editor, when we select and option of which shortcode we want to use, the options disappear.

Can you advise what might be going wrong?

Thanks Brigid

Hi Brigid,

Glad you like it ;)

So none of the options appear when you say select “Columns” – what actually happens.

If you email me your WP login details I can take a look for you.

Andy :)

I am trying to use the DynamiX template on a multi-site but find out Tim Thumb is not compatible; is there a workaround for this problem?

Hi Edward, I’m currently looking into that as we speak. I’ll let you know when I’ve found a solution. :)

Great job! Thank you so much. I’ll wait for screencast about homepage and other things.


If you haven’t seen it already :)

Making of the Homepage