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I love this theme. The boxed theme is a bit narrow though and seems outdated. I would love to see support for variable widths added at some point. A full-width option would be great as well.

Did you try the CSS?

I guess if the items are not evenly spaced out then I don’t understand what you want. The CSS provided uses new Flex box model which spaces them “evenly” but also considered the size of each so it should work correctly.

- AJ

I’ve implemented it now if you want to take a look. As I resize the screen, it truncates text in the menu items.

Thanks again for the help. Sorry this turned out to be a bit of a hassle!

Unfortunately it’s impossible to prevent that. You would have to add custom CSS to your site to make the font-size smaller when there isn’t enough room.

But what I would recommend instead is to display the mobile menu instead of the main menu when there isn’t enough room for your menu links (I see you switched it to use a plugin, cool).

I just updated to Version 3.6.3, and it is severely broken. I’ve installed and uninstalled the theme multiple times. All my plugins and WordPress are up to date. It kills the site and the admin. www.projectvisionrutland.com


It looks like your current site isn’t using the Earth theme. Do you get an error notice when you activate the theme? Or do you get a blank site? (if you get a blank site be sure to enable WP_Debug on the server to see if there is any error).

Also make sure you go to Appearance > Install Plugins and update the Visual Composer to ensure there isn’t any errors – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJJ0E8QU8M4

- AJ

Hello, I use your theme now a few years.

Now after the latest update I have a problem. Here in Germany is the standard for a date not month/day/year, but day/month/year. Now it happens that the 3 October is the 10 March.

How can I fix that? In old versions all was fine.

Sorry for the delay! Are you talking about the blog? http://wpexplorer-demos.com/earth/news/

If so, simply go to Settings > General and change the data format – https://cl.ly/052v1u1x0V0j – this should update your blog posts data accordingly.

- AJ

Hey, I think it helped in the event section and the calendar, thank you.

But in the guestbook, the format of the date is now month/day/year instead of day/month/year.

Are you using a plugin for the guestbook? This isn’t something included with the theme, can you share the URL so I can look?


Zbug Purchased

Hum, I didn’t update the theme since 1 year (my bad) and I tried today but it seems you completly changed your code. Many classes don’t exist anymore, new classes appeared, same for html skeleton. I can’t upgrade without comparing each files. I can drop my old files in child theme but what’s the point to do an upgrade then ?

We had to change classes to give the theme a fluid design. The only classes changed though should have been the main grids. Because the theme was released before responsive/fluid design was a “thing” things had to change to serve the newer market. Unfortunately it was crucial. But for the most part things should be pretty much exactly the same…

Also the theme now includes the Visual Composer page builder, which you may want to check out. Because you can now build your custom pages via the live page builder rather then messing with template files so much ;)

- AJ