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nice work, gud luck :)

Hello, AliA. Thank you very much!

good work. You have funny thumbnail. lol ;) GLWS!! ;)

Thank you, tranmautritam!

nice work, gud luck :)

Hi there, drupalet. Thank you!

Great work! Congrats! :)

AirTheme, thank you very much!

I strongly suggest to you to change your item’s 80×80 thumbnail and use a descriptive one, while you’re still on the main page and have the chance to promote your new file.

Wish you the best with sales,
Kind Regards,


You got me to do it and I believe you being a top author. Now just waiting for the update. Thank you, Bedros! You are an asset in this community!

Best, Ian

Thanks very much for your kind words, Ian. Wish you the very best with your journey here :)

Thank you, kunstbada!

Great work !GLWS :)

Thank you, metrothemes!

Just bought your theme. I like it alot, clean and simple. Is there a way you can help me I really need and I’ll appreciate, I want to be able to make a fixed div in the top wide ( like this page : , scroll down the page you will see) . But I just wanted to have it wide 100% and height:40px, and fixed all the time there, not when you move down the page.

It will be really nice update.

Please let me know. thanks

Hello, noxiousdesign. Thank you for purchasing my item. Let me check on it and will get back to you asap.

Hi there. That is actually an easy JS to hide/show the navbar. That feature is included in my next theme currently in the review queue. Once that is approved, I can then add that feature as an update to this theme. If you really need and would not wait, please email me and we can talk about it as a custom work for a minimal extra. Thank you.


Great theme, will be perfect for my next project! Is there any possibility you can have an option with a navigation bar on the top like what has?


Hello sandeepb. Thank you for purchasing my item. Yes you can easily add a navbar just like the URL above. If you are familiar with Bootstrap, you can go get the markups from their website and copy/paste into the theme’s header. I made sure that my HTML structure can be somewhat modular so it would be easy to customize. Or I can also add a top navbar option as a custom work for $12 via PayPal. Let me know. Thank you!

Sure that’s not a problem, I’d prefer it to be custom than scraped from another website. Message me and we can work something out. I’d probably be coming to your for further (paid) changes in the near future.

Hello sandeepb,

I sent you an email regarding this custom work. Let me know. Thank you.


Nice work! Good luck!

Thank you, andrerevin!

This looks like a fantastically designed app landing page – thanks for making it :)

I would really just like to use the very top portion of the landing page only (with the background in the seaform green color), and was wondering if its possible for me to hide the rest of the landing page in the template? Please let me know, thanks.

Hello zallanx. Thank you! Yes you can always hide the other blocks simply through CSS. Please feel free to comment here if you have any more inquiries.

Overall a nice theme. However, there is an important bug—the pictures in the screenshots section don’t respect their original aspects. When you make your browser narrower, it gets much worse. Check it out here: . See the “Screenshots” section.

Do you have any suggestion to fix it?


Just like something on this website: but scrollable. Of course matching the theme of this template. Thanks.

any updates on this?

Still working. Just got back. I will notify you when ready. Thank you.


awesome template, very easy to customise. Quick question though: I am trying to get the subscribe.php file to work with Mailchimp.

I added the following info: - $apiKEY (‘some numbers-us7’) - $listId (‘some numbers’) - $submit_URL (’//’‘)

And yet, when I test the subscribe field, I get redirected to the php file in my browser.

What am I missing?

Thank you :)

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Does the theme have a front page without the ipad?

Hi there,

I am considering getting your theme for a website i need to work on, but i have a couple of doubts i would need to clarify before i get it.

Is there any way to keep the logo in visible while you scroll down the page? And is it possible to implement a menu that stays on top instead of side?

Thanks in advance!