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Hello I bought Easterlin template and successfully deployed it (Joomla 3.2) But I can not turn off the phrase – Do you like the features from Easterlin

Easterlin is a clean, responsive and creative design and its perfect for your business site.

with the button ‘Buy now’

It locates in the button of the page.

Could you, please help me how to do that

Thank you Mikhail

This is Featured component area. Just go to article manager -> find call to action title -> unmark featured option. Check your mail for screen shot. Let me know for further assistance. Regards.

Thank you.It worked for me! But I also have to remove Easterlin is perfect for Your Business, Agency and Portfolio string at the bottom of one of my pages.

From which page. Like previous article, other home page articles title are home2, home3, home4, home5.

SO nice!!! Your design is so simple yet professional. Keep it up!

Thank you very much for the comment.

Hi there again, im trying to add custom css class into presents, but the template override to the original, why?

Did you follow the css override system. I told it on documentation. Create a custom.css file on templates/ts_easterlin/css folder and write you custom css code.

I installed the quick install package with the sample data however i’m getting a blank page. When i switch to other templates the site works fine but as soon as i switch back to this one (Easterlin, Joomla) , i get a blank page. Please help.

Please, Mail me your admin access.

I just purchased this theme and i’m getting an error message when I got to open or extract the files. When I double click to open it says it is corrupt and when I try to extract it says no files to extract.

Please, download it again from Themeforest and let me know the result.

Hey I cannot find the slider in my purchased template located on this page on the demo website:

Dear, there is no slider in the service page-2. Can you please clear it to provide a screen shot. Thanks.

TS Module Features ’’ Read More’‘ We’ll change the language from

Change this way : READ_MORE = YOUR LANGUAGE

You’ve done well But the language is not changed Help me please

Mail me your site address to and mark the point.


Great design. A couple of questions:

1] On your demo site the page URL is like: Would links of all pages be of similar structure? eg. /pages/pagename/ even on other installations?

2] My website would have 2 different sections [eg. pharma & electronics] but would share some pages like about us, contact etc. Is it possible to have a frontpage which links to these section pages


Many thanks for your interest

Yes, you can set all pages like this structure

On front page you can use articles or custom modules to link with sub-pages

Let me know for further clarification

Note: My question is do you have basic knowledge about Joomla 3

Hi, I had a bit of work experience on an earlier version, a while back.

I would like the URL to be in the format: – hope that is not a difficult thing to do.

Another thing, does this template support ‘Google fonts’?

Dear, to see your site like : you have to follow this documentation LINK

This template runs with Great Helix II framework and its supports Google Font. You can see more features from here

Good day, How do i completely remove the responsiveness from the boxed layout version of this theme. Changing the template settings to fixed doesn’t help much. I would like the entire width of the template to remain fixed and everything contained within. Even when the browser window is smaller. This is very important to a client and really needs this to be resolved. Hopefully with your help.

Replied to mail.

When the browser window is made smaller, there are no horizontal scroll bars while using the fix option. Can you please help me resolve this.

Hi, fixed option is no more support. Use responsive option. Let me know for further assistance.

Thanks for your Template. I successfully purchased and deployed it on Joomla 3.3.6. While i am still setting up my site, my favicon fails to update. I have copied my favicon.ico file to the templates directory and carried out a thorough refresh but it still doesn’t update. Kindly help out. Thank you

Okies. I cleared my temporary files and its responded. I am good. Thanks

Thank you purchased Easterlin and glad you resolve it. Please, let me know for further assistance and you can mail me to


My colleague purchased your template, which we are very happy of. There is one problem however. The agency, which takes care of our website, cannot change language of the menu bar item. Can you help please?

Please, ask with real ID. Are you talking about to change Home, Pages, Features etc.

In reference to the question the the preceding post, I logged in from the account that was used to purchase the template. Can you help me with changing the language of the menu bar please? Yes, this is about Home, Pages, Features, etc. Thank you.

This not language issue. Just open menu item from menu manager and change the word in your own language. See the link

hello, Easterlin supports VIRTUEMART 3 ?

I just check Virtuemart to install it on Easterlin . Just update the latest Joomla to 3.4.1 and install Virtuemart. All basic functionalities works fine. There will be some minor css issue on cart page and others.