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I originally purchased the WP version of this and ended up also buying this HTML version in order to overcome the limitations of WP and the implementation we were trying to achieve.

Overall the theme is clean and response and looks really good – client loves how it looks. Good buy.

The theme is not actually “well documented” as stated. The docs essentially just list the pages in the theme as well as the JS plugins used (a bullet list, no explanation or implementation details). There are no “shortcodes” (it just uses Bootstrap which is OK cuz <3 Bootstrap) and there is no documentation as to the custom implementation of the various plugins.

There’s also no generic page showing all the widget designs – like use this for single row agent, this for single row property, etc all on one page so you can see all your options at once.

Thanks again for the feedback. We will consider adding more detail to the documentation.

There is a shortcodes page on the demo here: http://rypecreative.com/easy-living-wp/shortcodes/


I purchased Easy Living – Real Estate HTML Template. I Have a question regarding home_map.html. In the example there are 6 markers on the map. I need to add an info box for each of them.

In the map.js file only one marker have a configured info box (var contentString); the other markers have the same info box of the first one. I would like to figure out how to add a different infobox for each marker.

Thank you very much.


Thanks for purchasing.

In map.js, you’ll have to create another variable for each info box content. For example, contentString2, contentString3, etc. Then do the same thing for the “infowindow” variable.

For example:
var contentString2 = "Your content goes here" 
var infowindow2 = new google.maps.InfoWindow({ content: contentString2 });

//show info box for marker2
google.maps.event.addListener(marker2, 'click', function() {

Hello how can I add more Google maps on detail property page as sample link: http://houstoncorporatehousing.org/sample/downtown-1.html

I need each different map on every section I am going to create like 100 maps at list. so each section needs to have their proper Google map.

Need help please. Thanks Congrats on template!!!

Hello, I have one question, can you send me the PSD Files for the agents please. Thanks

Hello, I would like to add a video on the home page parallax section and be able to be responsive. I just past the code form a video frame code but it do not work as a responsive like images. Can be able to help me on that?



1. You can edit the map javascript in js/map.js and js/map-one-pin.js

2. I will send you the PSD files for agent. Please send me an email at hello@rypecreative.com with subject “agent PSD”

3. Make sure you are using percentage for width, not pixels. For example:
<iframe style="width:100%;" height="500" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/AjvztBCtGCM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Is it possible to change color scheme on HTML template?

It is only possible by editing style.css

Hello, I send you an email if you can do some changes regarding home page style and how much will you charge me for this changes $$$.


Please send your request to hello@rypecreative.com.


Hello I just send you an email with a quote. To the email you provide her. Thanks.

Bought the html version of the template. Need assistance about jquery datepicker on property_single page. datepicker on form input text doesn’t show so it doesnt working.

Sent a support email yesterday to hello@rypecreative.com as you requested on comments. Still waiting your response so that I can response my client too. Please reply me fast.

Thanks in advance.

Quit question.
On page Property Single
How many photos can I put in the slider that appears to show the property?

Thank you in advanced for your attention.

Best regards,


You can upload unlimited property photos.

Hi RypeCreative,

Will all the sample photos and graphics be included when I purchase this theme?

Best Regards


No, the sample photos are not included.

All other graphics/icons are included.


Thanks for the reply…another thing is is registration and home listing workable functions with PHP script and database scripting with it?

Yes, registration and home listings are accomplished through php and wordpress functions.

Hello RypeCreative

I do have a question I install the theme all seems working fine but since last night I can’t not upload any picture it does not let me ,my hosting memory is fine I would like to know if you can help me

thanks in advanced


Where are you trying to upload images? Does it show any error message?

Thanks for your fast Reply Properties section is where I’m trying to upload images . No it does not show any error,i choose the picture from my computer click insert in to post and then it does not show in the field where it suppose to show the pic i just select from my computer my urls is http://playarealty.com/

You can also copy and paste the image url into the field and it will work.

Are you using the most recent version of the theme?


I have purchase this theme. I have problem adding the agent photo on index.html page. I use the file name agent1.png and resize it 196×206 and it still does not display the photo. What are the steps to get it display?

Thank you Jun

Make sure your image path is correct. I cannot say what the problem is without looking at the code. Thanks.

I didnt change the image path. I am only replacing the picture file. I didnt change the code at all. Thanks for the reply.

I can’t help much without seeing the code or a url. The only reason an image wouldn’t be showing is because the path is incorrect.


I am trying to disable the dropdown for Home. Is there a faster way to diable this instead of going to each page and remark of Home Horizontal Filter and Home Map?

Thank you

This will only work if home is the first link in your navigation.

Yes this only works for Home link. How about Listings, Our Agents, Blogs and the the rest of the header links? Thanks for the reply.

You may want to look at PHP includes. This will allow you to modify one header file instead of changing the same thing for multiple files.

Hello, I need your help. I would like to have the main menu to the left side. Can you help me how to do that if possible? Thanks John

Yes, we do theme customizations. Please email us at hello@rypecreative.com with your request. Thanks!

Cannot see in your Docs how to create a Testimonial…can you provide guidance on this please?

So these are hard-coded? This is a WordPress theme, shouldn’t there be a section in the WordPress Admin to edit these?

You are commenting on the Easy Living HTML template.

For the Wordpress version, navigate to appearance > widgets. Looks for the widget named “Testimonials (Easy Living)”. Use this widget to edit testimonials.

Sorry about that, my mistake. All good now.

In the process of customization, I’m having trouble with the Fonts. I can see the difference in the headlines, the font that appears to me is not the same as using the template on the demo. Any suggestions to correct this problem.

Thank you for your support.


Easy Living uses the font family Proxima Nova. These files are included in the download under /css/type. Have you edited style.css in any way that might have removed the fonts?

Hi, How a clicked tab can stay selected on page refresh? For example if i click on For sale tab on homepage, how can it stay selected on page refresh?

This is not exactly and easy thing to accomplish. The tabs are built using javascript. You would have to build in custom code that uses cookies to remember which tab was active. Or use a server side language such as php.

I recently purchased the template and its not loading javascripts and some of the content on the website not display properly. The URL to the website is http://www.hunterandhunter.co.uk

What browser and browser version are you using? The link to your site is not displaying anything.

Hi RypeCreative, buying this theme soon! but please try to change the code so that it gets high speed rank here:



Thanks for the heads up, we will look into it!

Hi, we’ve noticed a problem in the main menu on android and ios phones. It works fine in the HOME page, but on other pages it doesn’t… If you try to click a category or sub-category it does nothing… Can you please help us solve this problem? Thanks

Hi! As I undersand your theme doesn’t support cirilic? For example in “services section” the title for the service display cirilic like this Ñ?еÑ?Ñ?, while in the text box it’s ok. What’s wrong?

Are you using the latest version of the theme? Do you have a link to your site?

Dear Friends, I reported some time ago that the main menu didn’t work well on some mobile systems. Now I’ve tested it on an Android device and it works fine, still it doesn’t work on Iphones or Ipads (IOS) using Safari… It just works on the HOME page, but when trying to use it from other pages the menu fails, nothing can be clicked, drop-down sub-sections do not work, etc. Can you please help me with this issue? I have an angry client, claiming for a solution for his not-functioning menu and I don’t know what to say… Thanks !!