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This is pretty silly, but the word “Portofolio” is not spelled correctly , in English at least (It should be “Portfolio”). Where do I modify this? I don’t mind editing the PHP , I am just in a serious time crunch and can’t go live with that error – it’s a job-hunt, and as such a good first impression is required. Thanks!

Hi! That is simply category name. So you can edit your category from Categories management section and place there whatever name you want.

Just global-replace occurrences of the mispelling in the demo-data file so if you fix that BEFORE import, then it works. But yeah, might wanna fix that :).

Other than that, having issues getting the slider images to show, like others, in WP 2 .9.1.

Contact plugin also fails to send anything – no error is thrown, but even after specifying my email in the settings page, I get no email. I do get a thank you message, so the script is executing. I just don’t get the mail (not in spam, either).

I’ve set both the cache dir and the uploads dir to 777, also.

Please send us a private message with your site login data or site url at least so we will take a look and identify and also try to solve your problem.

The slider works OK, it just couldn’t dl the images from Neowin for some reason on import. Once I made my own, it was fine. I’ll PM for the contact stuff, but I suspect the problem isn’t yours, really. Probably a mail server/mail support issue.

In any case, I global replaced because it seems like some styles etc are misspelled, and I’m retentive like that :).

Sent the login info. Cufon replacement seems to be not functioning in the slider for some reason…

On another note – where is the setting (PHP code or GUI ) for the slider timing. It’s a bit fast for my tastes, and I’d like it to stay longer on each featured item. Thanks!

$(”#featured > ul”).tabs({fx:{opacity: “toggle”}}).tabs(“rotate”, 5000, true); Line 47 of “Header.php”; change the millisecs to whatever you need.

I’d love to get the parameters for this slider, ie what other features are there besides “rotate” or for “fx”, for example.

I know I can figure all these things out myself – but I had to build this entire site yesterday – literally, all of it; images, copy, etc. So, I’m only asking these simple questions to try to save some time, as the deadline for the job submission is tonight at midnight.

I now have only two issues remaining: 1) in the feature rotator, Cufon isn’t replacing my text. Everywhere else, it’s working as far as I can tell. It looks like the two fonts are installed, so I’m not sure what’s up there. 2)Mail isn’t working. I have no SMTP relay for it, and my ISP has something weird going on as far as configuration goes. Any suggestions? Know of a free relay? I tried using google, but it isn’t effective with any combo of settings.

Also, Pro tip. At least in FF, and maybe elsewhere, if you enable the “use Jquery” in the Cufon options, it appears that the dropdown menu stops working (menu appears but no dropping of subs). So don’t enable it.

Great theme, got it up and working !!!

Great theme!

HEYA ! This is a great theme. However, when i add a plug-in for a light box gallery or for my images to appear in a light box. The featured slider does not work. Do you know how i can fix this thanks :).

Thank you!

I supose the plug-in you are using, is not compatible with the scripts the theme slider is using (jquery). Try using another lightbox plugin that use jquery or something to work with. In the future we will consider update the theme slider working with lightbox plugins.

hi the feature slider does not work when i install MM forms plug in, I really need to know how to get both of them working together because it is necessary for me to have that plug in.

I have a simple question, there appears to be some white space above the search bar in the very top that even the logo image can’t fill.

Is there a way to decrease the amount of space up there? It looks kind of empty since I don’t want to put a logo in there.

www.tylertv.net/blog (work in progress)


EDIT : Never mind, figured it out…now I’m trying other new stuff. :)

Okay, new question. Is there any way to disable the test preview on the slider. I would rather add it to the images themselves than have it pull from the blog.

There is no option in the theme to disable the slider preview text from the admin, but you can do that from the code.

Just open index.php and find the DIV class=”info” , and comment everything that he containt.

That should do the job.

Well, I found the class, but what do you mean “comment everything that he containt.”

I’m sorry, I’m just a little confused. I know some code, but I’m no means an expert.

Thanks for the help!

Oh I’m sorry, I just realized that if I got rid of the text, there wouldn’t be any way to link to the blog post as it’s the title text. Never mind, hope this didn’t take too much of your time.

Thanks again for the help though!


Yes I mean comment, or delete the code inside the div class “info”, that will remove the link to the post and the details, but you can put that link on the picture if you want. Just look how the title link is build in div class “info”, and do the same on the picture.


I buy your theme “easyfolio-source” but i have some questions: 1. How may I delete from homepage flicr and information about me? 2. How can I delete bookmark icon from homepage? 3. It’s possible to use normal font instead graphics font? Im from Poland and have some special sign like ?,?,?,?. 4. How can I put my own logo?

Hi gdaq!

1. You must find index.php in theme files and delete this entire div: home_subcontent 2. You can find and delete that icon from header.php 3. Please read help file of this theme and I hope you will understand how can replace font/logo with eveything you want.

If you have problems send me a private message and I will try to assist you if possible.


I would like to but this theme but I would like to know if I can add more then 5 elements to the side bar or can I use only 5 items

Thank you

Hi iMaginemachine!

Sidebar is widgetized so you can add whatever you want there and there is no 5 items restriction.

There is a very well explained help file for this theme that will make you understand easily how you can modify it the way you need.

Hi, Thank you for your answer but :

1. I saw that I can add more then 5 but there is no way that I can reach them – already the 6th one is cut at the bottom of the sidebar

2. Another question – is there a way to delete the uncategorized category ?

please take a look and see what I mean -


there are 7 items in the menu but only 6 are showing.

I went to the widgets options but couldn’t find the control for this side bar

Hi iMaginemachine!

I see what you mean. Slider does not support more then 5 items currently. In case you want to display 7 items there need to be done some css modifications regarding sizes. If you want so then please send us on private your login details and we will help you. Another solution is to update current slider to have a scroller for more items but this solution is not a fast one and may take couple days I think.

Thank you for that.

I appreciate if you can update current slider because I like the size of the images. It adds a lot to the scroller.

Question – Regarding the usage of the PDF ’s – How ? If I change the PSD to what I would like for example a background image for the whole site and not just a duplicated css background. How do I do it ?

What are the ways the PDF can be manipulated ?

Can you direct me to help regarding this ?

Thank you for your quick responses


You must have some Adobe Photoshop knowledge to be able to modify those PSDs.

Sorry about all the questions but I’m new to this:

1. How do I choose what to show in a page that I post ? I don’t want the meta tag to show on the right side, I don’t want the blog roll to appear there.

2. Can I choose not to show the 3 bottom sections ? (about, contact etc )

3. Can I choose not to show an avatar ?

I want to clean the front page and at the moment I can’t

Thank you


Send us a private message and we will try to help you if possible.

so far i’m loving the template. thanks!

i was wondering if you could recommend a plugin or something where i could make the portfolio images pop up in a modal when clicked. i like the super horizontalness of the images, but i don’t have many portfolio images that are actually that proportion.


it says it’s no longer free on the link you sent. you have to pay €49 for a license and insert some missing code or something. and a portfolio is considered a commercial site. :(

sorry if i’m being a pest, but i’ve been trying to add facebook to the social media links in place of technorati, and i just can’t seem to make it work with the small amount of php code i know. i did manage to change the stumbleupon that was improperly linking to delicious to link to the correct place. thanks for nicely replying to things.

nevermind the facebook thing. i’ve sorted it. now to figure out the whole shadowbox thing…

I send PM but you dont replay for my e-mail and after several day i add comment.

How change point x,y of display work in slider?


Sorry for not answering but it seems we did not receive your private message. Anyway please explain us in more details what do you want to change in slider.

Look on my page www.grafik.gdaq.pl. Slider display some piece of work i want to change position this piece for top, left.