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Love this look. Good luck with selling.

Thank you!

Good Job, I Like It, GLWS ;)

What About HTML Template ? Coming ?

It is coming soon

Good to see you were inspired by www.marvelapp.com!

Very clean design, good luck!

Great work. Love it ;)

I need a web template that dynamically sees uploaded videos and other files on my website (folder) and displays them for others to view and download them (with and with out passwords) Does this do do that? True file sharing? I can’t really tell from screen shots.

Ok I give up as the screenshots don’t give enough info and you have not explicitly stated if this does file sharing (dynamically) .. I’ll move on to another product. Cheers

Man, this is a PSD template, how can it do filesharing? Please inform yourselve about PSD , HTML and Wordpress themes.

Then why in in the heck did you put in the title “Easyshare – Filesharing” I think I’m going to report this to the moderators. I think you know nothing about HTML code and labelling.