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Hi I just purchased this theme, also installed everything. If I go to the layout section on WP to make the changes (logo, bgr etc) that section is empty. I really do not know what I am doing wrong. The most important part of this whole theme, I can’t change, please help…

I do not see JS errors on the site, I just can not change the logo on the Appearance>Theme Options>Layout because this page is empty. The other pages such as General / Social Media and Typography I can make the adjustments. But on the Layout section – it’s empty :(

Hi, I just posted a response in your ticket.


rusocer Purchased

Hi gurus. I cant get the slideshow to show up on the top of the page like in the Theme-demo.. I add the code right begin of the Home and it shows up half way with lot of empty space to top of the page…

Hello! Happy to help :) Can you please send us a link?

is possible the menu background use an transparency colour or effect? thank you so much

Sure thing, thanks yes you can use this:

#inner-content, #footer {background:rgba(255,255,255,0.8)}

thank you so much this help me a lot and other buyers :) can you tell also at last can modify the menu position from mobile acess from right side to left side 2. How can edit, create or remove background image website on mobile acess because it appear only partial is not responsive..ty so much…greattttttt support and tips

Hi, sure:

1. This should work:
.meanmenu-reveal {left:0 !important; right:auto !important}

2. Please open a ticket and include a link to your site so I can see the issue:


shipit Purchased

Any idea why the mobile menu is showing on desktop?

I looked at your site but I don’t see the mobile menu on desktop. Is it resolved? If not please send a screenshot of what you’re seeing.

If it’s easier, feel free to open a ticket:


shipit Purchased

You are right. Sorry, was most likely a cache issue. Thanks for the reply :)

Ok no problem!