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How do I get rid of: Posted on Aug 17th, 2013 in // Comments »

Below my menu items?

Should I be making pages for menu items as well to popullate in a menu in the sidebar?

Thanks so much! B

For the menu to appear as intended, just make sure to use the foodmenu shortcode. Have a look at the documentation for an explanation of how to set it up: You can even add the shortcode using the icon in the content toolbar. Cheers!


I’m interested in buying this theme, but I have a question. I see six different skins, but you’re also saying that it’s unlimited colored? Can I change the skins or not?

Thnx for answering.

Hi 0318Marketing, yes you have several choices for customizing color. You can choose custom colors in the admin options, you can choose from 6 different skins and you can also create your own skin using our child theme setup. Lots of options for you. Cheers!

I just installed the theme, how do I get rid of the items in the side menu? See here:

Thanks Art

Hi artsfw , look under Appearance / Widgets / you’ll see that you can customize the sidebar. Cheers.

Got it, thank you

You’re very welcome.

Hi… thanks for this great theme. I have a question concerning text styling. I am trying to add very simple text styling (for example bold, italic etc.) to the description of a menu item in the food menu. When switching to the “visual”-editor of Wordpress I can see the text styling. However, in the description of the food menu on the website none of the styling is displayed.

Is this a bug? How can I fix this as it is very important. Thanks!

I have already voted with 5 stars! ;) ... Just one more question. Is it necessary to put the html-text in the description and excerpt area or only in the exerpt area? Is there any difference?

The HTML needs to be in both unless you want the theme to automatically strip out all HTML for the teaser / menu index page. It gives you the opportunity to override with HTML or leave as unformatted. I usually just copy / paste from the description right into the excerpt and then trim the length if it’s too long for the teaser text. :) Thanks for the 5 stars!

OK.. thanks again and you’re welcome! Keep up the good work! :)


I’d like to add some spacing/bullet points/other formatting within certain menu items to make them easier to read. I’ve tried adding the appropriate html in the html editor on the food item page but it does not seem to take. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

Ex: See “Falafel Pita”menu item:

Hi Delphi,

Please try the excerpt box and include your html inside that area in order to apply styling on the menu index page. What we do is strip all html and formatting for the menu index page as the content needs to be cleaned in order for the mobile responsiveness to display properly, but you can force the formatting by using html in the excerpt field. I hope this helps you. If you need an example of an HTML line break or carriage return please let us know. We are happy to help.

Any HTML in the excerpt should display as expected.

I hope this help. Thanks for contacting us and let us know if you have any more questions.

Perfect – worked like a charm. Thanks for the help!


Another silly question – is there any way to add accent marks/other non-English language letters to the tab title? For example, the stress in the word “Entrées” is not coming through on the tab menu title.


Also, how do you remove the links from the menu items as shown in your demo?

Have a look on the edit screen for each menu item, there is a checkbox that allows you to disable links. Cheers!


Just wondering if there’s an easy way to add a slider to the home page, rather than setting a default page to open? It seemed that this was one of the features offered when I purchased the theme, however, now I’m seeing others struggling with this step.



Hi Andrew, the way the theme is setup it would be simplest to use a page. You could make use of the Blog Feed shortcode to display any number of the latest blog posts below the slider, which would be very similar to adding a slider to the latest posts homepage. ( Otherwise it would be a matter of editing the homepage template (home.php). Cheers

Hi… when posting the front page of a website build with your great theme on facebook, it’s not rendering any images or the description which can be found below the logo. I have tried posting your demo site on facebook and it’s working perfectly. Your site title, description and images are beeing shown. Are there any special settings you have done to achieve this? (I am using the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast)

It works now. Problem solved.

Nice work!


I have a little issue here :

When I receive an email from the “Contact form” in my mailbox, it makes by default as if it the sender was ME (my own email). Actually, these mails comes from the website via the contact form, but I’m not supposed to be the sender but default, but it is supposed to be the sender itself (with the email that this person just wrote in the email line of the contact form). It makes a problem when I make a reply, because the reply goes back to me, so that makes no sense. How can I change it to make the sender’s email as the default sending email.

I just don’t want to change the sending email everytime I make a reply to a person who wrote to me.

Can you help me fix this?

Thanks !

Hi David, thanks for your questions. There is a way to change this however we set it up this way to reduce the chances of reservation email getting tracked as spam. If you want to spoof the to: field and make it look like the email is coming from the sender, then you can using the following instructions:

Open wp_mail.php under the Eatery theme folder and make a backup for this file before changing. Near the end of the file (line 340) change ”$sitename” to ”$formemail” and ”$emailto” to ”$formemail”. Then save and test to see how this solution works for you.

I hope that was helpful.

Perfect thanks, it works perfectly ! I actually changed ”$sitename” to ”$formname”, and ”$emailto” to ”$formemail”. :)

Have a good day !

Nice work dmaster! Cheers! :)

hey, first thanks for a great theme, i like it !!!

second, i have (maybe) a stupid question, how can i edit a button code so it will open the link in a new window? _blank

i have this code: [button link=”/blablabla.pdf” color=”orange”] and its open it in the same window, i wants it in a new window, what file do i need to edit ?


[button link="http://ENTER-URL-HERE" color="black" target="_bank"] click me [/button]

Thanks for contacting us and for the positive comments. :D

How to get the Tabbed Menu in the Food Menu?

I tried to make a page called Diner and put it in the Menu. After that I created a category in the Food Menu called Diner as well. After that I want to make a tabbed menu with Starter (all the choices), Mains (all the choices and desserts (all the choices). But I can’t figure it out how. I hope you can help me!

Hi sejoerdo, the tabbed menu can be created using the Tab shortcode with the Food Menu shortcode inside each tab. The code would be something like this:

[tab title="Beverages"][foodmenu groups="beverages" showtitles=1
[tab title="Breakfast"][foodmenu groups="breakfast" showtitles=1
[tab title="Lunch"][foodmenu groups="lunch" showtitles=1 showsubtitles=1][/tab]
[tab title="Seafood"][foodmenu groups="seafood" showtitles=1
[tab title="Desserts"][foodmenu groups="desserts" showtitles=1
Let us know how that works for you. Cheers!

Got it! Had a struggle with the names of the groups in the tabwrap shortcodes. Thanks for the fastest respond ever!

Great, you’re very welcome! :)

Hi, in my food menu, I’ve listed all the dish, but some of them shows the detail on the same line as the title and some shows on a seperate line underneath the title. I could not find any setting for this, please let me know how I can set the descriptions to be underneath the title instead of being on the same line, please see here for clarification;

Thank you Art

thank you, I see what you mean and I’ll make the changes, I’ve removed the price descriptions on the 2 items that I show as having the descriptions under the title, and there’s nothing in the main description areas either, but it still shows the descriptions in the live site.

Never mind the item was duplicated, so one was done correctly and the other was not, thanks for your help

Thanks artsfw. Let us know if you need any more assistance. Cheers! :)

Ok, I need you to help me on that.

- The bottom-end of the left main menu never “finish” at the same place. Sometime the margin bottom is bigger, sometime smaller, in fact, it is never the same height. So, I would like to fix it by ALWAYS make it appear on the screen from the top to the bottom of the website, so it will always be as long as the page is. I’m sure we can make this happen.

Thanks and I’ll wait for your reply for this !

Do you have an email, I want to make this private. Thanks

Ok, I’ll use the link, sorry.

Sounds good. We’ll be watching our email :)

Hi (again),

I’m trying to figure out two things and it’s not really working.

First of all I want to have the rulers between my menu items, like the demo. But on my website they are not there. Even if I try to use the ruler short code in the menu items. Any idea?

And I was wondering if it is possible to combine the toggle menu into the food menu?

Hope you can help me!

Hi sejoerdo, the borders should be there between menu items automatically, you don’t need to do anything to make them appear. Can you send us a link through our author profile page so I can have a look and see what you mean? (

Regarding the toggles, you could put any content you like inside of the shortcode, but the results may not be perfect with the food menu shortcode. I would recommend using the tab shortcode instead. Cheers

Hello I have a problem with the food menu when I insert it on the web page it messes up the text format let me show u the text on this link get messed up when i use it with food menu on this link on holidays tab

what do you mean by custom CSS ? i just used the script that i downloaded from you can u explain more ?

can you please email me an answer on my email ( ) the website is for a customer and am short on time please reply me as soon as u can

I just sent you an email. Cheers!


Thanks for this great template.

How to order the menu groups?

Thanks for answer.

Just wrote a letter before the menu name to order it, if you have another solution please let me know. By the way? is it possible to remove some hours in the reservation template? I mean our restaurant is closed after 2pm until 18pm, as this is a restaurant template this is must feature.

Using the Food Menu shortcode, you can order the Groups however you like. You can view the documentation for more specifics (

We wanted to keep it simple with the reservation form, so that’s not a built-in feature, but I can show you how you can edit the template file to make that change. Based on how you describe it, it sounds like you want to use 24 clock also, which would be required for this to work. So just to confirm, you’re wanting to have reservations available for 0:00 -> 13:00 and 18:00 -> 24:00. Is that correct?


I have just purchased the Eatery theme and i want to use a custom font which i have converted using font-squirrel so it has the css font files saved in the wordpress directory. For some reason i can get the font to overwrite the fonts provided by the theme. Can you please provide a solution asap?


Also is there anyway to make the #inner-content box larger? i would like it go spread between the sidebar and the right margin of the website. I cant seem to locate the ability to change the width..

Hi wagstamitc, RE: Custom Fonts, have you tried to use the Custom Google Fonts that we’ve built in support for?

Look under the header “Add your own Google Font”.

It’s a challenge to support everyone who uses custom fonts and custom css (outside of the tools we’ve provided in the theme) but we will do our best to assist you. Can you send us a link to your website so we can have a look at the css and see why your custom fonts aren’t’ working?

Please Private Message us with your details:


RE: #inner-content – That gets a little tricky with the responsive design. We made everything sized just right so that it looks great on all screens and also mobile. You can certainly customize the CSS using a child theme or using the CSS box in the admin panel to override. Depending on how comfortable you are with CSS you can do a lot of customization with this theme. We’ve tried to make the theme as flexible as possible without making it complicated. :) We highly recommend using the built-in admin options to do as much as you can without using custom CSS.

Hi We are based in South Africa. We would love to remove the dollar sign before all the prices, and replace it with ‘R’ for our currency or simply just omit it. Where can we do this in the theme?

Hello lifeisawesome! I love the name!

Yes, can certainly replace the dollar sign. Under Appearance / Theme Options / General Tab see the Currency heading and you’ll find options to switch the Currency Symbol. :D Let us know if you need anything else. Best regards.

If, like me you get an error when trying to use the Feature Image, you will need to make the following alteration to single.php


$large_image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id(), 'large');
echo do_shortcode('[image src="'.$large_image_url[0].'" width="668" height="180" '.the_title_attribute('echo=0').']');


$full_image_url = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id(), 'full');
echo do_shortcode('[image src="'.$full_image_url[0].'" width="668" height="180" '.the_title_attribute('echo=0').']');

Note the change of ‘full’ to ‘large’ within wp_get_attachment_image_src() – the ‘large’ image is never found, as the metadata stored is of the original image.

Thanks for pointing out the bug Phayze. We’ll include the change in the next release to ensure all images sizes work for the featured images. Cheers!

Hi I have a problem with the theme I purchased after an upgrade my home page is not showing anymore the slideshow but instead I can see the code. See here: Please help!

Hi casapalazzo, thanks for letting us know. It looks like there may be a conflict with a plugin or another shortcode. What has changed on the site during the upgrade?