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Hi. thanks for this great theme. I want to know if it is possible to add a captcha to the contact form in the model you propose? Thank you for your reply !

Hi veroniqueconductier, Great to hear you’re enjoying the theme. For the reservation form, it is possible to add a Captcha- you could make use of the ‘Captcha’ plugin and follow the instructions here ( You could also make use of a form plugin instead. We really like Formidable Forms ( but there are plenty to choose from. Cheers!


Great Theme, I have a few pre-purchase questions if you dont mind.

1. Can this theme be used with a wocommerce plugin? 2. What we need is to be able to take orders, and be able to accept orders from user that already have been register.

Thank you

Hi canito, while our theme is not specifically designed as a WooCommerce theme, we do offer support for the plugin and it would be our recommended method for adding that functionality. If you do purchase, just send us a message through our author profile page ( and we can send over the file to add compatability. Cheers.

Working at… getting a “External Images Not Supported” error… not sure what the problem is. I have images loaded in the header and under the “View Menu” button.

ps. Nice site! I love the rich colours. :)

Not sure, but closing the tag with


That’s great. Thanks for letting us know. We will look into that. Cheers!

Hello! Great theme, my client liked it instantly.

I have one trouble though. My client is a restaurant, and wants a call button so that PC and Mac users can call with one click through skype and iOS and Android users can call directly with one click. The most important and valuable would be that mobile users can call direc

Usually I would implement something like:

<a href="callto://4766910900" title="Call Me"><img src="/images/call-me.png" alt="Call Me" /></a>

I would really like to implement this in the social media part in the menu and on the contact us page. I have tried several different implementations without any luck.

What would you recommend as a solution to solve this challenge?


I had actually tried this, but got it working now. Probably a case of “idiot behind the levers”. ;)

Thanks for the help!

LOL. No worries. Let us know if you need anything else :)

Thanks for reaching out to us. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Also please consider giving us a “5 star rating” (if you haven’t already) under your downloads area. It would mean a lot to us.

I would like to make the content background colour more transparent. is there a way to reduce the opacity?


RE: Credits. You just have to open up footer.php in the theme folder (or add it to the child theme folder if you’re using one) and you can edit the credit text, or remove it.

If code editing is beyond your skills, then you can just add the following into your Custom CSS box in the Theme Options instead:


Cheers! :)

Thank you for your help! it has guided me

You’re very welcome Tom! Let us know if you have any more questions.

Also please consider giving us a “5 star rating” (if you haven’t already) under your downloads area. It would mean a lot to us.

before i buy. how hard would it be to change the colors to a brown. Also looking to make the background a wooden fence of sorts. Is this easily done? thanks

Hi cintel73. This theme is perfect for that. It’s very easy to change colors and change the background tiles or insert a background image. please let us know if you have anymore questions.


I have a small question,

I’ll try to change the background color of the pages (content).

for exemple if I’m on the page ‘Soups’ I would like to have the background in green, but when I select (body or html it is the color of the website) and when I select .page_content or .post_content it does not do nothing …

Can you tell me how can I do this ? it’s very important for me

Thank you in advance


I’m not sure what you mean by your last post. Adding the CSS that I’ve posted should make any new text show up, it should only change the background color of a specific page, according to your page id. Can you provide a link?

thanks I did the modification on a wrong page :/ (old page)

It’s very nice now, thanks a lot !

You’re very welcome tomsr8! Let us know if you have any more questions.

Please consider giving us a “5 star” high five under your downloads area. It means a lot to us.

Loaded the sample data but still the site isn’t looking like the original. No images are there, nor the pages. Please help.

Hey. Thanks. Got everything working except there is no Contact page and images aren’t loading on the homepage slider.

Okay built the contact page but which plugin do you use for contact form, I’ve tried the Formidable Forms and it doesn’t look the same as the demo site. Still can’t work out the slider.

The contact form doesn’t require a plugin, it’s just a page template that can be selected from the Add/Edit Page screen similar to the Reservations page. For the slider, you can view the documentation specific to that shortcode which displays the exact formatting: Cheers!

hello, how to add php code to the page displayed the further descriptions of the group food menu

Hello monsarrat, thanks for using Eatery. You can use the foodmenu shortcode to add your own descriptions.

Use the WordPress text editor to add the titles and descriptions of each group and then use the shortcode directly under that to only display the food items for that food group like so:

Breakfast (Heading)

‘All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.’ (Description)

[foodmenu groups=breakfast showtitles=0]

That should get you up and running with what you are looking for. :)

Here are some examples:

Hi, I want to ask you, how can I insert a favicon on Eatery? Thanks for your attention

Hello SalentoSuite, there is no theme option for changing the favicon but it’s easy to do. I’ve included a link to the WordPress article here.

I find that favicons can cache and so cleaning your browser’s cache might help. Cheers! :)

Hi, Great theme but what is the shortcode for the menu without links, like the demo Regards

Hi jaapo, thanks for using Eatery and for reaching out to us.

There is a setting (Checkbox) under each menu item to disable links. Edit the food menu item and check ‘Disable Link to Item Details Page’.

I hope we supported your request quickly and effectively.

Please consider giving us a “5 star rating” (if you haven’t already) under your downloads area. It would mean a lot to us.

You rock!

Hi, it seems that the option of adding items from the Food Menu to Menus has disappeared. Any idea how to solve that?

Thanks Finedining. We will look into that asap. Must have to do with the latest update of WordPress. :) We’ll be in touch very soon.

Hi Finedining, I think in the newer versions of WordPress, custom post types are not visible by default. On that screen you posted, pull down the Screen Options menu and check ‘Food Menu’. That should make them appear again. :) Cheers!

Works perfect! Thanks a lot :)

I need help badly with my food menus

If you see I just want to make early bird menus and then have sub headings in there for early bird etc. How do I do that??? Please help

Hi Ciana11, it looks like you are on your way to sorting this out. Looks good. :) Remember that the shortcode is flexible can can be used in a number of ways to make custom headings, groups of items and sorting. Please see our online documentation.

Hey Themovation, Got an other question unfortunatly :( Last time I had some problems with the horizontal rule in the menu pages. You gave me a great answer to put some code in the custom CSS. Now I miss the horizontal rules between my different pages and blogs. I have no idea how to get them back (or appear). Can you help me (again)? :) Greetz Sjoerd

Hi sejoerdo, I’m not sure what horizontal rules you’re referring to now- can you be more specific or send a link? Thanks.

Pre buy question: Can I set an image slider on the top banner???

Hi Pegasus, yet, but it’s not something built-in. We’ve had a few people ask and if you know some CSS / JQuery you can do it. Since the header is inside of a CSS block you can apply some extra code to make it work. Here is an example:

Hi there, my first time building a website, I need help on: 1) inserting a Reservation Form into my website; 2) For the Menu, can I have a Tabbed in tab, if you know what I mean? 3) Is there a document I can read to use the Food Menu as I didn’t use the ‘hambuger button’ to make my food menu. 3) How do I increase the size of the fonts?

Help needed, pretty please! Thanks in advance.

Hi Joc24, the theme documentation has most of the answers you’re looking for: (1) The reservation form is a template you can select. (2) If you’re asking if you can have tabs inside of tabs, then unfortunately no you can’t, but other shortcodes work- for instance columns inside of tabs. (3) In the documentation, section 2F and following cover the Food Menu setup, and if you set it up using that method then you don’t have to worry about Post date, Category, etc as it should not show up for food menu items. (4) In the Theme Options > Typography you can input whatever size you would like for each of the different headings (H1-H6). If there is different text you’d like to adjust, let me know and I can provide the custom CSS to be input in the Theme Options as well. Cheers!

Thanks for replying.

The problem is I can’t find the template drop down :’(

Looks like you found it. :) “Thanks, I found it. At long last, it was hidden, I had to check the screen options, attributes.” – Joc24

Hi Author, sorry, I have been at my desk for a long time and I still can’t find the reservation template in the drop down menu as described in the documentation.

Please help, thanks.

Thanks, I found it. At long last, it was hidden, I had to check the screen options, attributes.

Ah! Thanks for letting us know. I was just about to write you. :)

how can i change the size of the menu item and menu item featured image?

Hi LCWinery, you private messaged us and I think you’ve figured this out on your own. We are happy to help, let us know if you need assistance. :)

Thanks for a great theme. I’ve added some custom text to the footer via the General Theme options. I”m just wondering how to make the font size for just the footer smaller. Right now it’s the same size as my other text that was chosen in the Typography section. I’ve toggled with the CSS a little but can’t seem to make it smaller. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Bunneysan, thanks!

For the entire Footer:
For just the Copyright
For just the credit

I hope that helps :)


Thanks for a great theme! We had a problem with Eatery-theme’s [foodmenu] shortcode. We added the shortcode on a page, but it only displayed Food Menu Group Titles and not the Food Menu Items. We added ‘post_type’=>’food’ parameter to WP_query arguments, in “eatery/framework/shortcodes/food_menu.php” ( functions dislayAllPartentItems and displayAllChildItem ) and it started working.

Hi atflow, great to hear that you’re enjoying the theme. That’s not an issue that we’ve had come up before but we’re interested in finding out why it came up in this specific instance. Did you have your food menu items assigned to groups? Did you make other PHP edits prior to this?