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OK, Im Maurox29, I log in with the puchase account, can you help me now? Thanks!

Hi mateofh, absolutely. Our documentation covers the Food Menu setup and shortcode which is included in the download package and also available online:
As well we include demo content in the download package that you can import to see it setup with sample content if you find that helpful. Let us know if you have any specific questions about it. Cheers.

Really like the theme but I’m having one problem. The top header images worked great the first time I uploaded them. There was a total of 5 images. Client requested that I change out a few of the images, now none of them show no matter what I do. I’m clicking “Auto crop and sew on save” & following all instructions under the them documentation.


Hello csihosting, did you try clearing your cache? Do you have any caching plugin installed? if so, can you clear them? If that fail please send us a private message with a link to your website and login details so we can take a closer look. My guess is that it’s a caching issue.

Cheers! :)

Problem is fixed, thanks for the awesome quick support!!!

Hi there,

Just a quick question: in the mobile version some of the sidebar information disappears (hours, address, social media icons) – is there any way to retain these for the mobile version? I hadn’t noticed until the client mentioned another issue!

Thanks for your help,


Sure thing. To show the social media icons on the mobile version, just add this to your Custom CSS box:

#sidebar .soc{ display:block !important; visibility: visible !important; border:none !important;}

Hi. I am having issues with the slider on the static home page. It has stopped working. I’m not sure if it is a TimThumb problem, my web host (GoDaddy), or something else. What can I do to fix the issue?

Hi VillaItalia, I responded to your profile message; I’m sure we can get it sorted out :) Cheers.

Is it possible to add something to the contact form to prevent spam? Some sort of human verification thing.

If I get an email from a contact form and hit “reply” it replies to my contact email, rather than the person submitting the form. Is it possible to change this?

Hi trainwrecka! It works as you wish in the latest version. Just download the theme package from themeforest and upgrade or just use the one file (wp_mail.php) – Glad to here that you are still enjoying it.

Awesome! I’ve overwritten wp_mail.php with the updated version.

Excellent. It should work as advertised. :)


I’m still loving the theme! However I do need some help with the layout.

1) Let’s say I have a 3 Tab menu, each tab being 1 food group, how do I achieve 2 columns for the 1 food group within a Tab? I’ve tried adding one_half, etc within the tabs but it doesn’t seem to work correctly. I’m sure it’s something simple that I’m just missing. This is what I have now;

[tabwrap] [tab title="Sandwiches"][foodmenu groups="sandwiches" showtitles=1 showsubtitles=1] [/tab][tab title="Dips & Spreads"][foodmenu groups="dips" showtitles=1 showsubtitles=1][/tab] [tab title="Sides"][foodmenu groups="sides" showtitles=1 showsubtitles=1][/tab] [/tabwrap]

2) How can I add a different description under the Title for each Tab?

3) Home page “Meet the owner” how do I make the picture round again?


Ya, I was afraid that’s what I would have to do, split the items into 2 foodmenu groups. Oh well.

Regarding the image in the Price Description. If I insert html in that field with no price, the image does not show. I did not realize that I can insert html in the price field, so I did, low & behold it works also, but with a $. So, how can I hide the $ ?


RE #1 – That’s the best option for you without getting into customization.

RE: #2 – Under Appearance / Theme Options / General / remove the $ under Currency / Save Changes. I hope that works for you.

Hey lbpepe12, let us know if that works for you. :)

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Hi….This theme is great- highly recommended!!

Can you tell me which plug-in you used to make the reservation form- with headed emails etc….


Hi danboy20, thanks! Glad you’re enjoying the theme. We custom built the reservation system, so it’s not based off of a plugin. Cheers!

Is it possible to make it so that on short pages, the footer will stay at the bottom instead of rise up (like on the reservations page)?

Hi justj03, yes if you purchase the theme, feel free to send us a message and we can provide you with some code to change that if you prefer. Cheers!

im experiencing an unwanted line break after blogfeed shortcode using the

shortcode. Instead of showing side by side, one_third_last shows underneath.

Seems to have happened after wordpress automatically updated to 3.8.1

Please advise

using the two_third , one_third_last shortcode

Hi alexayala, The 3.8.1 release shouldn’t have caused that kind of issue, but if you send us a message through our author profile page ( with a link and your login info then I’ll have a look and we can get it sorted out. Cheers!

Hi there, great theme by the way, has everything my client needs!

Just a quick query though, what is the correct configuration for displaying events on a page like your demo:

I’ve looked at the Specials & Events Widgets section of the documentation but I am seeing this is only to insert into the sidebar.

I tried creating a blog feed with events as blogs but I cant see how to get them formatted like that demo page where they have a nice neat little date for the event etc. I looked at the code and see it’s all under

but where is that actually entered?!

If you could please advise the correct way to create and display events that would be much appreciated.

Keep up the good work with the theme’s!


I don’t have the Events custom post type link in my sidebar?! Or an Events template??

I think maybe i’m running an earlier version and need to upgrade? In my Themes menu it says version 1.3.1 but then I notice on the documentation link you sent me it says v2 at the top.

Can you advise of the upgrade process or is it strictly manual via ftp uploading the files and then re-inputting custom settings and css etc?


Hi Ben, yes, we just released a new version with events and some other upgrades. Before any update, backup your entire site (db and files). Just in case.

If you haven’t changed any core theme files then you will be safe with moving the new version of the theme files over via ftp.

If you have made change and didn’t use a child theme then you’ll need to use something like winmerge to compare files.

I hope that helps :)

How to add additional field to the custom food type? For example, add a field for spicy.

Hi litan1106, just curious if you have purchased the theme.

Regardless, this question is beyond the scope of our support. However, the theme is very flexible so I’m sure you can find a place to add it. You can also use categories to sort food items into things like spicy, or vegan. Cheers!

Hello – I need to be able to make the food menus like this:

Lunch Menu (as a header)

Then, under Lunch Menu there needs to be sub-headers like:

Salads Soups Sandwiches

How do I do this? I’m having a hard time figuring out how to even set up menus.

I have added a Lunch page, and then I added all the soups and salads under a lunch soups and salads menu group and then I tried adding that to something, but it’s very, very confusing. I don’t get how to do this!!

Sure thing, did you have a look at the documentation I linked? If it’s still unclear, then you can send us a message through our author profile page ( with login info and a link to your site and I will have a look. Cheers.

Sent. Thanks.

The theme is great, but supports WPML


Hi there, thanks :) yes Eatery fully supports WPML. Cheers!


Great theme, however i don’t need superfish menu then i’d like to know how to remove js and css files and just display basic menu.


Do you have a CSS code for stick the footer to the bottom? thx!

Hi DailyLost, if you open up functions.php, you could comment out the lines at or around line 90 where it registers the Superfish files.

For the footer, that’s how it’s designed to be, but you could add a little code to extend the content area down on shorter pages. You just need to add the following code into your Custom CSS box in Appearance > Theme Options:

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) { #inner-content {min-height:1300px} }

and then adjust the number ‘1300px’ – it may need to be higher or lower. Cheers!

I found how to remove unused code, but for the bottom it’s a bit too tricky. I will leave as it is!


Very beautiful theme!

I have a feature request and hope other buyers would like that too :)

It would be absolutely awesome if menu bar and content area could be scrolled / navigated individually (separate from each other).

If you have lots of menu items but only short content for each item – the overall appearance would greatly improve.

Thanks in4fun! We don’t have any plans to add that feature as of yet but we appreciate the feedback. Cheers!

Hi, I love your theme. How can I also send the email conformation from the contact-form automatic to the sender email-address?

Please help, thanks in advance,

Hi rikboedhoe, the form isn’t designed to include a cc, so this code isn’t guaranteed to work but try it out. (backup your file before making any changes, and it’s always best to make a child theme when customizing).

Inside wp_mail_contact.php on line, or around line 337 remove the code:

$headers = array("From: ".$email_from_name." <".$email_from.">",
"Content-Type: text/html" 


$headers[] = "From: ".$email_from_name." <".$email_from.">";
$headers[] = "Cc: ".$email_from_name." <".$email_from.">";
$headers[] = 'Content-Type: text/html';

Test and see if that works for you.

PS. we are using the WordPress wp_mail function found here:

So you can customize using the examples you see on that page.


Nice looking theme, but I don’t want to use a bunch of small images for the header, and if I put one it duplicates itself and doesn’t hold the transparency. I’d like to use the Featured Image feature, and have an image over the pages, but that doesn’t seem to work at all. Is there a way to get Featured Image to work?

Hi advancedcms, The way the header image band works is it takes up to 8 of your images and sews them together creating an image band, which it resizes to 340px in height, saves as a JPG file, and is set to repeat so that it creates an image band at all times. You can however have just one image without repeat if you prefer. The best way to do this would be to crop your image in an image editing program to get it how you want it to look, at 340px in height and any width (1600-2000px generally if you want it to span the width of the screen). Then you could just add the following to your Custom CSS box under Appearance > Theme Options:
#header-bg {background-repeat:no-repeat}

Since it saves as a JPG file, it doesn’t support transparency, but depending how you want to use transparency, you could possibly layer it ahead of time and save it as a JPG. Cheers!

having an issue making showsubtitles=1 work… there anything special that would be causing it not to show the Food Group Description under the Title? Or am I entering the Subtitle in the wrong place.

Hi Ryan! Thank for contacting us. The Food Group Description is not published but you can use the [foodmenu] shortcode to add them.

Yes, you can add descriptions under food menu group titles. There is a work-around for that. Here are some examples:

You can use the shrotcode in between paragraph text to design your page however you wish.

Header 1
Description 1
[foodmenu groups=breakfast-menu showtitles=0 showsubtitles=0]

Header 2
Description 2
[foodmenu groups=lunch-menu showtitles=0 showsubtitles=0]

Here are some more examples in our documentation:

Food Menu Groups Food Menu Shortcode

Great work with your theme, we love it and has everything what we were looking for.

But we are having some issues adding more than one [slideshow] on every [tab] or [toogle] we create on a particular page. We need to show a different slideshow for each tab or toogle we create so we can illustrate better our clients about the content that is related to that item.

For example, this is the page we are customizing with your theme

We can create a slideshow only for the firs tab, if a create another one for the next, it won’t show. The same happens when I use the [toogle] short code.

Is there a way to make it work?


Hello Apaczka, thank you for your questions. I’m sorry but the theme only supports one slideshow per page (tabs included). We will add your request to our list of upgrades. I believe you can use the [gallery] or our [image] tag multiple times on each tab to display your items. The light-box will sort though all items using prev / next buttons.

I hope that helps :)

Can you tell me how to use the [gallery] tag?, I don’t see it in the documentation. Thank you!

Sure thing. We made use of the built in WordPress Gallery functionality in the theme, so you can view the Codex for instructions on using it: We will update the documentation as well. Cheers!

Hi – could you let me know which files changed in your new update?

Would also be nice to know which bugs have been fixed and if new stuff was added.

Hi in4fun, the changelog has been updated and you can view it on the item details page here: There were a number of files changed since we added support for Instagram and addressed various bug fixes. Cheers!