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First of all congratulations for your great theme, I am happy with this purchase! I am triying to put a sidebar pattern but after upload it from the media library and saved it nothing happens, the seafood blue color by default is still on the sidebar. I don’t have problem with the background pattern… is there any known bug around the sidebar customization?

Hello Antoska! Thank you for your question. I just tested this on a fresh install and it’s working well for me. Has anything been customized or is yours a fresh install too? Can you send us a private link to your site so we can view source? Best regards.

Tanks a lot for your quick response. I’m still on local development. I need some days to finish the whole site. SInce the background of the sidebar it’s not so important I’ll send you the private link after that. Important question from a newby: How do I send you a private link?

You can email us via our author profile link:

The development mode might be causing issues especially if you are hosting a host file entry.

Hi there, loving the theme.

Is it possible to have a different set of header images on different pages? Or am I stuck with the same ones across the site?


Hi Jason, we’ve setup the theme to have one main background / header for the entire site. However, with a little CSS you could manage to have a different image for each page but that would require some coding. Here is an example: #header-bg{background-image:url(http://URL-TO-YOUR-IMAGE.JPG}

Where the 9 is replaced with the page id and the URL-TO-YOUR-IMAGE.JPG is replaced with your custom header image path. If you send us an example of the image you would like to use, and the page it goes on, we can give you some code to try. Ideally the image should be 1680px × 340px

We’ve provided a place under theme options to add custom css.

I hope that helps

That is awesome thank you very much! :)

Thanks Jason for contacting support. I hope we were able to resolve your question quickly.

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Hey hello I want to buy this template if its in html version because I have my own framework i need to use when i convert it to wordpress i m waiting for your reply thanks.

HI usama806, we don’t have an html version at this time, only the WordPress package. Thank you for your interest.

Is it possible to get the shortcode samples used on the demo site? I’d like to copy some of how you did the layout, but dont want to import all of the dummy content. thx!

nevermind. I just saw that you included those snippets in the download file. Thanks!

Is there an easy way to make menu items NOT clickable (not links). I just want the menu items to be listed, but don’t need people to have ability to click on them for more info.


Hi granatdesign, yes the link option is selected for each menu item – if you go to the edit screen and scroll down below the pricing inputs, you’ll see a checkbox labelled “Disable Link to Item Details Page”. Cheers!

just found it. thanks again!

Great, no worries!

Hi, I have a quick question about the reservation form – how does it function? Does it send email, when a reservation is request is sent or does it just mark it as a new event in the WP admin panel?


Thank you for your quick support! :) I have another question regarding the form – are the month/day fields customizable? Can they function with a calendar to choose the date from, instead of manually typing the month and the day?

We don’t have a calendar pop up setup at this time, but you can always edit the file yourself or you can use a plugin. I hope that helps.

Hi There,

Can you tell me where you got the images in the demo slider. The two of the cocktails & the one of the mans hand sprinkling salt?


Hi Mariagrech, that’s a great question. We have collected a large library of images and not all of them have links back to the original source. Try using Google Image Search to locate them or any ones we have used. – I hope this helps you. Cheers!

Hi There,

For some reason i cant get the reservation form to work. I keep getting an error message when its filled in. Any ideas?


Hi Mariagrech, the theme is using the built-in wordpress mail function.

You may need to contact your web host to ask them why the web server is not supporting this function. They may have be able to help you send us any error messages.

I hope this helps you. Please keep us updated on what you hear back from the web host.


I’m having an issue with the Home Slider. I just sent you a private message. Still loving the theme!


Thanks lbpepe12, we received your PM and just responded. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for choosing Eatery. :)


I like your Theme and i want to know how can enable opacity in blank page only (index), not opacity on all the page That is possible? My page:


Hi there, thanks! So you want to include your CSS opacity changes just on the homepage? We include body classes on every page so you can add CSS for any specific page. You would just want to change your CSS to include the body class at the beginning of each line, like so:

body.home #inner-content{opacity:0.9;}

I hope this isn’t a duplicate question/problem. I am working on a page ( and I have created a custom menu, it is working (mostly), however, when I am on a mobile browser (both Safari and Chrome in iOS 7), I can click on the menu option to browse to a different page, I select “Menu” (the page for the food menu) and it does not go to that page. What obvious thing am I missing?

I am very novice with wordpress and even more so implementing themes. Thank you for any advice you can offer, and I sincerely apologize if this has been asked before – I am perfectly comfortable wearing the Dunce cap when required.

Thank you,

Chad H.

Hi Chad, that’s interesting. I’ve tested with iOS7.1 on Chrome and Safari. When I browse to your website and use the dropdown menu at the top of my iPhone screen, I am able to navigate from the home page to the menu page and then back again. Have you tried on another phone? Please let us know if you can test again.

You are correct, it is my iPhone. I just tried on an iPod Touch and it worked correctly, it just took a second for the page to load after selecting the page. I can’t believe I didn’t think to check another device.

Thank you for solving the obvious that I was not able to work through. I am guessing clearing cache and cookies will be a good start to trying to resolve my device issue.

Have a great day.

You’re very welcome Chad. Let us know if you get it working on your iPhone- if it’s still not working, you could try adding the following to your Custom CSS box in the Theme Options area just as a test:
.mob-sub{display:inline !important}
That will make the submit button visible for devices with JavaScript disabled, so see if it works when you manually submit it.

Hi there, I have one quick question. Is it possible to make the reservation email come into our inbox folder instead of junk folder?.

Thanks in advance Kumar

Hi kumar, yes, you can actually flag these emails as safe using your email program. It’s not something we can do on our end. Most email programs have the ability to flag emails from certain senders as “safe”. I hope this helps. :)

Super great theme especially for my first Wordpress expierence. As I play around with adjustments and such, I have 3 issues: 1 – I have two pages that I want to use the blogfeed shortcode on. Each page is to display a different category. Whether I specify the slug or an id each page brings up all posts, so no filtering. The food shortcode works great, anything I could check? 2 – I want my events in descending order, so newest on top, old at bottom. Can I just change the ASC order on the query to DESC or is there a better way incase of updates? 3 – I was hoping to use the “Safe Redirect Manager” plugin, but when I activate it the event page no longer works with what seems to be on google the dreaded Fatal error in query.php on line 27 deal. All else works just the event page. Another plugin suggestion? or a hint for what to look for, again only on the event page.

Thanks for your time, the excellant support I see in this forum, and the really nice theme.

Hi jhwrightiii,

Thanks for letting us know that you are having a great experience with Eatery. It means a lot to us.

1 – The blogfeed shortcode is really designed to show a few blog posts within a page such as the homepage. If you want to display all blog posts from a specific category as well as use paging, try adding the category directly to your primary navigation. It’s built into WordPress. Here is some documentation on how to use that:

2. Absolutely. Although we created the events to sort from the most recent upcoming events, you can certainly play around with the sort order. We recommend making a child theme any time you want to make updates to the core theme. Here is a link on how to create child themes.

You may need to update one or more files to get this to work as you intend. You can do a search / find to see where to put the ASC / DESC setting in these files. Search for asc in the following files (located in the theme folder): archive-themo_event.php taxonomy-themo_event_category.php template-themo_event.php

3. We haven’t used Safe Redirect before but the site has been tested with:

It’s lightweight and works well.

I hope we have been helpful. Congratulations on your first WordPress experience. I hope it has been a good one. :)

Thanks for the Saturday reply!!

3 – Thats easy and I will check, thanks. 1 – I tried the smaller “max” number before and still could not get that right. I just created a test page and add this: [blogfeed cat=in-the-news max=3] ... but the filter does not work only recent posts. Maybe I am not looking at correctly. 2 – you said “Although we created the events to sort from the most recent upcoming events,” This is logical to me, but it brings up my oldest posts first :

Thanks again.

You’re very welcome!

1 – It sounds like the slug is not working for you in the shortcode, so I’d suggest using the category ID instead. If you’re not sure how to find out the ID for a category you can view this short video:

2 – As it stands right now events are not removed automatically, so if you don’t want the past events to show up, then you can remove them. If you have no past events then the next upcoming event will be at the top. If you reverse the order, the event furthest in the future will be at the top instead. I hope that makes sense.

3 – Yes, the food menu items are ordered by the date that they are published. They will appear top to bottom in the order you input them. You can always go back and change the publish date if you wish to change the order.

4 – That’s true, as it stands right now the Google Map shortcode included in the theme can only be used once per page. If you wish to have more than one it is probably best to use a plugin. Here’s a nice one:


Yes a problem with all slugs on the blogfeed shortcode. Thanks again for your support and patience, My best to you.

You’re very welcome. I’ll have a look at the shortcode but at least IDs will definitely work. Cheers!


my font on the menu title is small and the description font is huge. It doesn’t look like your demo. Can you help me?

Thank you

Never mind. I fixed it. Thanks :-)

Hi Mokeeb,thanks for letting us know. Cheers!

Hi there Great Theme

Love it

Just a slight problem if you look at on a mobile, say an iPhone. The drop down menu does not seem to work when you press the arrow on the right but if you click anywhere on the left we see the drop down menus… Small annoyance I know but I get so many customers telling me that the menu does not work on their phone, especially iPhones. Also Opening times of the main site have disappeared too on the mobile version

Hi there just another feature…. on the reservations page…is there a way of the client receiving the email as confirmation of booking

Hi missthx, the dropdown on my iphone 5 works well. Here is a screenshot of your site on my iphone –

Hi missthx, at this time there is no built-in feature to cc the person sending the email. It’s something we’ve been thinking about looking into and certainly on our wishlist. Thank you for your suggestion. I really like the way your site is looking so far. Nice work.

Hi there,

How do I edit/remove your theme credits in the footer?


Hi 2schaa – yes, can remove the credit text just by adding the following line to your Custom CSS box under Appearance > Theme Options: #footer .credit {display:none} :)

I have no trouble disabling the links individually on menu items, I would however like to have the check box checked by default i.e in order to have links active I have to uncheck. Is this possible?

Hi SiblingQ, I’m sure you can do this via javascript but at this time we don’t have a way to do this. I hope you are enjoying the theme. Thank you.

Hey Themovation – unfortunately nowadays I’ve got a lot of spam on the reservation page. So I added a captcha plugin, but it won’t validate. I don’t know where I have to paste the validation code for data checking. Got any clues? :-)

Hi sejoerdo, can you send a link to the plugin you’re referring to? Cheers!

Here’s the link to the plugin: I first put in the HTML code in reservations-page.php After that I need to put an other code somewhere. They say: “Then you should add the lines to the function of the entered data checking”. But I don’t know where your theme checks the data.

I had a look at it, and it takes a bit of customization to make it work, but we have a solution. If you send us a message through our author profile page then we’ll send it over! ( Cheers

Hello, good template! I’d like to show the “food menu” shortcode on a page for some items which don’t have price. But if I leave the “price” field empty, not even the “price description” appears, while the excerpt appears instead. How could I show only the price description, or just a short description (not that long excerpt)?

thanks in advance

Hi, just received your email re: error message. Can you please send us a link via email and provide access so we can see the error happening? Thanks :)

it was my mistake, it’s ok now :) thank you very much

Great. We hope that you are 100% happy with the support and customization that we have provided. Have a fantastic day.