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Hi clubcityru, you have the latest version of Eatery? I just tested on a live site after the upgrade and I see the buttons on TinyMCE

Please make sure you are using the latest version found here:

Me pasa igual con wordpress 3.9 me desaparecido los iconos extras del editor de wordpress.

Version 2.0.2 – Apr 16, 2014

Added support for WordPress 3.9 including TinyMCE 4

Hi Powert, you have the latest version of Eatery? I just tested on a live site after the upgrade and I see the buttons on TinyMCE

Please make sure you are using the latest version found here:

Good evening Mr.Themovation.

This is a great WP theme indeed! Design and customizations are smooth enough, so, I love it :-).

Well, my question goes to an upgrade of this theme (@ latest v. of WP).

What plug-in do you suggest for meal reservations?

Do you have any public recommendations or should I contact you privately with closer description?


Hello Mr. idefixx! Thank you for purchasing Eatery and for your amazing rating. As you probably already know, we have a reservation form built-in but if you want something more powerful we recommend a form builder like Gravity Forms, Formidable or Contact Form 7. In our experience Gravity Forms is the best but they don’t provide a free version. They do support online payments and advance features. I hope this helps you :)

I tried to register on the support site but I haven’t gotten the email with my password.

Hi brunofrank, I’ll resend it. Thanks for letting us know.

Hi again, can you please email us with the same email you used to register for the support site?

My bad. I had not sent the user and password. I thought that just the purchase code would be enough. Sorry about that. I got the password now.

I’d like to have icons inside the excerpts. Like one for Gluten Free food or Vegetarian. Can you help me?

Hi brunofrank, the automatic excerpt filters out HTML, but if you add a manual excerpt then the HTML will appear- so you could add an icon by putting into the Excerpt field. Cheers!

Great! Thank you.

Is there a way to get a paragraph break when adding text to the food menu items?

Great job on the theme by the way, easy to use and set up.

Hello rdweitzman! I posted something just for you.

I hope this helps. :) Have a fantastic day!

Hi, it’s me again :) I found that with the [foodmenu] shortcode I can specify the food menu group slug but not how many posts from that group I want to show. In the [blogfeed] shortcode there’s the “max” attribute. Is there a way in foodmenu also?

Thanks in advance

Hi wooden_light, the best way to do that would be to make another menu group and then include only the items you want to display, as items can be a part of as many groups as you like. Cheers.

Thanks for your answer, but that wouldn’t solve the problem. I want only one “pizza of the month” appearing on my home page, so when the author publishes the new pizza of the month this takes the old’s place. Just like the latest post from the blog. Is that clear?

In your situation, I would create a food group called pizza-of-the-month, your shortcode would be [foodmenu groups=pizza-of-the-month], then only have the one pizza of the month in that good group.



Great theme – thank you.

What size should I make the background image (for full-size and no tiling)?

I am having difficulty getting it to look right and not blurry?

Hi gaztag, that depends on the size of the screen. Perhaps go big and then you shouldn’t get any blur. 1366×768 looks like a popular screen size and that’s pretty big. :)

Is there an easy way to add photos to the slider on the main page? I think my client is going to have a hard time with this if she has to do it in shortcode.

Sorry, I have another question – When I view the website/theme on my phone (my client is having the same issue) there is no menu. It just shows the home page and under menu the only option available is Home. Help please!

In other words, when I view the site on my phone, there is no menu.

By default, the mobile menu will display the same content as the main navigation menu, but if a mobile menu was created then it could contain different content. You can have a look at the documentation regarding the menus:


I have looked at the Theme Options > Layout > Custom Colors…

and changed:

“Page and content background color” to black (#000) and ‘Headings & text color’ to white (#FFF)

It has mostly done everything – apart frmo the main paragraph text which remains black and therefore hidden,

How do I make the main paragraph text or whatever in the website white?

Even the footer or copyright text is still black. I cant find it in the Editor stylesheet css either

Please advise : D

Hi gaztag, if you add the following to your Custom CSS box under Appearance > Theme Options, then it will appear as you would like it to: #footer, #inner-content {color:#fff}

When I try to add the slideshow, am getting this Error.

This the page :

Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML() [domdocument.loadhtml]: Unexpected end tag : span in Entity, line: 1 in /home1/hi2uamit/public_html/ on line 106

Why is that?

Hi full_metal, looks like you resolved the issue?

I am considering this theme but I was wondering. Is it possible to have the background image rotate (fade) through a handful of images like a slider or be randomized?

Hi Radishwrangler, there is a way to support this through a customization. Out-of-the-box, the theme does not include this. We can email you the solution to get it working if you like. :) Cheers!

Hi, i have 2 questions…

1. How do i lessen the space between the title and beginning of content on the pages?

2. how do i use an image for a background like you have in the demo?

3. on my editor, its missing all your shortcodes.

Please advise.

Thank you

You’re very welcome!

how do you stop the tiling of background image in new theme?

There’s a checkbox in the Theme Options area just below the upload for the background image.

I am considering this theme for a client. I went to on the client’s phone (iPhone 4) and the version is not responsive. It is viewing as the desktop version but scaled down. Are there known bugs with this or a different link to see?

Hi Radishwrangler, that’s just because the top bar is not responsive, so you would need to close the bar for the mobile version to appear. Alternatively you can just view this link which takes you to the version without the top bar: Cheers!

Thanks for your prompt responses!

You’re very welcome :)

Why isn’t the slides working? this the second time it is happening It just display [slideshow slider_width=668]×300.jpg [/slideshow]

Like this, this the second time it is happening, dono why it is not consistent, can you please have a look at it and revet at the earliest?

Hi full_metal, if you send us a message with a link and WP login then I’ll have a look. Cheers!

Sent, can you please revert at the earliest.

You had additional markup in the shortcode which prevents it from working properly. I’m not sure if you are coping and pasting from another program (Word?) but the shortcode needs to be clean of any HTML tags or else it just won’t work. I’ve cleaned it up for you. I’ll email you a screen shot of what it looks like in text mode.

I also noticed one of your files blog-3-600×300.jpg was converting to 600×300.jpg – I’m not sure what’s happening there. I removed that image from the list. I’m not sure if this is happening for all images with a file name that contains an X but I’ve never seen this before. Perhaps avoid the use of x in the file name of your files? I’m guessing that’s WordPress creating the various image sizes.

Hello, how can I translate events’ date?

yes, I’ve installed wordpress in italian and I have the correct .mo file

Ensure that you have the latest version of the theme- if you downloaded it before April 16 then you should update and it should correct the issue.

I am getting 404 errors on my pages, have you come across this before? I just recently changed nameserver so I hope that it is just a propagation issue.

thanks for any help you can provide!

was a .htaccess issue resolved thanks

Love the theme. The menu (for pages) on mobile is pulling up a bunch of pages I deleted. The menu is perfect on the browser. Any ideas how to fix?

Hi Talklaunch! Thanks for getting in touch with us.

There is a way to use a specific menu for mobile. I’ll post a link to the documentation for you:

Adding a Mobile Menu is optional but recommended. If you do not add one the mobile menu will take from your Main Menu settings.

  • Click on Appearance > Menus
  • You will need to create a mobile menu by entering ‘Mobile’ in the space labelled ‘Menu Name’
  • Click ‘Create Menu’ to save
  • Add links to your new mobile menu. Make sure the ‘Mobile’ tab is selected before adding links. See Codex for more details

That’s it. Thanks


first of all thank you for this amazing template. I have just a little problem, I need to change the $ symbol to €.

How can I do that?

Thanks! I think what you are looking for is under theme options / General / Currency Symbol. Cheers!


Can we have html version of this theme instead of WordPress

Thank You

Hi anasbcr, unfortunately we didn’t create an HTML version of this theme, just the existing WordPress version.